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Amount: $3000
Samuel and Evelyn Linden Scholarship in Jewish Studies for the Study of Peace and

Samuel and Evelyn Linden Scholarship in Jewish Studies for the Study of Peace and Social Justice in the Middle East. The mission of the scholarship is to nourish scholarly excellence combined with citizenship, social responsibility, and work towards intercultural understanding. Scholarships, which range from $3,000-$3,500, may be used towards study and research in any field, encouraging a wide range of methods and approaches. Past and present recipients will form a cohort of young scholars engaging in scholarship and social responsibility. Some projects that previous Linden scholars have undertaken include: Working with Windows: Channels for Communication, which empowers Palestinian and Jewish youth to work against discrimination by giving them skills needed to become activists in their own communities.

ISchool Scholarship Opportunities School of Information

To apply for a scholarship, complete the FS4U general application by the March 1 deadline. Scholarships are awarded once a year prior to the fall semester. This scholarship is awarded to graduate students majoring in Library and Information Studies and who reside in Broward or Miami-Dade County. To provide scholarships for graduate students pursuing degrees in Library Information Studies.

Scholarships at JTS

Donors are JTS’s essential partners in creating Jewish leaders. Each dollar you contribute is used immediately to meet students’ tuition needs, promote scholarship, advance professional development, launch innovative programs, and create Jewish leaders for tomorrow. Since 2014, Holly has been working toward a Master of Jewish Education at JTS through the distance-learning track.

Amount: $2500
Foundation Scholarships

The Stockton University Foundation maintains a robust merit-based scholarship program with approximately 200 scholarships. Recipients are chosen annually by the Stockton University Scholarship Selection Committee, and the program is administered by the Office of Development Alumni Relations. Scholarship amounts vary from $100 to $2,500 per opportunity. Qualified students may earn than one scholarship. Please note Foundation Scholarships are separate from Admissions Scholarships, which are awarded at the discretion of the Office of Enrollment Management. Students can also for additional scholarships outside of Stockton University on the External Scholarships webpage. This is how their application will be screened and matched against the 200 Foundation Scholarship opportunities. Incomplete applications in draft status are ineligible and will not be forwarded to the Scholarship Selection Committee.


The MFA Advisory Board Scholarships are annual scholarships given through the generous support of the Advisory Board. The Hedgebrook Partnership Scholarship is awarded in the amount of one semester tuition waiver. This scholarship is given to a distinguished candidate in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry who is aligned with Hedgebrook mission of practicing radical hospitality and women authoring change. The Kearny Street Workshop Partnership Scholarship is given in the amount of one semester tuition waiver. The scholarship is awarded to a distinguished candidate in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry that is aligned with Kearny Street mission art that empowers Asian Pacific American artists and communities. This scholarship is given by an anonymous donor in memory of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz.

Scholarships Available

Scholarships Available by Monday, March 18. Walter Bradhering ’79 and Daniel Kluchinski Scholarship The Walter Bradhering ’79 and Daniel Kluchinski Scholarship has been generously created by Walter Bradhering ’79. This scholarship is awarded to one sopho junior or senior in the Roy H. Lewis Memorial Scholarship has been generously created by Robert S. This scholarship is awarded to a sopho junior, or senior with a grade point average of 3.0 or greater.