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Amount: $1500
Joint PhD Program Funding

To be eligible for the award, a student must be in good standing in the Joint Doctoral Program. These fellowships will be awarded in a combined competition. The major purposes of this award are to help support and honor students in the Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science whose written work exemplifies the goals of the Program in relation to the integration of social work and social science, and to encourage students to prepare such work for possible publication or conference presentation. It supports doctoral students whose research focuses on minority populations with low income and education, with a preference for research on issues faced by African American males.

Amount: $6000

All graduate assistants, master’s and doctoral, receive in-state tuition. In addition to the fellowship, recipients also receive full tuition coverage and $6,000 stipend per semester for four years.

Amount: $38000
Financial Assistance

Doctoral graduate students must be in good standing and currently enrolled in a College of Optometry Physiological Optics Vision Science graduate program to be eligible for the GTF. Graduate students holding the fellowship must agree not to be employed for than 20 hours per week without prior approval.

Interdisciplinary Opportunities in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Up to two of the fellowships will entail a teaching assistantship in the Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies course in the Spring semester. The second fellowship is a joint position at the John Hay Library and The Center for the Study of the Early Modern World: Applicants are invited to propose an course, exhibition, curatorial project, conference or symposium that will promote collaboration between scholars of the early modern period and the John Hay Library. Students will be on fellowship in the alternate term.

Other Sources of Funding

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Students pursuing research-based master and doctoral degrees in science and engineering, broadly defined. Paul Daisy Soros Fellowship New Americans, immigrants, or the children of immigrants. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship Supports Canadian students in the humanities and social sciences.

PhD program funding

At present, new doctoral students enter the university program with a funding package sufficient to cover tuition, insurance, and living expenses for the first five years of study. Support combines fellowships and teaching or research assistant positions as laid out in the student offer of admission. As long as a student remains in good standing within the program, the college can offer a tuition fellowships for tuition expenses in the fall and winter semesters. Fellowships from external sources often offer very generous multi-year packages of support.

Funding Your Doctoral Education

As a fellowship recipient, their tuition will be covered for four years and applicant’ll receive a stipend for their first and second years. The university encourage applicant to pursue external fellowships and explore research funding opportunities beyond Harvard.

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Many other funding resources are available to UA students through Scholarship Universe.

Political Science

Graduate student travel funding: The Political Science will support one conference trip for each PhD student, depending on availability of funds. From underrepresented minority groups or 2.

Amount: $30000

While the continuation of funding is contingent on satisfactory performance in the program, most doctoral students are funded for five years. Additional funding is available through several different sources, including teaching and fellowships. Business doctoral students are encouraged to apply for a summer Gerald Hart Doctoral Research Fellowship.