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Scholarships from private sources are an additional method of financing their graduate education. The University recommends that students for other scholarship and fellowship funds which may be available through outside sources: the state or federal government, private donors, and corporations. Students who receive private scholarships may have their loan and or work-study reduced accordingly. Students are expected to report any outside awards to the Office of Student Financial Services including outside scholarships, employer tuition benefits, and military benefits. Students can also check on the status of their state scholarship application.

Amount: $5000
Office of Student Financial Services

Throughout the year the university office receives information outside scholarships opportunities. Leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the text, write: subscribe SCHOLARSHIP-L their first name their last name . See Scholarship guidelines on the link provided.

Scholarships Opportunities

The Scholarship Hunting Season starts early--look for next year awards as early as October. Most scholarships applicant for will be used for the following academic year.

Third-Party Scholarships

Once the scholarship funds are received by the University, it may take up to 2-3 business days to be credited to the student account. Other questions regarding scholarships from outside sources should be directed to the awarding agency.

Scholarship Policies

Changing to a major outside of the College will result in immediate severance of scholarship support from the College. Scholarships from outside sources must be addressed independently. Scholars having a cumulative institutional GPA less than 3.000 will be placed on Scholarship Advisory with the College of Engineering for the following academic year. During the Scholarship Advisory Period, the student will receive scholarship funding, provided the student is registered for an approved course load. Loss of scholarship occurs if the student does not reach the required 3.000 GPA mark by the end of the Scholarship Advisory Period.

Amount: $1000

The majority of scholarships are awarded between December and February of each admission cycle or until the scholarship funds are exhausted. To ensure the award of the Scholarship, recipients must accept their scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates. To maintain eligibility for these scholarships, students must achieve a required minimum cumulative grade point average as stated in their original scholarship acceptance letter. · To ensure the award of the Scholarship, recipients must accept their scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates. To ensure the award of the Scholarship, the recipient must accept the scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates.


A limited number of admitted applicants who do not receive an MSFS scholarship may be placed on a waitlist for merit-based aid. The following special funds, established by contributions from alumni and other outside supporters, provide some of the tuition scholarships awarded to MSFS students. Chiechi Scholarship: The Chiechi family established this scholarship in memory of their daughter, Lavinia Johanne Chiechi. This Fund provides MSFS scholarships for first or second year students selected by the MSFS Scholarship Committee. Oxenstierna Scholarship: David Oxenstierna, F’87, MSFS’89, established this scholarship to support MSFS students. SoldierStrong Scholarship: This gift was established to provide merit-based scholarships to students who are enrolled in MSFS and who are veterans of the United States military.


Scholarships are gift money usually given on the basis of academic merit or some special talent. Institutional Freshman Scholarships Institutional scholarships are merit-based financial awards and do not require a separate application. The Scholarship Renewal Criteria chart compares renewal requirements for State and Institutional Scholarships. Departmental Scholarships are handled by individual departments at the College of Charleston. Often, departmental scholarships are limited to students with particular majors. Specialty Scholarships are handled by various departments at the College of Charleston. Specialty scholarships are generally available to a wide-range of students. Other Scholarships and Resources Outside Scholarships are private sources of scholarships offered from organizations outside of the College of Charleston.

Amount: $1000
Scholarship Information Announcements

Scholarship Universe is a state of the art scholarship matching system that maximizes opportunities for students and was developed to help students connect to as many relevant and legitimate scholarship opportunities as possible, both from outside and within the university—all in one mobile friendly site. Parents cannot login to Scholarship Universe but are encouraged to help students with obtaining required documents for the scholarship application process. Students who have been awarded Outside Scholarships and Other Resources by someone other than OSFA must immediately notify OSFA by Logging in to the MyOSFA Portal and submitting OSFA Private Outside Scholarship Reporting Form. The external scholarship check and or documentation sent to OSFA must reflect the student name and UGA student ID number.

Amount: $5000
Student Financial Services

Baptist Church Matching Scholarship Baylor matches outside scholarship assistance from a student Baptist church, state Baptist convention or Baptist church affiliated program up to $1,000 per academic year Funds are matched upon receipt of the scholarship check and the completed Baptist Church Matching certification form. Please report the church portion of the scholarship by completing the Outside Scholarship Report Form Baptist Minister Dependent Scholarship Baylor awards scholarships of $5,000 per academic year based on financial need to the dependents of pastors, ministers of music, ministers of education, and other full-time ministers actively serving a Baptist congregation, a state convention, or an agency in a ministerial role certified by a Baptist convention.