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Galas Benefit Scholarship Fund

By devoting 27% of the university annual budget to scholarships, two out of every three CCA students receive scholarship support of some kind. Gatti, the gala brought together both long-standing CCA patrons and new supporters from across the Bay Area design industry, exceeding expectations by grossing than $1 million in donations to fund CCA student scholarships. Fitzpatrick and Lorna Meyer Calas, with honorary chair and CCA trustee Kay Kimpton Walker, the evening surpassed all financial goals by grossing than $1.24 million in donations to help fund CCA student scholarships, empowering hundreds of young artists to pursue their dreams. Whether applicant have general questions student scholarships or specific questions attending or supporting the university annual gala benefit, the university’re happy to help.


Engineering Technology ScholarshipAwarded as incentive scholarships for one semester. Applicants must be enrolled full-time or in six or hours in the semester they receive the scholarship and must be majoring in one of the Engineering Technology majors. Timex Corporation ScholarshipAwarded as incentive scholarships for one semester. Applicants must be full-time in the semester they receive the scholarship and must be majoring in one of the Engineering Technology majors. First Year Merit Scholarship in Information Science EndowmentAwarded to a First Year full-time freshman or transfer student entering the Information Science program for the first time. Employees or family members of 3M employees are not eligible to receive this scholarship.

Amount: $3000
BaylorProud These Baylor donors even featured their scholarship recipients on their Christmas card

These Baylor donors even featured their scholarship recipients on their Christmas card. Merv and Bev Yeagle with scholarship recipient Ryan Snitzer. While most people’s Christmas cards feature family members, kids’ Santa pictures, or their beloved pets, the Yeagles this year chose to feature the Baylor students in whom they have a vested interest: their scholarship recipients. Yeagle Endowed Scholarship in Marketing is named after Merv’s parents.) Last spring, Bev and Merv even traveled from Maryland back to Texas, where they connected with their current student, William, as well as several former recipients As the Yeagles do not have children, they see this legacy continuing with their scholarship recipients. Merv said he is proud to think that students who share Kay’s talents will be helped by the scholarship.

2017-2018 Scholarships and Recipients Office of Advancement

Association of Filipino Physicians of Southern Illinois, the Organization of Asian Americans, and the Filipino American Historical Society of Springfield Scholarship: Bertina Nguyen. Pete Corso Humanitarian Scholarship: Award tentatively to begin in Fall 2021. Malcolm and Amy Levin Scholarship in Memory of Cynthia S.

Endowments Scholarships

Applicant may also view a listing of scholarships and funds organized by instruments and departments here. Society of the Friends of Music, Annual Scholarships Society of the Friends of Music, Scholarship EndowmentDavid Albright Memorial ScholarshipThe David E. Barker Scholarship in honor of Patsy Fell-BarkerThomas J.

Amount: $1600
Forward, Together Forward

The Forward, Together Forward Scholarship is one of Northern most prestigious scholarships. This scholarship will benefit a student majoring in elementary education with preference for those with military service. Ryanne parents, Eric and Mary Kay Mace, are creating this scholarship in memory of their only child. To contribute to the individual student scholarship funds call 1-877-GIV2NIU.

Location Based Scholarships

Dr. Thomas Martin Scholarship: Awarded to graduate students enrolled at least half-time from Victoria, Calhoun, Refugio, Goliad, DeWitt, Lavaca, or Jackson County with a minimum 3.00 grade-point average and proven leadership skills. The scholarship is for Texas residents and is based on financial need. Ethel Lee Tracy Scholarship Endowment: Awarded to full-time students who are Victoria residents. The scholarship is based on financial need. International Bank of Commerce Scholarship Endowment: Awarded to Calhoun County residents enrolled at least half-time. Kay Kerr Walker Scholarship Endowment: Awarded to students from a 15-county area with documented community service. Morgan Dunn O’Connor Scholarship Endowment: Awarded to Texas residents enrolled at least half time.

Amount: $10000

A panel comprised of selected Sumners Board of Trustees members will subsequently interview each nominee and determine which students will be awarded scholarships. Kiegerl Memorial Scholarship in their girl memory in 1997.

Ciganovic Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Awarded annually to a senior or M.A.T. teacher education candidate committed to helping special needs children, the scholarship is meant to ease students’ financial burden during their clinical practice semester and, hope the Ciganovics, have a positive impact both on the recipients and on the children they go on to work with. Find out at the university scholarships page.

Campaign Priorities

When applicant invest in scholarships, applicant help ensure that bright, hardworking students can pursue their dreams at Caltech, regardless of their financial means. Learn how applicant can magnify the impact of their scholarship gift through a limited-time matching program. Whitcomb Scholarship at Caltech, they fulfilled two personal goals.