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Interdisciplinary Opportunities in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Interested students are encouraged to Cogut Institute Graduate Fellowships. This fellowship is for 5th or 6th-year graduate students in any humanities or social science department or program whose dissertation is focused on questions related to issues of race, ethnicity or indigeneity in the United States or in a transnational comparative framework that includes the US. The John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities proposes to host up to two advanced graduate students as Graduate Fellows.

Amount: $6000

All graduate assistants, master’s and doctoral, receive in-state tuition. In addition to the fellowship, recipients also receive full tuition coverage and $6,000 stipend per semester for four years.

Robert C.and Carolyn J.Springborn Endowment for Student Support Program

Springborn, was created to recruit and retain the best and brightest graduate students in the field of Chemistry. Since the program inception, 20 students have received the graduate fellowship. Applicants must first be accepted to the Graduate Program for PhD students. Applicants not selected for Springborn Fellowships may be eligible for other fellowships. All applications, including for those interested in the Springborn Fellowship, must be submitted by the deadline advertised on the Chemistry Graduate Admissions page.

Amount: $5500
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A huge database of funding opportunities for all disciplines In addition to summer tuition and fees, the fellowship awards a summer stipend of $5,500. The Summer Research Fellowship will pay a stipend of $5,500 for the period from June 1 to August 31, plus summer tuition and health fee. Prior receipt of this competitive Summer Research Fellowships will be taken into consideration during application review. Summer Research Fellowship for Research on Women or Girls of Color.

Computer and Information Science and Engineering Funding Rates

The category of actions associated with competitively reviewed proposals excludes actions on preliminary proposals, contracts, IPA agreements, supplements, continuing grant increments, Graduate Research Fellowships, and similar categories.

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With funding provided by the the students.S. Education, the Duke Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies will award non-service fellowships for the academic year for the intensive study of Haitian Creole, K’iché Maya, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Amount: $29500
Biomedical Sciences PhD Tuition and

A number of first-year supplemental awards and fellowships are also available on a competitive basis.

Funding Anthropology Boston University

Each year, The Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers incoming PhD. students Dean’s Fellowships, which include full tuition, a living stipend, and health insurance for five years.

Other Sources of Funding

Although graduate students receive a full, five-year package, including tuition and a stipend, because of the prestige attached to holding a competitive award, students are always encouraged to explore outside funding. Some graduate students work part time. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Students pursuing research-based master and doctoral degrees in science and engineering, broadly defined. Paul Daisy Soros Fellowship New Americans, immigrants, or the children of immigrants. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship Supports Canadian students in the humanities and social sciences.

PhD program funding

Support combines fellowships and teaching or research assistant positions as laid out in the student offer of admission. As long as a student remains in good standing within the program, the college can offer a tuition fellowships for tuition expenses in the fall and winter semesters. Fellowships from external sources often offer very generous multi-year packages of support.