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Based on excellence of scholarship, degree and effectiveness of professional activities, and leadership in departmental or university affairs. Can be awarded only once to any student current or previous holders of the Scoales Scholarship or Daugherty Research Assistantship are not eligible. This scholarship is intended for exceptional or graduate students majoring or intending to major in anthropology. This award is given to an expectional graduate student specializing in Archaeology with priority going to a student interested in cultural resource management and or pursuing a PhD. Secondary consideration will be given to academic performance in classes and such scholarly productivity as publications, grants, awards, and papers presented.

PhD in Health Policy and Management

If applicant are in the process of ing, keep in mind that their application also serves as their scholarship application. All of the materials that applicant submit with their application are important for the scholarship review process -especially personal statements, academic records and letters of recommendation. PhD funding decisions are made at the time of admission and communicated in the acceptance letter. In addition to the competitive scholarships, the following NIH-sponsored predoctoral training grant programs are available for the students.S. citizens and permanent residents. One must be admitted to the department PhD program before one is considered for the training grant positions.

Amount: $10000
Grants, Scholarships, and Tuition Savings for U.S. Students

Walden University offers than $60 million in scholarships, grants, and tuition assistance to help working professionals eliminate financial barriers, access the university degree programs, and realize their higher education goals. The grant funds will be applied to the student’s account approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the start date and applied up to $500 per term for the first 6 consecutive terms after enrollment, beginning in the first term. The grant funds will be applied to the student’s account approximately four to six weeks from the start date and applied up to $500 per term for the first 6 consecutive terms after enrollment, beginning in the first term.

Amount: $125000
Scholarships Grants • • Penn Nursing

This grant, funded in large part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is awarded each year to two doctoral students, and provides each recipient $125,000 of funding over the course of three years.

Amount: $1000
Dr. James E.Corbin Companion Animal Biology Travel Scholarship

The Corbin Travel Scholarships are intended to support graduate students presenting their research findings at scientific conferences. Students currently seeking an MS or PhD degree in Animal Sciences, with an emphasis in companion animal nutrition, are eligible for this award. An up-to-date curriculum vitae for the nominee, including peer-reviewed publications, abstracts, other publications, awards, and research grants.

Masters for NYS Professional Teaching Certification

Applicant can also choose some courses to significantly reduce their trips to campus, and take advantage of the university scholarships to make the program affordable. Warner offers EdD and PhD programs in teaching that can be customized to include a focus on a specific content area or age level.

Amount: $10000
Scholarships Grants • • Penn Nursing

The Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation is a highly competitive program that offers a forgivable loan of up to $80,000 for completing the BSN-to-PhD program. This program for RPCV’s interested in the university Accelerated BSN program offers a one-time scholarship of $10,000.

Amount: $1000

This graduate scholarship was created to help defray the cost of professional development activities. The amount of the scholarship is $4000.00. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association provides a number of scholarships to eligible students on the basis of academic and clinical excellence as well as participation in campus and community activities that demonstrate qualities of leadership and service. The amount of each scholarship is $2300.00.