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Amount: $25000

The Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust offers fellowships to outstanding American students for advanced graduate study and research in France. The Lurcy Fellowship Program is designed for advanced Ph.D. students. In recognition of the University of California, Berkeley, as a leading educational institution and as a likely source of worthy candidates, a Lurcy Fellowship program has been established at Berkeley. It joins other leading United States universities, as well as French universities, where the Lurcy Fellowships have been met with an enthusiastic response and cooperation, as they fill a genuine need.

Amount: $25300
Georges Lurcy Fellowship for Study in France

Georges Lurcy Fellowship for Study in France This fellowship is for advanced Ph.D. students who are citizens or permanent residents of the the students.S. and whose research topic is unique to France and can only be pursued in that country. The fellowship provides a stipend to cover educational fees, necessary travel, and living expenses while in France. Students must be enrolled at UC Berkeley or at an educational institution in France during the tenure of the fellowship. Interested students should submit their application materials to the Graduate Fellowships Office by the deadline. One UC Berkeley graduate student is nominated for this fellowship each year.

Departmental Nomination Guidelines

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