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Amount: $2000
Graduate Student Scholarships

The Kochoff Pathway to Success Graduate Scholarship program was created through the vision of Arthur and Mary Kochoff. The scholarships in the Current Student Scholarship Program are made available through the generous gifts of private donors and alumni of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The Public Affairs Graduate Merit Scholarship provides up to $1,000 per term for a maximum of three terms. Recipients must enroll in a minimum of 6 credits per semester and maintain a 3.5 graduate GPA on a 4.0 scale in order to maintain eligibility for the scholarship.

Amount: $5000
Scholarship Bulletin Board

The awarded scholarships will include: Two scholarships awarded to recipients making an impact on mental health, Two scholarships awarded to graduate recipients making an impact on mental health. Since 1999 the Portland Chapter of the CFMA has provided scholarships to deserving students wishing to pursue careers in accounting, finance or construction management. Brown, PC is now accepting applications for the firm’s National Founder’s Scholarship, a $500 stipend that will be awarded to a current full time the students.S. graduate business student with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship. The award will be paid directly to the student and can be used for any expenses related to graduate education including, but not limited to, tuition, room, board, books, or commuting expenses.

Amount: $1967
List of Scholarships PharmD PoRxtal

Bauer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established by Elizabeth R. Sidehammer Scholarship This scholarship was established by Mrs. Reuben Helfant Pharmaceutical Scholarship This scholarship has been established by contributions from the Thrift Drug Company and Mrs. Smith Scholarship for Minority Students in Pharmacy This scholarship was established by the late Robert C. Scott Horton Memorial Scholarship The Rite Aid Company established this scholarship in the memory of Scott Horton, Pharmacy ’64. The Klingensmith Scholarship This scholarship, established by the late J. Evelyn and Milton Judd Scholarship This scholarship was established by their children, Warren, PHA ’65 Myra, EDU ’66 Norman, and Marlene, in memory of their parents. Getz Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established by the friends of Ronald S.

Amount: $5000
External Scholarships and Financial Awards

Note: Students who are already attending graduate school are not eligible for the Truman Scholarship. The 2019 scholarship winner will be awarded to an or graduate student to be used towards their degree. The Laura Bassi Scholarship, which will award $10,000 twice per year, was established by Editing Press in 2018 with the aim of providing editorial assistance to postgraduates and junior academics whose research focuses on neglected topics of study, broadly construed. In result, we are a collaborative effort between RNs who expressed the need for a resource on graduate degree and certification options, and a group of seasoned APRNs. The Future of Healthcare Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarship is our newest student funding initiative for 2019 and beyond with an annual award of $1,000.

Amount: $1500
Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities

Applicant apply for the scholarship at the same time as applicant apply to Oxford by selecting ‘Mica and Ahmet Ertegun Graduate Scholarships in the Humanities’ in the Funding Section of the University Graduate Application Form. If their scholarship is offered for a course lasting than one year, the continuation of their scholarship each year is subject to an annual renewal process based on satisfactory academic progress. Ertegun Scholarships are only available to those students starting a new course at Oxford. It is expected that the first round of Ertegun Scholarship offers will be issued by the end of March 2020.

Amount: $1000
Scholarship Opportunities

The review of departmental applications for 2020-2021 will begin in March and will continue until all scholarships have been awarded. Provides one scholarship to a Graduate student enrolled in Adult and Higher Education and one scholarship to a Graduate student enrolled in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education. Provides a scholarship to one Graduate student majoring in social studies teacher education. This scholarship is awarded based upon their academic record, quality of their proposal, and their potential for success as a social studies educator. Provides $2,000 annually to Graduate students enrolled in or accepted to a Graduate Teacher Education curriculum in the College of Education. Provides $500-$1,000 awards for Graduate students in the Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, in the College of Education.

Communication Journalism Department

Scholarships will be determined by consideration of need, grades, extracurricular and or internship activities, quality of the essay , and the specifications of each scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded at the department reception each April. Recipients should plan to attend the reception to receive their scholarship. Scholarships are available to students participating in debate. This research award excludes Thesis or Plan B projects from consideration This award is usually awarded to second-year graduate assistants Nominators must submit an explanation that best describes the graduate teaching assistant’s contributions Thereby, it is recommended that the committee generate two nominees: award recipient and alternate.

Amount: $10000
Mathematics Sciences

In general, applicant need only submit one application to be considered for any scholarship that applicant may be eligible for, however special application procedures may to some scholarships. The scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a BS in Chemistry with either a specific interest in physics or exceptional academic achievement in physics. The recipient is to be a student majoring in mathematics education and is selected by the Mathematics on the basis of scholarship, character, and need. Also, the recipients must be majoring in mathematics and must demonstrate a need for scholarship aid. All applicants should through the Scholarship Committee in the Mathematics. Conner Endowed Scholarship is awarded to students majoring in mathematics or computer science enrolled at Delta State University.


Julien and Margaret Mirivel Positive Research ScholarshipAwarded to a full-time or part-time student or graduate student majoring in a degree in the College of Social Sciences and Communications. Herbert and Gertrude Latkin Scholarship FundAwarded to graduate or journalism majors. This scholarship is renewable but the recipient must reapply annually. The scholarship is renewable the recipient must re annually. Because the scholarship is renewable, it shall not be revoked if the student’s GPA exceeds 3.5 in subsequent years. Betta and Cy Carney ScholarshipAwarded to a graduate student pursuing a degree in Public Administration. Carl Max Milam ScholarshipAwarded to a graduate student pursuing a degree in Public Administration. Carmine Rose Iannacone Endowed Student AwardAwarded to a graduate student pursuing a degree in Public Administration.

Scholarships and Waivers

The university tuition rates and scholarship programs allow applicant to chase their dreams, not the debt. Students must remain in good academic standing to maintain their scholarships. The recipient retains the scholarship until graduation. This scholarship is awarded to a first-year student to be used as a one-time award.