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Amount: $5013
Graham Foundation Grant Programs Awards

If a grant is awarded, grantees will continue to maintain and access their account throughout the duration of their award for functions such as grant reporting. If a grant is awarded to applicant, applicant will be asked to sign a grant agreement that outlines the conditions of the grant, such as annual reporting. Note: If applicant are awarded a grant or if applicant for another grant in the future, applicant will use this same grant application account. Individuals are eligible to for Production and Presentation Grants and Research and Development Grants. Scholarship aid or work in pursuit of an academic degree Debt or expenses incurred prior to the date of grant request.

Graduate Representative Organization

GRO travel grants are exclusively for KSAS and WSE enrolled graduate students. Travel grants are intended for graduate students who will be contributors at the conference. Otherwise, the main purpose of travel grants is to help graduate students present their work. No graduate student may receive than one travel grant per academic year. If applicant received a travel grant in the spring semester, applicant ARE eligible to for a travel grant for the following fall semester, provided their department remains eligible for travel grants. Sorry, any previous work by a graduate student at another university, or any work not related to the applicant’s graduate work at Hopkins is ineligible for funding.

Amount: $1000

As soon as applicant have decided to undertake a grant, applicant need to fill out the Concept Approval Form for the grant. The Grants Development Program works with campus members to prepare grant proposals to external funding agencies. With a better idea of what will happen in the grant, applicant talk with the Director of Grants Development or the Director of Financial Planning to see if there are some points applicant should be checking. Seven working days ahead of the deadline for the grant leaving campus, applicant submit the grant to the Provost’s Office for a final review. The grant RFP says that the grant must be received by a particular time and date. The grant RFP says the grant must be sent by a particular time and date.

Funding opportunities

Huskey travel grants provide up to $500 per year for students to attend conferences and workshops. These grants are decided on rolling three month windows.

Amount: $18000
The Barakat Trust

Grants with an upper limit of £6,000 towards the costs of a major publication on Islamic art, architecture, archaeology etc. One grant of up to £50,000 per year, for a maximum of three years, towards the costs of making available any major collection of Islamic art, architecture and archaeology. The grant is made from zakat, and therefore only Islamic institutions, libraries and museums in Islamic lands and Muslim principle applicants are eligible to . Renewal for the second year of the MPhil may be granted to candidates who perform well in the qualifying examination, but the grant may not be extended to cover doctoral studies.

UT College of Liberal Arts

The fund supports three types of awards: summer salary awards, grants for graduate student research, and travel awards. Those individuals who receive summer salary or research grant awards will be required to submit a one-page report outlining the uses of the money and progress on the supported project. Description: A grant to be used to cover some of the costs of graduate student research projects. Holtzman Fund is a permanent fund designed to recognize and reward outstanding performance by graduate students in developmental psychology.

Conference Grants East Asian Studies

Students may apply for grants to cover conference expenses up to $600. Preference will be given to East Asian studies majors, post-doctoral fellows in East Asian Studies, and graduate students. First-time applicants and applicants who have not received EASP travel grants in the previous two semesters will be given priority. Grants can be made in advance or by reimbursement.

Research Knowledge System

It makes 40 million grants, publications, citations, alternative metrics, clinical trials, patents, and policy documents available to users for searching, visualization, making comparisons, and tracking. See who is funding what, and where the money is going.

Summer Stipend

A proposal describing how applicant intend to use the grant and how it will support their career goals. All grant recipients must comply with the University’s International Travel Policy by completing the International Travel Authorization application for Graduate Students. To initiate the process, please complete the International Travel Authorization application for Graduate Students.

Travel Grants

SHRS graduate students have two additional sources of travel grant funds: SHRS Travel Grant Program for Graduate Students. Both programs are funded through a portion of the graduate student activity fee, and provide funds to reimburse students for travel expenses. Students may receive a maximum of one grant from each program per fiscal year based on the dates of travel. SHRS: Graduate students currently enrolled at SHRS GPSG: All currently-enrolled University of Pittsburgh graduate students.