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Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are available in the English on a competitive basis. Attendance in the Orientation is a mandatory part of the Teaching Assistantship Associateship contract.

Graduate Assistantships

The number of assistantships vary each year. An assistantship includes a salary based on the required hours per week. Fall Semester: June 1stSpring Semester: October 15thSummer assistantships are not available.


An assistantship provides a monthly stipend and waives the tuition during the period of the appointment. Most assistantships are only available at the main Pullman campus for fulltime students starting in the fall semester. Few assistantships are available for students starting in the spring semester. The number of openings varies from semester to semester and depends on the availability of funding.

Texas A M Ag Leadership, Education Communication

The Department offers graduate teaching and research assistantship positions. Assistantships are available on a competitive basis to qualified individuals. It is assumed that applicant have applied for admission to the department if applicant are applying for an assistantship, however assistantship application is a separate application. If interested in applying for or assistantship positions for the Fall semester, it is suggested that applicant complete application materials by the appropriate deadline, September 1 for Doctoral applicants, November 1 for Master’s applicants.

Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Teaching assistantships and research assistantships include a tuition waiver during the semester the student has the assistantship. Normally teaching assistantships are not available in the summer. However, if a student has a teaching assistantship in the spring and the following fall semester, a tuition waiver for the summer is still available to the student.

Graduate Research Assistantship Information

Graduate applicants for Graduate Research Assistantships at the same time they for admission. It is also possible for continuing students to for a GRA in a subsequent semester. To be hired as a GRA, applicant must be full-time Answer Yes to the GRA question located on the Admissions Application and submit a completed application by the deadline: • February 15 is the Fall Semester priority deadline for those requesting a GRA.

The Nelson Institute

Teaching assistants for specific courses are usually hired in the middle of the preceding semester.

Material Culture Public Humanities at Virginia Tech

To be considered for a paid Graduate Assistant Graduate Teaching Assistant position , applicant must submit an application for the Fall semester by February 15. If applicant do not seek an MCPH graduate assistantship, applicant can at any time for admission to the next semester.