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The Institute for Research on Women and Gender

Seminars are proposed and designed by interested applicants, bringing together 10 feminist scholars to address quandaries in theoretical or empirical research related to gender, women and sexuality. Boyd Williams Dissertation Grant for Research on Women and Work. Grant award for the students-M doctoral students writing a dissertation related to women and work. Summer fellowship program for the students-M graduate students engaged in scholarly research or other creative projects focusing on women, gender or sexuality. These grants will be given to social science, arts, and humanities researchers with projects aimed at bringing the insights of their work to topics and questions normally studied in the biomedical and applied health fields.

Daniel I.Linzer Grants for Innovation in Diversity and Equity

Linzer Grants for Innovation in Diversity and Equity.

Amount: $22500

Research funding sources include a variety of federal agencies, as well as grants from business and industry. Jonathan Bell, Thomas LaToza, and Foteini Baldimtsi received funding from the NSA for their grant Blockchaining Collaborative Data Management. Anticipated funding for the grant is $609,611. Krzysztof Gaj Jens-Peter Kaps from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department recieved $105,571 from the National Science Foundation for their grant SaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Countermeasures Against Side-Channels Attacks Targeting Hardware and Embedded System Implementations of Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms. Kamaljeet Sanghera Receives Funding from National Center for Women and IT. Vasiliki Ikonomidou of the Bioengineering Department and Margret Hjalmarson of the College of Education Human Development received $150K from the National Science Foundation for their project, Research Initiation Grant: Student-directed differentiated learning in college-level engineering education.

Funding Search Engines Research Graduate Studies

GRANTS.GOV DUKE UNIVERSITY ALTUM PROPOSAL CENTRAL (Search for Foundation and other non-profit organization grants.

Travel Grants Recipients 2017-2018

Erin Clinard received a grant to present 1) Simulations and Transfer of Learning 2) Computer-Based Clinical Simulation: Student Perceptions and Implications for Graduate Education at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association National Convention in Los Angeles, California, November 8-12, 2017. Zachary Marinelli received a grant to present Grants and Other Resources for the Science Classroom at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers Annual Professional Development Institute in Roanoke, Virginia, November 16-18, 2017. Jarrell received a grant to present 'A bitter diet of experience' : Reading Catharsis, Sensibility, and the Novel in Francis Burney Evelina (1778)' at British Women Writers Conference in Austin, Texas, April 10-15, 2018.

WCC Eli Lilly Travel Award

Grant funds are limited, but there are some funds designated for s.

Travel Grants Recipients 2014-2015

Alec McKenzie and Paul Robertson received a grant to present Effects of Protein Supplementation During Intensified Cycling Training on Cardiorespiratory Adaptations and Body Weight Effects of Protein Supplementation During 10 Days of Intensified Cycling Training on Indices of Muscle Disruption and Performance at the American College of Sports Medicine in Miami, FL. Emily Chapin, Thomas Benns, Lauren Smith, Kerry Anderson, Joseph Wieland, Brian Schwenk, and Megan Thurston received a grant to present Assembling Inquiry-Based Lesson Plans with Resources at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers Professional Development Institute in Roanoke, VA. Guilherne Andreas Maciel Nascimento received a grant to present Flute Solo Ensemble Performances at the National Flute Association Convention in Washington, DC.

Travel Grants Recipients 2016-2017

Kathleen Burns received a grant to present Distractions in Hearing: Measuring Impulsivity in Service Members with mTBI at the AudiologyNOW! Alexandria Matz received a grant to present The build-up of auditory stream segregation in adult cochlear implant users at the AudiologyNOW! Chelsea Barry received a grant to present Premium versus Mid-Level Hearing Aids: Benchmarking of Signal Processing Features at the AudiologyNOW! Nicole Jones received a grant to present Envelope-Following Responses and Effects of Cochlear Delay at the AudiologyNOW! Corinne O'Shaughnessy received a grant to present Development of a Questionnaire to Assess Attitudes Toward Hearing Aids at the AudiologyNOW!

Funding opportunities

Huskey travel grants provide up to $500 per year for students to attend conferences and workshops. These grants are decided on rolling three month windows. The AWM provides funding for women in mathematics to travel for conferences, mentoring opportunites, and workshops.

The Order of the Daughters of the King, Master’s Fund School of Theology

Master’s Fund grants will be limited to communicants of the Episcopal Church, autonomous churches of the Anglican Communion or churches in communion with the Episcopal Church. Modest grants are made from available funds and are based on anticipated renewal grant needs and the number of applicants reviewed.