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PhD in Health Policy and Management

The Health Policy and Management awards competitive scholarships to accepted students who are pursuing the PhD program. If applicant are in the process of ing, keep in mind that their application also serves as their scholarship application. All of the materials that applicant submit with their application are important for the scholarship review process -especially personal statements, academic records and letters of recommendation. PhD funding decisions are made at the time of admission and communicated in the acceptance letter. In addition to the competitive scholarships, the following NIH-sponsored predoctoral training grant programs are available for the students.S. citizens and permanent residents. One must be admitted to the department PhD program before one is considered for the training grant positions.

Amount: $1000
MS Nurses Foundation Scholarships

The Mississippi Nurses Foundation provides scholarships, stipends and grants to nursing students and registered nurses throughout the state of Mississippi who are pursuing degrees in nursing. MNF PhD Research GrantsMNF will provide up to $10,000 in research grants. The Georgia Ann Benard Hall Award of ExcellenceThis $500 scholarship is given in honor of Georgia Ann Benard Hall to a Mississippi nursing student every year. Davis Scholaly Writing Scholarship$1,000 scholarship awarded to an RN who is a member of MNA and enrolled in a doctoral nursing program in Mississippi. The Brantley-Fletcher Award of Hope Book ScholarshipThis $250 scholarship is given in honor and memory of Earlene Bobbie Brantley and Allie Mae Fletcher to a Mississippi nursing student.

Amount: $125000
Scholarships Grants • • Penn Nursing

This grant, funded in large part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is awarded each year to two doctoral students, and provides each recipient $125,000 of funding over the course of three years. Available to MSN, Post-Master’s, and PhD students who are interested in pursuing a career as a nursing educator, this loan forgiveness program is funded by HRSA up to 85% forgivable.

Amount: $1000
Dr. James E.Corbin Companion Animal Biology Travel Scholarship

The Corbin Travel Scholarships are intended to support graduate students presenting their research findings at scientific conferences. An up-to-date curriculum vitae for the nominee, including peer-reviewed publications, abstracts, other publications, awards, and research grants.

Amount: $3000, Chatham Cape Cod MA

It is the university belief that providing grants at the graduate and levels will enable and encourage young men and women––tomorrow’s leaders––to commit themselves to careers in these fields. In addition to receiving high grades, all three scholarship winners have already published research papers or given scientific presentations on their research.

Amount: $1000
A List of Neuroscience Nursing Scholarships

Students preparing for a career in neuroscience nursing may qualify for the Haley Scholarship to the William F. The scholarship is for 6 credits per academic year for up to three years, if the student successfully completed of minimum of 9 credits per year. The graduate scholarships if for Russian-Jewish immigrant students admitted to Brooklyn College-CUNY in New York. The scholarships are awarded to students major in one of the natural sciences other than chemistry, including neuroscience. Neurobiology and physiology majors are preferred for these scholarships. Only highly evolved research proposals are considered for these scholarships. The University of Washington awards two different scholarships geared toward neurobiology students who demonstrate talent and financial need.

Masters for NYS Professional Teaching Certification

Applicant can also choose some courses to significantly reduce their trips to campus, and take advantage of the university scholarships to make the program affordable. These scholarships are made possible by federal grants as well as the generous support of donors, who are committed to the success of future teachers. Warner offers EdD and PhD programs in teaching that can be customized to include a focus on a specific content area or age level.

Amount: $30000
Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program

These reports must be submitted through the system. At the conclusion of the award, recipients are required to submit a final report encompassing their accomplishments during the award period and their post scholarship plans, especially regarding NOAA interactions and the National Marine Sanctuary Ambassador requirement. The Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program is administered through the NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and subject to appropriations. Academic Record and Statement of Intent describing career goals and objectives of scholarship need.

Amount: $10000
Scholarships Grants • • Penn Nursing

The Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation is a highly competitive program that offers a forgivable loan of up to $80,000 for completing the BSN-to-PhD program. This program for RPCV’s interested in the university Accelerated BSN program offers a one-time scholarship of $10,000.

Department Scholarships

The award is designed for Epidemiology graduate students also seeking medical degrees and is open to PhD, ScD, and DrPH applicants. This award recognizes post comprehensive exam doctoral students not currently assigned to training grants or teaching scholarships.