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Amount: $3100
Political Science Departmental Scholarships

Selection will be made by the Political Science department scholarship committee. Truman Hester Memorial Scholarship Up to $250. The Montgomery County Republican Women’s Club sponsors this scholarship awarded to a sopho junior, or senior political science major with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. The Williamson-Kanervo Scholarship in Political Science Up to $450. This scholarship was established by Drs. This is an endowed scholarship that will be awarded annually to a junior majoring in political science or communication arts When the corpus has grown to a sufficient size that an additional scholarship may be provided without reducing the corpus, a second scholarship will begin, one in journalism and one in political science. Clarksville Legal Community Scholarship Up to $100.

Writing and Library Science scholarships

Hester Kyllo Scholarship: Annual scholarship awarded to a student with a major or minor in writing. Annual scholarships to students majoring in writing. Applications are typically due in early March and scholarships are awarded for the following academic year, beginning with the fall semester.

Amount: $1000
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James Pate History Essay Competition Scholarship: $1,000 one-time scholarship to entering freshman who has won the James Pate History Essay Competition held during the student’s senior year. Skipper Fireman Scholarship: Available for students in Clark County Alabama who are willing to participate in the student firefighter program. Hester Scholarship: Available for students who are retired or honorably discharged veterans with preference given to those wounded while serving. Bedsole Scholars Program: A scholarship based on character and leadership. Scooters N' Chairs is sponsoring a $1,000 scholarship for a manual or power wheelchair user. Pursuant to the purpose of The McPhearson Foundation, the Board of Directors have elected to provide an annual scholarship to assist spinal cord injured people in continuing their education.