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Amount: $15500
Masters in Management Scholarships

All applications received by the scholarship deadline are automatically considered for general scholarship awards. The Masters in Management program offers several types of scholarships, including the Paul D. All other scholarships will be based on information collected through the admissions application. The Coverdell Fellows program annually awards 50 percent tuition scholarships to two RPCVs of high merit, and will consider an additional full tuition scholarship for an RPCV of extraordinary merit. Consideration for other scholarships will be given to additional RPCV candidates based on the strength of their applications. The Yellow Ribbon campaign is sponsored by the the students.S. Veterans Affairs and provides matching scholarship funds to honor military service for those serving post 9 11.

Amount: $1000
Nevada Nurses Foundation Legacy Scholarships

He is the recipient of the $1,000 Debra Scott Scholarship and one of the $500 Rosemary Witt Scholarships. Michele Wood is the recipient of the $500 Southwest On-Demand Scholarship sponsored by Dr. Somphone. Erik is the recipient of the Elizabeth Fildes Scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Tamara Mette is the recipient of the $1,000 Nevada Alliance for Nursing Excellence Scholarship. Areli Galvan, a resident of Winnemucca, Nevada, is the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Dr. Sandy Olguin. Sarah is the recipient of the $1,000 Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association scholarship. Erika Ceballos is the recipient of the NNF Southwest Medical On-Demand Scholarship for $500.00 sponsored by Dr. Eugene Somphone. Tania received one of two $500 Praus Choe Scholarships.

ISchool Scholarship Opportunities School of Information

To apply for a scholarship, complete the FS4U general application by the March 1 deadline. Scholarships are awarded once a year prior to the fall semester. This scholarship is awarded to graduate students majoring in Library and Information Studies and who reside in Broward or Miami-Dade County. To provide scholarships for graduate students pursuing degrees in Library Information Studies. Awarded to graduate students majoring in Library and Information Studies Support for graduate students with priority given to students with a strong interest in the management and administration of libraries, reference librarianship and a commitment to the importance of diversity in the field of library and information studies.

School of Marine and Environmental Affairs

To assist graduate students in the fields related to water resources, surface and groundwater quality, coastal development, habitat restoration, and contaminated sediment management. Provides academic scholarships to students in Oregon and Washington pursuing advanced studies in renewable energy innovations. The MSC scholarship research program is a fund for students studying problems and solutions in sustainable fisheries and chains. Scholarships to masters or doctoral students in the general area of fisheries science.

Graduate Student Awards and Scholarships

Awarded to a graduate student with advanced standing in Human Development and Family Studies who, by reason of scholarship ability, professional orientation, communication skills, and personal commitment shows promise of becoming a strong advocate for children. In addition to outstanding scholarship, the students should demonstrate potential leadership to the profession.