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The Research Development team within Grant Services Analysis offers proposal editing, manages limited submissions, develops resources, presents various proposal-related workshops, oversees bridging funding, supports large-scale proposal efforts, and facilitates the annual R01 Boot Camp program. The goal of the Proposal Preparation Funding Program is to provide funds to support the submission of large-scale, multi-investigator grants this program is not designed to provide support for submission of individual R01-type grants. REMEMBER: their grant routing deadline is before the sponsor deadline. The Proposal Review Checklists can be used to verify the completeness of the documents required in a grant application prior to routing the proposal.

Amount: $3000
University Research Foundation Office of the Vice Provost For Research UPenn

The URF will offer the following grant opportunities: Research Grants, Conference Support, Impact Seminar Grants, and Research Opportunity Development Grants, Phase 1and Phase 2. There will be a fall and spring solicitation for these grant applications each year. Program Description: The Research Opportunity Grant program was designed to facilitate the intersection of the forward trajectory of Penn’s research frontiers with the trajectory of the national and global research priorities. Program Description: The Research Opportunity Grant Phase 2 offers extensive support over 2 years. Note that Phase II grants are not intended to support the development of proposals that respond to regular solicitations such as those for NIH RO1 grants or NSF Division programs.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

START grants management software based on the open-source Kuali Coeus platform. Support for Grant Seeking in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.