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Five-Year PhD Funding Guarantee

Starting in Fall 2020, Grainger Engineering PhD students in their first five years of enrollment are guaranteed a funded appointment for fall and spring that includes a full tuition waiver, a partial fee waiver, and a stipend. Students must remain in Good Academic Standing and successfully perform the duties of their assistantships. The guaranteed funding will be in the form of some combination of an assistantship and or a fellowship and will include a full tuition waiver, as well as a partial fee waiver covering service fees, library technology fees, the academic facilities maintenance fund assessment, and health services fees including vision insurance, dental insurance, and partial payment of the health insurance fee.


Students in this program are not eligible for Board of Trustee tuition-waiver-generating assistantships at the University of Illinois. In some instances, teaching assistantships may be renewed for an additional semester, but appointments for the fourth semester and beyond are possible only in exceptional circumstances. Research assistantships are renewable subject to satisfactory academic progress and satisfactory performance of the duties of the assistantship, to the continued need for services, and also to the availability of funds. The director of the research project providing a research assistantship assigns the duties. Registration during Summer II session is only required if the student will have an assistantship during that session. These requirements also to students holding tuition and fee waivers from the Graduate College.