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Presidential Fellowship

Official scholarship offers are included inside the letter of admission for students who qualify. The Committee will consider both their admission application and Presidential Fellowship application in its review. Applicants for the Presidential Fellowship will be notified in an official letter if they are a finalist. Applicant might also wish to be considered for Stevenson’s interview-based Specialty Scholarships: the Founders’ Scholarship , the Service Scholars Program , and the Leadership Scholars Program Students selected as finalists and completing a finalist interview for the Presidential Fellowship will not need to schedule and complete a Specialty Scholarship interview the finalist interview will also fulfill the interview portion of the specialty scholarship process. Please note: The full-tuition Fellowship scholarship cannot be combined with any other Stevenson awards.

Amount: $16000
Presidential Scholarships for Distinguished Achievement

Interested students must be prepared to present evidence of outstanding talent and are asked by the Presidential Scholarship Committee for documentation of that talent and recommendations. Over 87% of the university strictly merit-based scholarships students that have completed this interview process. Wake Forest will continue to award scholarships outside the Presidential Scholarship program to students with special talents in community service, entrepreneurship, leadership, and writing for publication, though no form beyond the Admission application is required for consideration in these areas. The Hunter Family Scholarship for Community Service and the Louis Patton Hearn Scholarship for Human Service may be awarded to students with strong commitments to community service. The Russell Brantley Scholarship for Writing will be awarded to a student with exceptional talent in writing.

Amount: $12000
Presidential Scholarship Competition

The Presidential Scholarship is the most prestigious of the McPherson College scholarships and can be up to $6,000 per year. This award is in addition to the Merit Scholarship based on their GPA ACT scores. Combined Presidential plus Merit scholarships range from $12,000 to $21,000 per year for first time freshman and are renewed annually for four years provided satisfactory academic progress is maintained. One full-tuition scholarship is awarded after all of the scholarship days are completed. The scholarship assessment portion of the day includes the cognitive ability test, a round table discussion and personal interview.

College Scholarships

The College of Natural Sciences Scholarship Committee chooses recipients of these scholarships , which are available to current s. Boyer Endowed Presidential Scholarship for Natural SciencesRecipients must be full-time students enrolled in the College of Natural Sciences with a minimum 3.75 GPA and have completed 45 credit hours in residence at UT. Rajaram Family Endowed Presidential Scholarship in the College of Natural SciencesRecipients must be a junior or senior enrolled full-time in the College of Natural Sciences with a minimum 3.75 GPA and have completed 45 credit hours in residence at UT, and who have financial need.

Jack M.Wilson Presidential Scholarship

Wilson Presidential Scholarship Fund commemorates President Wilson’s strong record of accomplishment and creates scholarship opportunities for deserving students. The scholarship is awarded for one year. GPA of 3.25 and full-time enrollment status at one of the UMass campuses in Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell, Worcester, or enrollment in six credits in an academic program through UMass must be maintained throughout the duration of the scholarship.

New Freshman Scholarships

If a student falls within the 8-semester scholarship range and is not being sponsored by National Merit or by a corporation, BYU would then select them as a National Merit Scholar. If a student is being sponsored by National Merit or a corporation and is in the 8-semester scholarship range, they would receive the Heritage Scholarship which is also an 8-semester full tuition scholarship. The Presidential Scholarship would supplement the annual National Merit stipend to provide the student with a total award of 150% of LDS tuition for eight semesters. If a student qualifies for an academic, private, or need-based scholarship separate from the Sterling Scholarship, the university will offer the student whichever scholarship is of greater monetary value.

Amount: $100000

Scholarships are not awarded on a rolling basis.

Amount: $17000
Scholarship Days

The university offer two scholarship days with identical schedules and attendance is required at one of them to receive one of the following scholarships. Randall Scholarships, the highest academic award at Dakota Wesleyan University: minimum 3.5 GPA and 24 ACT 1090 SAT to compete. Randall Scholars may receive a total scholarship award of $21,000 per year. Presidential Leadership Scholarships: minimum 3.0 GPA and 21 ACT 980 SAT score. A limited number of Presidential Leadership Scholars will be named each year. Presidential Leadership Scholars may receive a total scholarship award of $17,000 per year. Please indicate which Scholarship Day applicant intend to participate in Scholarship Day, Nov. Applicant may only select the highest scholarship that applicant qualify to compete for.

Amount: $30000
Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship

In-person auditions are not necessary for music production scholarship applicants. Auditions are not required for the Visual Art Scholarship. Students may audition for scholarships within the Multimedia, Music, Theatre Arts, and Visual Art categories however, if offered multiple VAPA scholarships, the student can only accept an award from one department and must decline all other offers. The VAPA Scholarship replaces any academic scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, or Public Price Promise Scholarship the student was awarded. Students cannot receive an Academic Scholarship , the Public Price Promise Scholarship, and the VAPA Scholarship at the same time.

Amount: $4000
Founders' Scholarship

Awarded to incoming freshmen on the basis of a Founders' Scholarship Interview, the Founders' Scholarship recognizes a student’s potential to become an active, engaged member of the Stevenson community. To be considered, University by the January 15 Specialty Scholarship Deadline and complete a Specialty Scholarship Interview by March 15. The Founders' Scholarship, in the amount of $2,000, is awarded in addition to another Stevenson University merit-based scholarship. Like all of Stevenson’s scholarships, the Founders' Scholarship is renewable for a total of four years. Students ing to the Service Scholars Program or the Leadership Scholars Program, and completing a Specialty Scholarship Interview will be automatically considered for the Founders’ Scholarship.