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Amount: $100000
International Students

Walden University has a professional partnership with Family Bank of Kenya providing the university students access to private student loans to help them remove any immediate financial obstacles and complete their studies easily. Fast and efficient higher education student loan processing and disbursement. Applicant will be required to demonstrate that applicant would need a net equivalent to one-third of their basic salary after computing all the deductions appearing on their monthly pay slip Before submitting their loan application, applicant must be admitted to Walden University.

Immigration Documents for International Students

If applicant need an F-1 or J-1 visa, the University of Michigan is required by the the students.S. government to obtain documentation proving that international applicants have adequate financial resources to provide for their expenses while in the United States. If applicant are recommended for admission by their graduate program and Rackham approves the admission, applicant will be notified by Rackham to upload in Wolverine Access the Affidavit of for International Students along with the required financial documentation.

International Students

The only form of aid available to an international student is a private loan.

Amount: $1042
Tax Withholding

Applicant will receive a form 1042-S that shows the amount of grant aid in excess of tuition and fees.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan allows applicant to borrow items from other libraries nationally and internationally, free of charge. If applicant are unable to find the full text of an article using library resources, look for a link called Find It CSU-Pueblo or CSU-Pueblo Interlibrary Loan. Applicant will be redirected to the library Interlibrary Loan self-serve system, where applicant can submit a request for an electronic copy.