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Senior Wins Prestigious Marshall Scholarship

The staff at ’s Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships, which coordinates the process through which nominates students for prestigious, competitive awards, and the members of the Marshall selection committee were impressed by Chittibabu. Previous Marshall Scholars were Antonio Campelli ’15, Ethan Butler ’12 , Michelle Prairie ’09 , and Virginia DeJohn Anderson in 1976.

Amount: $1000
General Scholarship Program

Endowed scholarships may be created with a major gift of $25,000 through a one-time gift, a pledge for a period of up to three years or through a planned gift. The Marshall University Foundation also offers donors the opportunity to provide private scholarship support through expendable awards funded through annual contributions of $1,000 annually or for a minimum of four years. With both endowed and expendable scholarships, the donor has the opportunity to participate in establishing guidelines and in determining the name of the award. Which accepts scholarship funds where selection is not based solely on any of the following criteri race, gender, religion, handicap or national origin.

Scholarship Programs, Awards, Research, Knowledge

Indeed, a student leadership record can actually be the determining factor in a student selection for a scholarship--particularly given the consistency with which applicants for these awards excel academically. Indeed, the Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman scholarships each evaluate candidates' records as leaders as a vital part of their selection process. Marshall Scholarships, established to express British gratitude for the European Recovery Program after World War II, may be used for study at any university in the United Kingdom. Awards are made on a nationally competitive basis and are regarded by many as the most prestigious scholarships in the world. These three scholarships, the Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman, will scrutinize applicants' record for examples and experiences of leadership.

Amount: $1000
Beginning Freshmen Transfer Scholarships

To for non-guaranteed scholarships and compete for their share of than $600,000 in scholarship money awarded annually by Southwestern’s foundation, an incoming freshman must be accepted to Georgia Southwestern and complete the Beginning Freshmen Scholarship Application. Students residing outside of the designated southwest Georgia counties are also eligible to receive scholarships by submitting the required Beginning Freshman Scholarship Application. Students accepted to Southwestern by the February 1st scholarship deadline who indicate an intended major of art or music may be invited to the Southwestern Scholars Competition to have portfolios reviewed or music auditions for scholarships. Art and music students who have met the minimum academic qualifications should also complete the Beginning Freshmen Scholarship Application so they may also be considered for those awards.

KU senior is a finalist for Mitchell, Marshall scholarships

The Marshall Scholarship provides funds for study at any university in the United Kingdom, and the Mitchell Scholarship provides funds for one year of study in Ireland. A regional panel reviews applications for the Marshall scholarship program, and finalists are invited to participate in interviews. The scholarship’s goals include enabling intellectually distinguished young Americans to study in Britain and encouraging them to act as ambassadors between the two nations throughout their lives. The Mitchell Scholarship has a first-round video interview before finalist interviews in November. Scholarship winners pursue a year of graduate study in Ireland or Northern Ireland. KU students have won nine Marshall Scholarship awards in the past. WGSS major Kathryn Ammon wins KU first ever Mitchell Scholarship. WGSS major Kathryn Ammon finalist for major scholarships!

Amount: $3100
Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholarship

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund scholarship awards process is highly competitive and is given to outstanding and qualified students who plan to earn a baccalaureate, graduate or law degree from an accredited college or university. Most scholarships are one year, non-renewable unless otherwise indicated and awards are given without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability or national origin. Currently, there is scholarship opportunity available for and graduate business students.

Office of Fellowship Programs

A large part of their success in the application process will be finding the fellowship or scholarship that’s right for applicant. Please utilize this directory to find information the fellowships and scholarships that interest applicant, and for which applicant may be eligible. Remember, this is just a partial listing of the fellowships and scholarships available to students of high academic achievement and consistent participation in service activities. In addition, applicant may become awareof other scholarships in their field of study.If applicant find a scholarship fellowship for which applicant believe applicant are qualified for and would like to pursue, please bring it to the university attention and the university will guide applicant through the application and essay preparations process.

Scholarship Endowment

The amount of SPENDING ALLOCATION from designated funds will be communicated to Marshall University around the 1st of November. The Spending Allocation is avaliable to Marshall University departments to plan for program expenses and scholarship awards for the following fiscal year, aiding in recruitment and retention of students and programs.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

TMCF scholarships have provided support to help fund an education at one of the university nation public Historically Black Colleges and Universities TMCF provides merit-based scholarships to students seeking financial assistance to complete their education. Awards are made each semester and are based on a verification process designed to ensure that academic expectations are being met and that there is an unmet financial need.

Nationally Competitive Fellowships Office

Fellowships are merit-based monetary awards that support a wide range of activities, across the United States and around the world. The National fellowships office recruits, advises, and prepares students to compete for national fellowships and awards. Students can receive advice for over twenty-five awards, including the Fulbright Scholarship, NSF Fellowship, Marshall Scholarship, Rhodes scholarship and Goldwater Scholarship, among others. The National Fellowships office will assist with locating a scholarship for applicant and with questions the application process. The University has specified deadlines for scholarships that require endorsement, such as the Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, Gates, Mitchell, Goldwater, Udall, and Boren.