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Merit Based Funding Financial Aid

Master’s students/applicants apply for financial aid consideration through their application for Admission. Financial aid for Master’s students varies among programs.

Master Enrollment Incentive

• Establish a financial framework for considering different enrollment strategies for master’s students. This proposal allows graduate groups and programs that offer masters degrees to opt-in to a new budget model that will provide greater financial resources to the program than the current graduate budget model if the program grows master’s enrollment. Building on the university experience with the current model and the master’s pilot, this incentive will provide access to greater funding allocations for incremental increases in master’s enrollment. Graduate Studies and the Office of Budget and Institutional Analysis have developed an excel template tool to allow programs to model the financial impact of growing masters enrollment and compare participation in the MEIP to the current budget model under various enrollment scenarios.

Gainful Employment

All other post-masters certificate programs offered at the University of Portland are not eligible for Title IV financial aid.

Student Financial Services

The financial aid that students are eligible for also differs between academic careers , and between enrollment levels This policy provides the minimum standards and applies to all students whether or not financial aid was received. Federal and Institutional Aid: SAP will be evaluated for all students receiving financial aid, in order to ensure compliance with the Grade Point Average , Maximum Time Frame and Pace to Degree requirements of the federal policy. State Aid: SAP will be evaluated for all students receiving State financial aid at the end of each academic term , in order to ensure compliance with the cumulative Grade Point Average , Maximum Time Frame , and Pace to Degree standards of State SAP regulations.

Dental Education Learning and Teaching Academy Fellowship

Tuition costs are the same as the Masters of Science Program.

Student Financial Services

Enrollment in 5 or credits is required for financial aid eligibility. These estimated amounts are used in determining financial aid eligibility. Students accepted into accelerated masters programs will continue to pay the standard tuition rate until they have completed their degree.

Financial Aid

February 15: Deadline for prospective students to for financial aid, in order to be considered for financial assistance from the School. The Yale School of Forestry Environmental Studies’ financial aid policies and program are designed to make it possible for student to pursue an environmental education regardless of their financial circumstances. On average 80% of our Masters students receive financial assistance from the School. The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is committed to:.

Graduate Students

Alliant offers a range of financial aid opportunities for graduate students completing masters and doctoral degrees at the University:.

Your Financial Aid Counselor

Before applicant embark on the step-by-step process of ing for financial aid, it helpful to know who applicant can turn to for help, should applicant need it. Please take a moment to identify their Student Financial Services Counselor. Their personal Student Financial Services Counselor is available to go over all their education funding options with applicant.

Tuition and Fee Schedule

To gain a better understanding of the amount of financial aid applicant may receive, complete the university Online Scholarship Calculator.