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Amount: $5000
Grants Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

This grant is given to support research in nutrition and oral health or dental education by doctoral students seeking a doctorate in nutrition and oral health or dental education, Masters thesis research on nutrition and oral health disease or RDNs with advanced degrees doing research in the area of nutrition and oral health. This grant is given for a research project that aims to demonstrate the value of dietetics professionals on the health of the public or demonstrate the evolving role of dietetics professionals in the profession. This grant supports scientific endeavors including in vitro experiments, epidemiologic studies, spice and herb intake data collection, systematic reviews and or evidence-based analysis.

Travel Grants Recipients 2017-2018

Danika Pfeiffer received a grant to present Interprofessional collaboration in elementary schools: A systematic review of interprofessional education for preprofessional general education teachers and speech-language pathologists at the Collaborating Across Borders VI (CAB VI) in Banff, Alberta, Canada, October 1-5, 2017. Erin Clinard received a grant to present 1) Simulations and Transfer of Learning 2) Computer-Based Clinical Simulation: Student Perceptions and Implications for Graduate Education at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association National Convention in Los Angeles, California, November 8-12, 2017. Zachary Marinelli received a grant to present Grants and Other Resources for the Science Classroom at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers Annual Professional Development Institute in Roanoke, Virginia, November 16-18, 2017.

Amount: $44909
Engaged Scholarship Grants

Principal Investigator: Scott Peters and Pamela Clinkenbeard Amount: $44,909 The purpose of the project is to establish a virtual center for gifted education that will house teaching, research, and service activities related to gifted and talented students.