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Amount: $2500
Stanford PACS

Digital Impact Grants fund research and innovation to strengthen the safe, ethical, and effective use of digital resources in civil society. The program awards grants for two types of projects: scholarly research and sector advancement. In this spirit, the center offers a number of small grants each quarter to support student research in related areas. These grants typically support honors theses, masters’ students’ capstone projects, and doctoral student research. In addition to the university also invite the university small grants recipients to engage with the broader Stanford PACS community and learn from established scholars, practitioners and leaders of social change. Stanford PACS small grants typically support honors theses, masters’ students’ capstone projects, and doctoral student research.

Amount: $3000
Internship, Job, and Fellowship Opportunities

FOR A SUMMER RESEARCH GRANT The Feinstein International Center annual summer grants program is designed to stimulate applied research in issues pertaining to complex emergencies, humanitarian assistance, refugees and other migrants, natural disasters, and food security. The grants are intended to support travel and living expenses. Grants are up to $3,000 for overseas positions and up to $2,000 for US-based positions.

Amount: $5000
Grants Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

Allene Vaden Memorial Grant for Foodservice Management Research Grant amount: $5,000. Hertzler Memorial Research Grant Grant amount: $15,000. This grant is given to support research in nutrition and oral health or dental education by doctoral students seeking a doctorate in nutrition and oral health or dental education, Masters thesis research on nutrition and oral health disease or RDNs with advanced degrees doing research in the area of nutrition and oral health. And Nylda Gemple Research Grant Grant amount: Up to $5,000. This grant is given for a research project that aims to demonstrate the value of dietetics professionals on the health of the public or demonstrate the evolving role of dietetics professionals in the profession.

Other Funding U-M LSA Afroamerican and African Studies

Small grants to support current the students-M graduate students to travel, study and conduct research in Southern Africa and conversely to fund students from South African institutions to study and do research at the University of Michigan. These grants support graduate research by students enrolled either in a Masters or PhD program. Be aware that the application process for the SAIO Research Grant begins January 21st and ends February 18th.

Travel Grants Recipients 2017-2018

Zachary Marinelli received a grant to present Grants and Other Resources for the Science Classroom at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers Annual Professional Development Institute in Roanoke, Virginia, November 16-18, 2017. Tristan Nelson received a grant to present There Poison In The Whiskey: Using Alcohol to Examine the Relationships Between Slaves, Poor Whites, and Masters' in Antebellum Appalachia at the Phi Alpha Theta 2018 Biennial Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 3-6, 2018. Alyse Lehrke received a grant to present Creating Space at Work for Women Leaders: An organizational learning perspective at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) in Chicago, Illinois, April 18-21, 2018.

Amount: $2000
Tropical Resources Institute

The Tropical Resources Institute administers the TRI Endowment Fellowship, which support Masters and Doctoral level research in the tropics each year. Grants range from $2,000-5,000 and are awarded to up to 25 students per cycle.

KL2, CT2 Research Scholars Career Development Awards

Availability of second year funding is contingent upon successful competitive renewal of the CTSA grant. During the award period, Scholars are expected to pursue their own K23 or similar individual career development awards, or R01 grants. Dr. Hooper’s research training includes a Masters Degree in clinical and translational research from the University of Cincinnati, in addition to advanced training in quality improvement methodology through the Quality Scholars in Healthcare Transformation program at CCHMC.

Eisenhower Fellowship

The EISENHOWER TRANSPORTATION FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM provides funding for the pursuit of Bachelors , Masters or Doctoral Degrees in transportation-related fields. Other departments may be considered at the discretion of the Universities and Grants Programs, Program Manager.

Amount: $15000
The Barakat Trust

Grants with an upper limit of £6,000 towards the costs of a major publication on Islamic art, architecture, archaeology etc. One grant of up to £50,000 per year, for a maximum of three years, towards the costs of making available any major collection of Islamic art, architecture and archaeology. The grant is made from zakat, and therefore only Islamic institutions, libraries and museums in Islamic lands and Muslim principle applicants are eligible to . Renewal for the second year of the MPhil may be granted to candidates who perform well in the qualifying examination, but the grant may not be extended to cover doctoral studies.

Amount: $44909
Engaged Scholarship Grants

Up to three UW-Whitewater graduate students will participate in the hands on learning and research opportunity. Principal Investigator: Scott Peters and Pamela Clinkenbeard Amount: $44,909 The purpose of the project is to establish a virtual center for gifted education that will house teaching, research, and service activities related to gifted and talented students.