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Applicants for graduate assistantships must demonstrate promise, particularly in their work for the B.A. degree. The graduate coordinator will hold an orientation session for new teaching assistants during the week preceding the first day of fall-semester classes. Appointments to assistantships are normally made for one year, with renewal based on satisfactory performance. In cases of demonstrated incompetence and or malfeasance, as judged by the Graduate Committee, the department may discontinue an assistantship after a single semester. Assistantships may also be granted under particular conditions, such as for a single semester due to budgetary limitations. Other Types of AssistantshipsOn rare occasions the department is able to award assistantships paid for by agencies outside the department or university.

UMass Amherst

The higher education program can provide guidance for students seeking assistantships, but students need to be very proactive in their search. UMass offices post assistantship opportunities throughout the spring, summer, and into the fall semester, so the university encourage applicant to be patient even if applicant do not have an assistantship lined up immediately. If applicant receive an assistantship of at least 10 hours after the start of the fall semester, their tuition waiver will be retroactive to the beginning of the semester. Most assistantships are 20 hours a week, but some may be 10 and some 30. As long as applicant work at least 10 hours a week per semester, applicant are eligible for tuition credit, health insurance, and other benefits.

Amount: $16746

Second-year M.A. students are eligible to be considered for Teaching Assistantships. Teaching Assistantships reduce tuition to a mere $25 a semester, though students must pay university fees. Students with no previous composition teaching experience are expected to begin training the summer before their first semester at UGA, apprenticing with an experienced teaching assistant. Teaching Assistants may also request to work in the First-Year Composition Program’s Writing Center or Digital Learning Labs in lieu of teaching one or classes each semester, and a few senior TAs teach higher-level literature or creative writing courses each year. A small number of the university newly admitted Ph.D. students may be awarded university-wide, competitively selected Research Assistantships.

Amount: $15224

What is a Graduate Assistantship A graduate assistantship is an award made by the Mathematics and the University. How and when are Graduate Assistantships Awarded On February 1 of each year the Graduate Committee of the Mathematics will consider all completed applications and make some initial offers of assistantships. These hours can either be taken the summer preceding or following their assistantship. What costs will a Graduate Assistant need to pay A Graduate Assistantship only covers the stipend and tuition waiver. Note that room and board, text books, and living expenses are not paid by the assistantship. What do applicant need to submit to the Department to be considered for an assistantship All applicants to the graduate program are considered for graduate assistanships.

Amount: $2816
Financial Requirements

International students are eligible for graduate assistantships, which are generally awarded by academic departments based on the students' academic merit, experience, and availability of funds. Some departments are able to offer assistantships, others don't have any at all. Applicant can calculate the value of an assistantship by multiplying the monthly stipend by the number of months in their contract , and add this amount to the tuition remission and out of state waiver for each semester add $2816 for the value of the health insurance subsidy that covers 88% of their health insurance costs.

Computer Science

Students that are graduate assistants in the spring and fall semesters of a calendar year are eligible for tuition and fee reduction in the intervening summer even if they do not hold an assistantship in the summer. Teaching assistants whose native language is not English must be certified by the Oral English Proficiency Test or have a minimum score of 50 on the Test of Spoken English , or a minimum score of 27 in the speaking section of the internet-based TOEFL , or a minimum score of 8 on the academic International English Language Testing System Teaching assistants and other graduate assistants without assurance of an assistantship in the summer must make a special request for support in the summer.

Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Teaching assistantships and research assistantships include a tuition waiver during the semester the student has the assistantship. Normally teaching assistantships are not available in the summer. However, if a student has a teaching assistantship in the spring and the following fall semester, a tuition waiver for the summer is still available to the student.

The Nelson Institute

Teaching assistants for specific courses are usually hired in the middle of the preceding semester.

Veterinary and Animal Sciences at UMass Amherst

Students are eligible for research or teaching assistantships.

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

An Application for Assistantship If applying to the financial planning concentration applicant should have completed a course in risk management Graduate assistantships are typically awarded for an academic year Evidence of the ability to contribute to the completion of a research paper For the university MS-NT Financial Planning and Consumer Analytics programs the university may request a waiver of the GRE or GMAT on their behalf under certain conditions.