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Graduate Education Enrichment Fund

The Graduate Education Enrichment Fund is managed by an administrator appointed by the Graduate Committee the student representative to the Graduate Committee also serves as liaison to GEEF. Graduate students will be asked to make their interview, research, and conference plans, even if plans are tentative, known to the GEEF administrator by the date indicated on a form sent out each August September by the GEEF administrator. Because job placement of Ph.D. students seeking teaching positions is the first priority of the department policies on GEEF support, the GEEF administrator will support travel by job candidates to interviews at individual colleges and universities or at conferences The English Department encourages and through GEEF provides limited support of graduate students' on and off-campus research.

Funded Projects Animal Law and Policy Grants Program

This project examines the animal rights movement in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, by asking: How are animal rights constructed, challenged, and interpreted in a city with high rates of violence Located in northern Mexico, across from El Paso, Texas, Ciudad Juárez was once the most dangerous city in the world (2008-2012). In recent years, violence in Ciudad Juárez has fluctuated but it has not ceased. Some popular and academic outlets have focused on the causes and consequences of violence, and how they relate to gender, drug trafficking, and neoliberalism. Other scholars have studied how violence and the violation of human rights have produced social protests, and ongoing criticisms of the legal system.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Once approved, applicant need to BRI-103 and get a petition for an business student to take a graduate business course.

Travel Grants For CS Graduate Students

The Graduate College and the Computer Science have provided funding for travel grants for computer science graduate students. Grants can pay up to $300 for registration fees, transportation costs , and lodging. The department Graduate Committee will consider grant applications each year on February 1 and October 1.

Funding Opportunities

The department will consider requests from students for small grants to cover expenses associated with a professionally enriching activity related to politics, policy, and political science. Grant amounts can vary but are likely to be in the range of $100 to $500. The von der Mehden Fund provides $500 to support international travel related to political science studies for a current Rice or graduate student.

Amount: $20000
Internal Funding Opportunities

RSDG grants are intended to stimulate interactions across disciplines, departments, colleges, and programs. Provide resources for planning and executing a major grant submission. Funding can be used to purchase equipment, to support graduate students or post-doctoral fellows or hire technical support, and other critical components needed to establish a laboratory and or team at the University of South Alabama. Be able to generate sufficient funding to cover at least one graduate student by the second year of their graduate program . Seed Grant to Support the Arts Humanities. No-cost extensions are no longer granted for the Seed Grant to Support the Arts Humanities. The USA College of Arts and Sciences offers several research and travel grants.

Amount: $1000
SOLA Travel Grant Description and Awards

The grant program makes awards of up to $1,000 toward scholarly travel costs. The research presented at this conference covers a large time span and is presented by graduate students, as well as established scholars in the field of history of science.


Grant Editing MICHR editor will carefully review their grant to identify red flags in the content ensure logic, flow and clarity of ideas eliminate jargon improve sentence structure and grammar and comment on unclear text. The goal of the Proposal Preparation Funding Program is to provide funds to support the submission of large-scale, multi-investigator grants this program is not designed to provide support for submission of individual R01-type grants. Grant Services Analysis has curated information on many NIH topics such as preparing a Biosketch, Resubmission, Training Grant, or Cover Letter. The Proposal Review Checklists can be used to verify the completeness of the documents required in a grant application prior to routing the proposal.

Amount: $5000

PILOT grant applications may request up to $25,000.00 in total costs. This funding opportunity has been created to advance: 1) cross-disciplinary team research 2) cross-disciplinary research teams with strong research concepts and 3) extramural research grants and contracts leveraged by these seed funds. Stipend support of up to $4,000 will be provided to the graduate student plus up to $1,000 for research costs payable to the department. URC support grants are meant as pilot grants to 1) leverage additional extramural funding in the STEM areas and 2) to interpret and enhance disciplinary knowledge in areas where extramural funds are not generally available. A core capability development grant program has been created to address this issue. A core equipment grant program has been created to address this issue.

Amount: $1000
Travel Funding Opportunities

Eligible students are encouraged to for grant funding related to professional conferences, research travel, or summer language education. Grants of up to $1,000 are offered to research degree students for summer travel to foreign countries for intensive language instruction.