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Amount: $1000
Student Financial Services

The following private scholarship resources are currently available to the university adult students. Applications are currently available for multiple scholarships under the Hispanic College Fund Scholarship Program. Applicants for these scholarships must: be Hispanic, maintain a 3.0 GPA , be a the students.S. citizen or permanent resident, currently reside in the United States or Puerto Rico, be a current or rising attending a college or university in the fall in either the United States or Puerto Rico, and demonstrate financial need. The Hispanic Leadership Coalition of Northeast Indiana will be awarding $1,000 scholarships to high achieving Hispanic students from Northeast Indiana. The Indiana Women’s Education Foundation IWEF hosts multiple scholarships for individuals with need.


Along with the scholarship application, student must include one paragraph describing their Hispanic heritage. Roy Mitchell Scholarship FundAwarded to juniors and seniors. Signal Media Scholarship AwardAwarded to a student to provide assistance for any education related expenses, including tuition, books, or fees, while pursuing a degree in communications at UA Little Rock. The deadline to for this scholarship is March 7 each year. This scholarship is renewable, but the recipient must re annually. Only the most serious and highly qualified students will be considered for this scholarship. Scholarship is renewable, but the recipient must reapply annually. This scholarship is renewable but the recipient must reapply annually. The scholarship is renewable the recipient must re annually.

Amount: $7500
Merit-Based Scholarships

Public Service Scholarship: Partial and half-tuition scholarships awarded to applicants based on merit and strength of application, regardless of degree program or area of interest. Executive Leaders Scholarship: 25% scholarship awarded to applicants of the Executive MPA for Public Service Leaders program based on merit and the overall strength of application. Global EMPA Program Pentland-Churchill Scholarship: Full tuition scholarship and stipend awarded to individuals to pursue the one-year, Executive MPA for Global Policy Leaders. NYU Wagner City Government Scholarship: The NYU Wagner City Government Scholarship program is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore and or deepen their interests in the power and promise of potential careers in New York City government.

Amount: $5000
Merit Scholarships

Part-time students and courtesy scholarship recipients are ineligible for merit scholarships. This scholarship is awarded to a promising MPH or MSPH student whose studies and career will result in the improvement of the quality of life among the populations in developing parts of the world. This scholarship is awarded to a promising MPH or MSPH student with exceptional credentials. This scholarship was established by the family and friends of Dr. Charles Shepard, a distinguished scientist and early, enthusiastic supporter of the MPH program at Emory. This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding applicant to the Epidemiology. This fund provides scholarship support to the university most outstanding MPH and MSPH students.

National Hispanic Scholarship Fund

The NationalHispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship Program is the only national scholarship program targeted at Hispanic students who are committed to careers in health care and enrolled full-time in dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and policy schools.

Rollins Evening

Scholarship opportunities

This scholarship is for a fulltime African American student enrolled in one of DMU’s clinical programs. The fund was established through the Association of American Medical Colleges to respond to the need for improving access to physician services in rural areas and inner-city poverty areas.