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Post Doctoral Fellowships

The fellowships at Belmont University College of Pharmacy are two-year post-doctoral training programs focused in drug information, evidence-based practice, teaching, and research. The fellowships provide opportunities to develop an understanding of academia, research, drug information delivery, and corporate pharmacy through rotations at Belmont University College of Pharmacy’s Christy Houston Foundation Drug Information Center and Aegis Sciences Corporation or HealthTrust. Belmont University College of Pharmacy, Christy Houston Foundation Drug Information CenterThe 12-month academia and drug information rotation of the Clinical Pharmacist Fellowship in Drug Information allows the fellow to teach courses while balancing the daily operations of a drug information center.

Residencies Fellowships

This enhanced exposure to patients is designed to create a clinically mature graduate who will be fully prepared to enter pharmacy practice or pursue post-graduate pharmacy residencies, fellowships or graduate work. The Touro University California College of Pharmacy supports 10 pharmacy residencies and one fellowship situated at various major health care institutions in the Bay Area and in San Diego. All of the university residency and fellowship programs aim to train and prepare future pharmacist practitioners to be leaders in their field of interest. Components of the teaching certificate include but are not limited to didactic and experiential teaching to the university pharmacy students, participation in clinical case discussions and authoring exam questions.

Residencies Fellowships

The Outcomes Research Fellowship provides a 2-year experience that is peer-reviewed by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy Although the core preceptor team has a strong record of cardiovascular-based outcomes research, health topics vary throughout the duration of the fellowship and are not limited to cardiology. The Palmer Fellowship provides a unique one-year pharmacy practice transformation learning experience that allows the fellow to make practical contributions to the effective use of clinical and pharmacy practice knowledge, change management processes, and business administrative considerations in emerging care delivery models Other scholarly activities include grant writing, protocol management, data collection and analysis, manuscript preparations, as well as formal and informal presentations. Providing clinical pharmacy services within an outpatient primary care medical office affiliated with the university teaching hospital.

Fellowship Programs middot USC School of Pharmacy

The USC Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship programs are designed to prepare postdoctoral scholars for rewarding careers in the pharmaceutical industry. USC Pharmacy’s fellowship programs adhere to the guidelines of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. All fellowships begin July 1 and end on June 30. Recruiting prospective graduate and professional students to the Fellowship Program. The USC Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship programs provide exceptional preparation and education for postdoctoral graduates entering the pharmaceutical industry.

Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships

The Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships are intended for candidates who will have completed their Doctor of Pharmacy degree before they would be expected to start the fellowship The Industry Fellowship positions are based at various locations spanning the state of New Jersey, New York City, Washington, DC, and also a few locations in California. This Fellowship program offers many opportunities for fellows. Many fellows accept positions with their Fellowship company others move on to pursue other interests, but nearly all program alumni are currently employed in the pharmaceutical industry. Fellows find that teaching can enhance their fellowship experience. International students may only to a 1-year fellowship. Rutgers DOES NOT sponsor any applicants for the fellowship.

Pharmacy Residencies Residencies, fellowships other advanced training

Clinical Science Fellowships for pharmacy graduates who wish to pursue advanced clinical practice or research training are also offered.

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Fellowships Pharmacy Residencies

UT College of Pharmacy Tuition will also be paid by BSWH.

Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships

2017 Fellowship Alumni Perceptions of the Value of Pharm.D. Industry Fellowships in the Progression of a Pharmacist Industry Career. 2017 Comparison of post doctoral pharmacy training programs Medical Information Fellowships and Drug Information residencies. 2016 High Demand: An Analysis of the Most Desired Functional Areas for PharmD Industry Fellowships and the Experiences that Lead to Obtaining a Fellowship. 2016 Evaluation of Post doctoral Fellows’ Pharmacy School Training and Industry Experience Prior to Acceptance in the Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship (RPIF) Program. 2009 Impact of Fellows’ Rotational Experiences on Career Selection upon Completion of the Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program. 2009 Impact of Fellows’ Rotational Experiences on Career Selection upon Completion of the Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship (RPIF) Program.

Fellowships Ambassadors

Fellowships Ambassadors are Drexel students or recent alums who have applied for one or nationally competitive fellowships. The university Ambassadors understand the many challenges and benefits that come with ing for and receiving fellowships. They want to share their experiences through fellowships outreach, mentoring, and providing advice to new applicants.

Awards and Fellowships

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy has a long tradition of alumni fellowship with its graduates. Provides scholarship for graduate students enrolled in the College of Pharmacy studying in the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy seeking a degree in medicinal chemistry, with and emphasis in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and biochemistry.