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Amount: $5013
Graham Foundation Grant Programs Awards

If a grant is awarded, grantees will continue to maintain and access their account throughout the duration of their award for functions such as grant reporting. If a grant is awarded to applicant, applicant will be asked to sign a grant agreement that outlines the conditions of the grant, such as annual reporting. Note: If applicant are awarded a grant or if applicant for another grant in the future, applicant will use this same grant application account. Individuals are eligible to for Production and Presentation Grants and Research and Development Grants. Scholarship aid or work in pursuit of an academic degree Debt or expenses incurred prior to the date of grant request.

Contracts Grants

After the account has been set up the PI should advise their Contracts Grants Analyst that they are ready to set up subawards. Avoid reimbursements and the liability applicant assume with the purchase by sending their requests to their Contract Grants Analyst.

Amount: $5000
Community Impact Grants Office for Outreach and Engagement

Connect to CU Boulder scholarship Community Impact Grants are intended to seed or extend projects. The university recognize there may be exceptions and the University of Colorado Boulder is happy to consult with project teams on the most effective sequence or strategy for the different grant types. Project team members may apply for a grant to fund a completely different project, but not to fund additional activities within the same project in the same year. Funding may be used to cover travel expenses, scholarships for workshop attendance, or honorariums for participation by community partners in their project. Micro Grant funding may be requested for individuals’ travel expenses to partners’ locations for the purpose of partnership development.

Graduate Representative Organization

GRO travel grants are exclusively for KSAS and WSE enrolled graduate students. Otherwise, the main purpose of travel grants is to help graduate students present their work. No graduate student may receive than one travel grant per academic year. If applicant received a travel grant in the spring semester, applicant ARE eligible to for a travel grant for the following fall semester, provided their department remains eligible for travel grants. Sorry, any previous work by a graduate student at another university, or any work not related to the applicant’s graduate work at Hopkins is ineligible for funding. This award is to help out graduate students that do not have sufficient funds to cover their expenses for the conference.


Small, supplemental grants are available to graduate students at Purdue, including travel grants, training grants and child care grants. Most of the grants are open for student applications. Travel grants provide graduate students with funds for travel, either to conferences to present their research or to research sites to collect data. Training grants provide funds to develop professional skills. Child care grants are available to subsidize child care expenses for graduate students with children. This grant is based on financial need, and students must complete a FASFA form to be considered. Among the grants that are open for student applications are the Frederick N.

Amount: $100000
UNM GPSA Grants Scholarships

Graduate Scholarship Fund : In addition to the university grants, each summer, fall, and spring semester the university offer the Graduate Scholarship Fund a $1,000, need-based scholarship to help graduate students offset the cost of tuition, books, and fees. The three score sheets are attached on their dashbaord for Student Research Grant and Graduate Scholarship Fund. All grants must be applied for during an open Grant Cycle in the fall, spring, or summer semester. Dates and deadlines for these cycles are posted on the available grants page. All GPSA grants and scholarships are read and scored by fellow graduate students. All enrolled, degree-seeking graduate students are eligible to become readers.


The tab also collects information the main or control account that is related to this account, and the CFDA number field categorizes grants for federal reporting. Cost recovery rate relative to direct costs spent in a particular fiscal year on Contracts and Grants that covers the cost of indirect expenses, such as light, heat, central administration, etc., that cannot be directly allocated to any particular sponsored project but nonetheless are real costs incurred by the institution as a result of participating in the sponsored project. Expenses in this account can be used only to fund graduate scholarships for students majoring in X program. Only expenses that directly relate to these scholarships can be charged against this account.

Penn State Harrisburg

All external grants, contracts, or gifts with conditions or deliverables are covered by this guideline as well as all other applicable University policies. The timetables for these stages will depend on the requirements of the sponsor and the deadlines outlined in the Request for Proposal or grant announcement. This guideline cannot specify every exigency arising from a preparation or administration of grant or contract. All grants and contracts must identify all personnel involved at every stage of the grant and the percent of effort contributed by each individual. The match budget must be specifically identified for all grants and contracts. An Excel spreadsheet or similar mechanism should be used to track the salary distribution in detail for the entire grant period.

Amount: $10000
2017 Tinker Field Research Grant and CLLAS Graduate Research Grant

CLLAS invites graduate students to submit proposals for field research in Latin America CLLAS expects to award at least six grants for up to $4,000 each to advance research for either master’s or pre-dissertation doctoral candidates. Note: The Tinker Field Research Grants is in addition to the CLLAS Summer Research Grants. The Tinker Field Research Grants are open to students across all academic disciplines and graduate degree programs. The grant will serve as seed money to enhance CLLAS’s support for graduate student research in Latin America. There are currently at least 30 graduate students in residence at the UO conducting doctoral research in the area of Latin American studies in various departments.

Amount: $3000
University Research Foundation Office of the Vice Provost For Research UPenn

The URF will offer the following grant opportunities: Research Grants, Conference Support, Impact Seminar Grants, and Research Opportunity Development Grants, Phase 1and Phase 2. There will be a fall and spring solicitation for these grant applications each year. The budget may be dedicated to facilities, honoraria, travel, marketing materials, and other directly associated expenses, including the support of graduate and students. Program Description: The Research Opportunity Grant program was designed to facilitate the intersection of the forward trajectory of Penn’s research frontiers with the trajectory of the national and global research priorities. Program Description: The Research Opportunity Grant Phase 2 offers extensive support over 2 years.