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Scholarships for Women Office of Advancement

Scholarships for women help four-year students, transfer students, graduate students, doing so much good! Beaumont Scholarship was established in honor of Ms. Beaumont, former president of the Springfield Branch of the American Association of University Women. The Wanda Chapel Scholarship was established by the Springfield Branch of the American Association of University Women in honor of Ms. Chapel, former president of both the Springfield and state of Illinois AAUW. The Mary Gene Hall Scholarship was established by the Springfield Branch of the American Association of University Women in honor of Ms. Hall, a 35-year member and former president of both the Springfield and state of Illinois AAUW. Hockenyos Scholarship was established by the Springfield Branch of the American Association of University Women in honor of former president, Sandra Hockenyos.

Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting

If applicant are planning to transfer to a four-year college to get a Bachelors degree after completing their Associates degree, applicant may qualify for some of the scholarships. All available scholarships will be listed and can be applied for throughout the year, but awards are only made in the summer for the fall terms. The deadline is April 30 for all scholarships, except for the Post-Graduate Laurels scholarship which is due May 15. Have transcripts sent to applicant and include them in their online document upload within the scholarship application portal. Selection for all scholarship awards is usually completed by June 30. Women who are the primary source of support for their family can be considered for the Women In Transition or Women In Need scholarships.

Research Scholarships to Support Women in Engineering

It’s important for the scholarship winners but it’s really important for the students who hear them. The university’ve been growing the fraction of women students in the university programs for some time, and these scholarships are both a testament and a boost to the university efforts. Leo Chalupa, vice president for research, said the Clare Boothe Luce research scholarships will provide critical support to women engineers at a key time in their education.

Amount: $60000
Merit-Based Scholarships

Dean’s Scholarship The Dean’s Scholarship is one of Stern’s most prestigious scholarships and is awarded to a limited number of the university most meritorious admitted students. Stern Scholarship This one-year scholarship covers full tuition for the first year of study and is awarded to admitted students showing strong merit. Alumni Scholarship This $60,000 scholarship is for the first year of study and is awarded to admitted students showing strong merit. Stern designates Forté Fellows at the time of admission to exceptional women candidates who are also receiving a merit based scholarship. The Admissions Committee offers partial scholarships each year to selected applicants receiving minimal or no financial sponsorship from their employer. Applicant may for a scholarship by indicating their interest in being considered for one on the Formal Application.

Boston Event Highlights Women Committing $22.5 Million for Scholarships, Dartmouth Hall

Dartmouth announced a pair of inspiring gifts Wednesday—totaling $22.5 million in support from Dartmouth women—that will benefit two of the College’s distinguishing features: the Collis Scholars program, which has transformed than 160 students’ lives over the past five decades, and the renovation of Dartmouth Hall, a crucial center for the liberal arts on campus. Collis Scholars have included than 40 Phi Beta Kappa honorees and 62 students who have gone on to earn graduate degrees. Women of Dartmouth are banding together to raise $25 million to outfit this grande dame of Dartmouth Row with 21st century teaching technologies and to ensure that this center of learning is accessible to the entire Dartmouth community, said Richie.


DRI The Voice of the Defense Bar Law Student Diversity Scholarship Program Eligibility criteri 1L and 2L minority and women students with demonstrated service to the community and to the cause of diversity. Amelia Kemp Scholarship Eligibility criteri 1L and 2L women students of color who hold membership in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Hailey Scholarship Eligibility criteri 1L and 2L minority students who are members of the American Association for Justice Choi Scholarship Program Eligibility criteri 1L and 2L students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, volunteerism, mentorship experience, and an interest in AAPI civic issues. Nassau County Women Bar Foundation Scholarship Program Eligibility criteri 2L and 3L women students who are Nassau County, NY residents.

Amount: $6000
Center for Cyber Safety and Education

Scholarships to inspire women to join the ever-growing field of Information Security. The application period for the ² Women’s Scholarships will open on Feb. Applicant may also wish to for the ² Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarship, or ² Cybersecurity Scholarship, which are open to both women and men. The Graduate Scholarship opens to applications on Nov. Applicant will need to submit an application for the or Graduate Scholarships in order to be considered for one of those awards, applications will NOT be automatically transferred. Scoring Criteria Applicants will be scored by members of ² and scholarship sponsors NOTE: Not all applicants will receive a scholarship. Scholarships are a one-time award and must be re-applied for each year in order to be considered for another scholarship.

Amount: $10000
Doyle Kanagasegar Selected as Recipients of NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

Both Doyle and Kanagasegar are the first-ever recipients of the scholarship in the history of their respective sports at CWRU. Case Western Reserve has now registered 31 total NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Award winners since 1971, including 10 over the last four years. Doyle and Kanagasegar will each receive a one-time non-renewable scholarship of $10,000, to be used for postgraduate study. The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship is awarded three times a year corresponding to each sport season In addition to softball and tennis, other spring sports sponsored by the NCAA whose participants were eligible for the spring scholarships include baseball, golf, lacrosse, outdoor track and field, men volleyball, women rowing, women beach volleyball, and women water polo.

Amount: $5500
Boston University Women’s Guild Scholarships Metropolitan College

The Boston University Women’s Guild scholarships were established than 25 years a provide both aid and encouragement to women 30 and over enrolled in University graduate programs.

Amount: $3000

Academic Year Scholarships AwardsEligible students must for academic year scholarships through MyUW. Applicants should demonstrate high scholarship or potential for high scholarship as well as financial need. One to two scholarships are given to women in dance. This scholarship is awarded to one graduate or woman in the dance department who has demonstrated evidence of professional promise. This scholarship is awarded to one to two women in dance each year. This scholarship is awarded to one to five women in dance each year. Two women in dance are awarded this scholarship each year. One scholarship for an or graduate student in Dance from the state of California, South Dakota or Washington Three awards are given to dance majors interested in teaching toward Dance Department-approved summer study in dance.