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Graduate Assistantship

Administrative graduate assistantships are awarded to qualified students and the student works in various non-academic departments such as Advancement, Enrollment Services, University Police, etc. Administrative graduate assistantships are open to qualified students from any degree program. Graduate assistantships provide monetary compensation for full-time graduate students ranging from $2,502 to $5,004 for the academic year, plus a partial waiver of basic tuition for part-time graduate assistants and a full waiver of basic tuition for full-time graduate assistants. Graduate assistantships may be renewed during the summer term but this term counts toward the maximum of four terms.

Graduate Assistantships

More than 3,000 assistantships are available to qualified graduate students at Michigan State University. Satisfactory progress toward earning a degree is a condition of maintaining the assistantship. Departments may limit the number of years that a graduate student may hold an assistantship. Graduate assistants are responsible for knowing the specific policies and procedures that govern their particular assistantship and academic program. Doctoral students with quarter-time or half-time assistantships must carry at least 3 credits Master’s students with quarter-time assistantships or half-time assistantships must carry at least 6 credits. Doctoral and master’s students with three-quarter-time assistantships must carry at least 3 credits. Lifelong Education students and College of Law students are not eligible for graduate assistantships.

Graduate Assistantships

All graduate assistantships are awarded each year by academic units and non-academic units on a competitive basis following a highly qualified student’s nomination by their graduate program and using predetermined criteria, including but not limited to the applicant’s academic record, test scores, recommendations, and other pertinent information. Assistantships should provide high quality support for the academic mission of the University. Provisional degree or non-degree admits are not eligible to hold a graduate assistantship. Graduate Assistants must be registered for a minimum of 9 credit hours of course work for Fall or Spring semester, within the program of study throughout the period of the assistantship.

Graduate Student Assistantships

A limited number of teaching assistantships are available for qualified full-time students. Students interested in receiving an assistantship should file their applications for admission to a degree program as early as possible, checking the appropriate box on the application form. No teaching research assistantship may be awarded to a graduate student with a cumulative grade point average under 3.0 on the official transcript. The amount of the teaching or research assistantship for each semester or academic year is set according to agreement between UMass Lowell and the UAW Graduate Employees Organization. A limited number of student assistantships are available in the departments. All queries concerning assistantships should be directed to the graduate coordinator in the student department.

Graduate Assistantships

Ball State University offers a number of graduate assistantships annually to qualified students in the master of landscape architecture program. These assistantships include special stipends and tuition waivers. Assistantships also provide applicant with valuable work experience while applicant complete their course work Assistantships are available for one or two semesters and can be either full or half. Applicant may indicate their interest in a graduate assistantship within their admission letter. Assistantships are usually distributed in the spring and fall. An application must be filled out to be considered for an assistantship.

Graduate Assistantships

The university range of graduate assistantships include stipends and tuition waivers They support projects outside the direct area of teaching and research, among other responsibilities they may take on. Assistantships include stipends as well as a waiver of a substantial portion of tuition costs. Assistantships in architecture support research, teaching, and other departmental and college programs. Mention applicant are interested in an assistantship in their admission letter however, no MArch assistantship application is required. Assistantships include stipends and either full or partial tuition waivers. Assistantships with the Center for Historic Preservation or with nearby preservation organizations are available for qualified second-year students.

Amount: $17131
Assistantships ‹ Florida State College of Criminology Criminal Justice

Teaching and research assistantships are awarded to the university most qualified doctoral students each academic year. Students are assigned to assistantships in the College and in the Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research. Assistantships pay $17,131 per academic year for 20-hour work weeks plus nine hours of tuition waivers. There is no separate application for the assistantship.

Teaching Assistantships Information and Computer Sciences

Teaching Assistantships require duties involving approximately 20 hours of work per week, and include a full tuition waiver. Each semester, the university department offers a limited number of teaching assistantships to well qualified students. The university highly recommend that applicant attend this workshop, as it increases the chances that applicant can obtain and retain a teaching assistantship.

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Students in the department may be supported in their careers by a limited number of departmental teaching assistantships, typically awarded to M.F.A and Ph.D. students. Students are selected to receive assistantships as they become available and according to departmental needs and other criteria. These include a) the identification of those best qualified to provide a quality experience in the classroom, b) to render financial assistance to recruit top quality applicants into the graduate programs, c) to provide continued support of current graduate students making good progress to degree, and d) to provide students with teaching experience. Incoming graduate students are automatically considered for a teaching or research assistantship based upon their admission application materials.

Graduate Assistantships

The Lutgert College of Business is pleased to offer a limited number of graduate assistantships to qualified students. The university will offer five competitive assistantships to full-time students. Additionally, the university will offer five assistantships for in-state students and the college will pay at least half of the in-state tuition and will offer bi-weekly stipends for 10 to 20 hours of GA work per week.