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Herbert and Gertrude Latkin Scholarship FundAwarded to graduate or journalism majors. Preference given to junior and senior level students as well as graduate students. Dr. Angela Laird Brenton Endowed ScholarshipAwarded to a full or part-time Speech Communication Major, either BA or MA program with preference to junior and senior level students, or first or second year graduate students. Dillinger Endowed ScholarshipAwarded to a full-time or part-time student majoring in Criminal Justice with preference given to senior level or graduate students. Betta and Cy Carney ScholarshipAwarded to a graduate student pursuing a degree in Public Administration. Carl Max Milam ScholarshipAwarded to a graduate student pursuing a degree in Public Administration. Carmine Rose Iannacone Endowed Student AwardAwarded to a graduate student pursuing a degree in Public Administration.


Mark and Ann Langston Endowed ScholarshipAwarded to full or part-time or graduate level students majoring in Accounting and must hold a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher. Applicant must have a declared major in finance with an emphasis in real estate, property management, mortgage banking, or insurance, and must maintain a 3.0 GPA during the term of the scholarship. This scholarship is designated to cover tuition and fee charges only. Goolsby Endowed Scholarship in Real EstateAwarded to a full-time or part-time student majoring in finance or minoring in real estate. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on at least the 30 hours prior to applying for this scholarship.

Amount: $2500
Political Science Program

Bennett Scholarship is awarded to a junior, senior, or graduate student at the University of Wyoming majoring in Political Science This $1,000 scholarship is available to incoming freshman and transfer students majoring in Political Science at the University of Wyoming. Simpson to foster the study of political science, the department is able to offer several awards and scholarships for and graduate students to further, foster, and advance education and learning in the field of political science at the University of Wyoming. The scholarship is in the amount of resident tuition for two semesters One $500 award will be given for the most Outstanding Graduate Paper written for a 5000-level Political Science course during the previous calendar year , as selected by the Simpson Scholarship Committee.

Amount: $2000
Aerospace Engineering Scholarships

While receiving the scholarships, the recipients must remain in the Aerospace Engineering program taking at least 15 credit hours in both the fall and spring terms, continue to make progress toward the BS degree in Aerospace Engineering, and maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.2. The University of Kansas is not currently accepting applications for Aerospace Engineering department scholarships. Only 1 application is needed for all Aerospace Engineering Scholarships with the exception of the Waas Scholarship. While receiving the scholarship, the recipient must remain in the Aerospace Engineering program taking at least 15 credit hours in both fall and spring terms, continue to make progress toward the BS degree in Aerospace Engineering, and maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.2. Jones Aerospace Engineering Scholarship was established in 1998.

Amount: $14000
UW Law School Scholarship Donors

This scholarship was created to provide scholarship support to students pursuing a law degree with the intent of improving environmental policies and laws at a local, national, or international level. This scholarship supports students from Columbia County, Wisconsin. Walsh Scholarship was established by the family and friends of John. The scholarship celebrates Mr. Walsh’s service to the legal profession, and to the athletic program at the University of Wisconsin, where he served as boxing coach from 19 to 1958, leading the Wisconsin boxing team to eight team championships. The scholarship is awarded to deserving students with financial need. The George and Lillian Young Scholarship was established by friends and family of the Youngs. The scholarship is awarded to worthy law students with financial need.

Amount: $5000
Scholarship Bulletin Board

The awarded scholarships will include: Two scholarships awarded to recipients making an impact on mental health, Two scholarships awarded to graduate recipients making an impact on mental health. Since 1999 the Portland Chapter of the CFMA has provided scholarships to deserving students wishing to pursue careers in accounting, finance or construction management. Brown, PC is now accepting applications for the firm’s National Founder’s Scholarship, a $500 stipend that will be awarded to a current full time the students.S. graduate business student with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship. The award will be paid directly to the student and can be used for any expenses related to graduate education including, but not limited to, tuition, room, board, books, or commuting expenses.

Amount: $1975
MSW Scholarships

Ms. Lowe is a 1987 graduate of the CSW and a recipient of the James Garland Woolsey Memorial Award. This scholarship is supported through funds raised at a golf tournament in honor of Tennyson Cecchini and with the support of Utah’s Opioid Task Force and The Ron McBride Foundation. This scholarship was established in 1988 by Claude B. The Elise Kasteler Hutchings Scholarship for Leadership in the National Association of Social Workers. This scholarship was established in 1996 at the time of the 25th Dedicatory Anniversary of the CSW building. This scholarship was established to honor the late Senator Pete Suazo. The Warshaw Scholarship is awarded annually to social work students, based on merit and need.

Amount: $5000
External Scholarships and Financial Awards

At the time of application, students will be a full-time pursuing a bachelor degree with junior-level academic standing or have senior-level standing in their third year of college enrollment. Note: Students who are already attending graduate school are not eligible for the Truman Scholarship. The 2019 scholarship winner will be awarded to an or graduate student to be used towards their degree. In result, we are a collaborative effort between RNs who expressed the need for a resource on graduate degree and certification options, and a group of seasoned APRNs. The Future of Healthcare Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarship is our newest student funding initiative for 2019 and beyond with an annual award of $1,000.

Amount: $4800
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary Scholarships

The Pentecostal Leaders Scholarship is the university largest scholarship program for students pursuing a master’s degree through AGTS. This discount may not be combined with other University scholarships. Awarded by the AGTS scholarship committee. Scholarships are based on academic standing in their major, financial need or donor-specified criteria. Eligibility: All studentsRequirements: Private and Endowed Scholarship application must be completed annuallyRenewable: Scholarships are not automatically renewed.

Amount: $7500
Education Based Scholarships

Schulze Future Teacher Scholarships $11,400 scholarship award that covers tuition into the Teacher Immersion Program , a graduate-level teacher education program in the College of Education. Noyce FGCU STEM Teacher Scholarships $14,000 scholarship award over the academic year. The Grow their Own scholarship program goal is to assist with creating a local pipeline of educators to aid in the university current teacher shortage. This program will provide scholarship opportunities to current employees. The Cape Coral Community Foundation has several Scholarship Funds available. Scholarship eligibility varies according to the specific criteria of the Scholarship Fund that was established by the fund’s donor. At this time all openings for this scholarship have been filled.