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Travel Grants Recipients 2014-2015

Alec McKenzie and Paul Robertson received a grant to present Effects of Protein Supplementation During Intensified Cycling Training on Cardiorespiratory Adaptations and Body Weight Effects of Protein Supplementation During 10 Days of Intensified Cycling Training on Indices of Muscle Disruption and Performance at the American College of Sports Medicine in Miami, FL. Emily Chapin, Thomas Benns, Lauren Smith, Kerry Anderson, Joseph Wieland, Brian Schwenk, and Megan Thurston received a grant to present Assembling Inquiry-Based Lesson Plans with Resources at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers Professional Development Institute in Roanoke, VA. Guilherne Andreas Maciel Nascimento received a grant to present Flute Solo Ensemble Performances at the National Flute Association Convention in Washington, DC.

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The following list, includes current and past external grant awards at SUNY Cortland.