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Travel Scholarships

University of Missouri doctoral students who have successfully completed doctoral comprehensive/matriculation examinations and have been admitted to doctoral candidacy are eligible for Dissertation Research Travel Scholarships or Humanities Research Travel Scholarships. Students from any graduate program are eligible to apply for the Dissertation Research Travel Scholarship. Only graduate students in the humanities who require funding to travel to conduct research at special libraries and special collections are eligible to apply. These scholarships defray transportation expenses associated with research-oriented travel A student may receive only one travel scholarship during their time at MU. An MU graduate student may receive only one Bies International Travel Award.

Graduate Scholarships • FSU Bio Grad

The Brenda Weems Bennison Memorial Scholarship in Graduate Studies provides support for the awardee participation in an off-campus training program specialized course or organized research experience. Currently enrolled graduate students conducting research in plant science involving crucial field and or herbarium study. An award will be presented annually to a Biological Science graduate student who is the first or sole author of an outstanding paper reporting research conducted at Florida State University. The award recognizes graduate students for outstanding progress in their research. Short Scholarship in Zoology will support the awardee participation in an off-campus organized research experience or training program or specialized course of study such as are offered at the Duke University Marine Station the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory or the Mountain Lake Biological Station.

COGS Leadership Endowment Fellowship Recipients

This has included co-editing the Performance Excellence in Movement Newsletter, where students could submit articles for publication and interview professionals in the university field.

Stipends Scholarships

Memorial gifts from Anne’s family and several hundred friends, former students and colleagues established this scholarship. Applicants must complete the scholarship application that documents their interest in social change and or social justice field. The UWGB Social Work Department will award one scholarship each academic year. Dr. White has established this scholarship to assist future social workers in their work, and on behalf of low-income people. Weidner Scholarship Fund was established in 1991 by former UW-Green Bay Chancellor Edward Weidner, and Mrs. Weidner, M.S.W. The scholarship was established for students pursuing a social work degree. Weidner Scholarship will be awarded each spring to a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student who will be a senior in the social work major the following fall.

Financial Services Analytics

Lead research and practice in the area of financial services analytics. FSAN graduates are researchers and professionals who play key roles in teams that bridge the financial services industry and data and operational sciences. FSAN graduates find employment in positions such as data analyst, data scientist and financial analyst. Highly-qualified students may receive research scholarships as well as a generous stipend to cover all educational expenses. IFSA offers research seminars and conferences that connect education and industry in the emerging field of financial services analytics. Graduate student teams present their solutions to current issues faced by the competition’s focal company.

Graduate School of Public Health Research Practice Research Centers and Institutes Center for Global

Amount: $1000
Nevada Nurses Foundation Legacy Scholarships

He is the recipient of the $1,000 Debra Scott Scholarship and one of the $500 Rosemary Witt Scholarships. Michele Wood is the recipient of the $500 Southwest On-Demand Scholarship sponsored by Dr. Somphone. Erik is the recipient of the Elizabeth Fildes Scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Tamara Mette is the recipient of the $1,000 Nevada Alliance for Nursing Excellence Scholarship. Areli Galvan, a resident of Winnemucca, Nevada, is the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Dr. Sandy Olguin. Sarah is the recipient of the $1,000 Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association scholarship. Erika Ceballos is the recipient of the NNF Southwest Medical On-Demand Scholarship for $500.00 sponsored by Dr. Eugene Somphone. Tania received one of two $500 Praus Choe Scholarships.

Amount: $10000
Global Health Affairs

The Updike Scholarship provides up to $10,000 in annual scholarship support to students enrolled in a graduate degree program and the global health affairs certificate program. This scholarship is awarded to support Independent Summer Research and Summer Internships for Global Health Affairs students. The scholarship is competitive and will be awarded based on the scholarly merit and feasibility of the proposed project or program. The independent summer research scholarship is designed to support travel and or research costs for student research on a topic relevant to global health. The summer internship scholarship supports living and travel expenses for students working on a registered internship project that is germane to health.

Environmental Science

and Russell F.

Amount: $1000
Graduate Student Scholarships

The Kochoff Pathway to Success Graduate Scholarship program was created through the vision of Arthur and Mary Kochoff. Be enrolled at least half-time at the University of Michigan-Dearborn during the semester for which the scholarship is used, unless otherwise noted in the scholarship description If applicant are an Applicant or Scholarship Administrator, please sign in using their Login and password. The scholarships in the Current Student Scholarship Program are made available through the generous gifts of private donors and alumni of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The Public Affairs Graduate Merit Scholarship provides up to $1,000 per term for a maximum of three terms.