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Urban Health Collaborative

Application Process: Applicants should indicate their interest in urban health and fit with the UHC Master Fellowship in their personal statement. The UHC provides student funding to support select Depth Experience placements for students wishing to focus on urban health as part of the practical experience required of all first-year MPH students. The Urban Health Collaborative has awarded funding to four first-year Master of Public Health students completing their practicum experience with a focus on urban health. These projects cover a range of topics and incorporate a variety of activities poised to have significant impact on the health of Philadelphians.

Amount: $5000
Merit Scholarships

Part-time students and courtesy scholarship recipients are ineligible for merit scholarships. The Nalini and Ravi Saligram Scholarship provides for doctoral or masters students with a preference for students with a demonstrated interest in diabetes prevention research in India. The William Randolph Hearst Scholarship provides to Executive MPH candidates whose professions focus on providing public health services in rural communities throughout the Southeast. This scholarship was established by the family and friends of Dr. Charles Shepard, a distinguished scientist and early, enthusiastic supporter of the MPH program at Emory. This fund provides scholarship support to the university most outstanding MPH and MSPH students.

Pharmacy Health Sciences

Annual scholarships are funded by generous donations made each year to our students. Endowed scholarships are funded by donations over a long period of time that have formed into a scholarship that will be available for students every year.