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Fellowships Ambassadors

Fellowships Ambassadors are Drexel students or recent alums who have applied for one or nationally competitive fellowships. The university Ambassadors understand the many challenges and benefits that come with ing for and receiving fellowships. They want to share their experiences through fellowships outreach, mentoring, and providing advice to new applicants.

Amount: $50000
National Fellowship Program

If approval is pending at the time of application, documentation of approval must be provided to the Fellowships Committee before an award will be made. Recipients are not eligible for awards in subsequent years, though they may submit applications that include a significantly different proposal project than the one for which they received a GWIS Fellowship award previously. Fellowships winners will also need to submit an abstract geared to non-scientists to be used for outreach and further promotion of GWIS activities. If a major deviation from it is essential, approval must be obtained from the Fellowships Committee. At the end of the Fellowship, a one-page progress report, plus the annual expense report must be sent to the past president.

Amount: $20000

The Council on Foreign Relations, through its International Affairs Fellowship Program, offers fellowships to those interested in theory and practice in international relations. Boren Fellowships provides support to American graduate students who are pursuing the study of languages and cultures in world regions critical to US interests The foundation provides funding for increasing public understanding of the law improving the justice system and the law facilitating the delivery of legal services and enhancing professional competence and ethics. The Soros Fellowships for New Americans support thirty individuals a year for up to two years of graduate study in any subject anywhere in the United States. The fellowships are in support of first-year graduate or professional study.

Graduate Area Studies Fellowships

EAP fellowships are considered external funding to their field, and students who receive an EAP fellowship should arrange with their department for funding for the rest of the academic year. Incoming graduate students are NOT eligible to receive EAP Area Studies Fellowships, but may for awards to be used in the following year All students who intend to use an EAP Area Studies Fellowship for dissertation research are required to for external funding, e.g., Fulbright, Japan Foundation, SSRC, NSF, etc. The abstract should give a summary of what the applicant proposes to do if awarded a fellowship If applicant plan to use the fellowship somewhere other than Cornell, please include a budget for their project in the project abstract.

for Duke Graduate School Fellowships

The application period for most of the fellowships is in the fall, with a couple fellowships accepting applications in the spring. Most of the fellowships require applicants to obtain approval from their director of graduate studies before submitting an application. Some fellowships also place a limit on the number of applicants each program can nominate. Summer research fellowship for first- and second-year Ph.D. students: No letter of recommendation needed. Each recommender will need to write only one letter for each student, regardless of how many fellowships the student applies for. Evan Frankel Fellowship for Ph.D. Students in the Humanities. Ottis Green Fellowship for Ph.D. Students in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Julian Price Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities or History.

Amount: $10000
Ford School funding

Teach for America, AmeriCorps, and PPIA alumni typically receive a minimum of $10,000 fellowship. At least five Coverdell Fellowships are available to current or returned Peace Corps Volunteers the Coverdell Fellowship guarantees a minimum fellowship of one–quarter tuition. No special application form is required for consideration, and fellowships are awarded at the time of admission to the program. A portion of the university merit fellowship support has been provided through named fellowships, established through the generosity of alumni and friends. In addition to fellowship support awarded through the admissions process, several named fellowships—including The Hackett family and Lee C. Applications for these fellowships are circulated in the summer between the first and second year of study.

Bard Graduate Center

The fellowship programs at Bard Graduate Center are designed to further the institution’s goal of promoting research in the areas of decorative arts, design history, and material culture—what the university call the cultural history of the material world. The university offer a number of fellowship opportunities for researchers working in these and allied areas. Bard Graduate Center in New York City invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in Islamic art and material culture. A one-year fellowship jointly appointed at Bard Graduate Center and the Conservation Scientific Research the Rijksmuseum This fellowship is focused on developing the idea that conservation practice is a human science.

Amount: $68000
Cornell Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs

This prize fellowship will provide an outstanding theoretical physicist the opportunity to work with theorists and experimentalists in Cornell’s physics department. Funding will be provided to exceptionally talented postdoctoral fellows or graduate students pursuing risky, highly creative, projects focused on the development and application of novel technologies for understanding neural function. The Society for the Humanities will sponsor two postdoctoral teaching-research fellowships in the humanities, each awarded for a two-year period beginning in July. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships are available in two areas of specialization each year. The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies will offer two postdoctoral fellowships in global affairs with a likely emphasis on security studies.

Amount: $2500
Prizes and fellowships

Harper Dissertation Fellowship: This is awarded by the University of Chica students in each graduate division and is one of the highest honors given to graduate students at the University. Wentzel Research Prize: This is to be awarded by the Physics Fellowships Committee to a graduate student who has done outstanding research in theoretical physics. Winstein Prize in Instrumentation: This is to be awarded annually by the Physics Fellowships Committee to a graduate student doing outstanding work in the development or application of instrumentation. Yodh Prize: This is to be awarded by the Physics Fellowships Committee to a graduate student who has done outstanding research in experimental physics.

Humanities Institute

Fellowship recipients will not be allowed to defer a UCHI fellowship. Draper Fellowship Fund—up to four residential graduate dissertation fellowships. Graduate Humanities Scholars receive a full graduate research assistantship to enable dissertation fellows to concentrate solely on completion of their Ph.D. dissertation. Graduate students must have completed qualifying exams and prospectus and sufficient research so they can complete the dissertation during the year-long fellowship period. Finally, Graduate Humanities Scholars are expected to acknowledge the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute in publications resulting from work supported by the Institute.