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Amount: $5013
Graham Foundation Grant Programs Awards

If a grant is awarded, grantees will continue to maintain and access their account throughout the duration of their award for functions such as grant reporting. If a grant is awarded to applicant, applicant will be asked to sign a grant agreement that outlines the conditions of the grant, such as annual reporting. Note: If applicant are awarded a grant or if applicant for another grant in the future, applicant will use this same grant application account. Individuals are eligible to for Production and Presentation Grants and Research and Development Grants. Scholarship aid or work in pursuit of an academic degree Debt or expenses incurred prior to the date of grant request.

Contracts Grants

If applicant have doubts as to whether their project should be run through the C G office, run it by their assigned Contracts Grants Analyst as early as possible. If applicant receive an award notification directly from the sponsor, please notify their Contracts Grants Analyst immediately so that the university can begin working with the UCSB Office of Research to process the award. Once the account has been set up, the GGSE Contracts Grants Office and the PI will be notified and the PI will have access to the funds. After the account has been set up the PI should advise their Contracts Grants Analyst that they are ready to set up subawards.

Graduate Representative Organization

GRO travel grants are exclusively for KSAS and WSE enrolled graduate students. Travel grants are intended for graduate students who will be contributors at the conference. Otherwise, the main purpose of travel grants is to help graduate students present their work. No graduate student may receive than one travel grant per academic year. If applicant received a travel grant in the spring semester, applicant ARE eligible to for a travel grant for the following fall semester, provided their department remains eligible for travel grants. Sorry, any previous work by a graduate student at another university, or any work not related to the applicant’s graduate work at Hopkins is ineligible for funding.


Small, supplemental grants are available to graduate students at Purdue, including travel grants, training grants and child care grants. Most of the grants are open for student applications. Travel grants provide graduate students with funds for travel, either to conferences to present their research or to research sites to collect data. Training grants provide funds to develop professional skills. Child care grants are available to subsidize child care expenses for graduate students with children. This grant is based on financial need, and students must complete a FASFA form to be considered. Among the grants that are open for student applications are the Frederick N.

Amount: $20000
University Research Foundation Office of the Vice Provost For Research UPenn

The URF will offer the following grant opportunities: Research Grants, Conference Support, Impact Seminar Grants, and Research Opportunity Development Grants, Phase 1and Phase 2. A final report must be submitted that outlines the accomplishments of the event, which could include new collaborative endeavors, outreach, publications, and grants. The budget may be dedicated to facilities, honoraria, travel, marketing materials, and other directly associated expenses, including the support of graduate and students. Program Description: The Research Opportunity Grant program was designed to facilitate the intersection of the forward trajectory of Penn’s research frontiers with the trajectory of the national and global research priorities.

Family Nurse Practitioner Master Program

The Pre-Master Pathway grants exemptions for the specific graduate program admission requirement of a nursing baccalaureate degree.

Funded Projects Animal Law and Policy Grants Program

Other scholars have studied how violence and the violation of human rights have produced social protests, and ongoing criticisms of the legal system.

Amount: $4500
For Applicants Animal Law and Policy Grants Program

Grant recipients must be affiliated with such an academic institution at the time of receipt of funds and throughout the funded research period, through the completion and submission of the research and the attendant written report. Grant applicants should include information on where they are in their degree process and indicate whether they anticipate finishing their degree within one year of the funding date. The Program gives very few grants at the top of its dollar range. Having other sources of funding is not an impediment to receipt of a UCLA ALP Program grant, if additional funding will result in a better research product.

Global Health Nursing Master Degree Program

The Pre-Master Pathway grants exemptions for the specific graduate program admission requirement of a nursing baccalaureate degree.

Chartered Financial Analyst

AIMR determines what material is covered by each exam, creates, administers, and grades the exams, and grants the Charters. Once approved, applicant need to BRI-103 and get a petition for an business student to take a graduate business course.