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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Resident Adviser positions are available for the M.A. degree in Higher Education and Student Development. Graduate Assistants are part-time, one to two-year professional positions that work alongside various departments within the Higher Education and Student Development program.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships allow students to gain practical work experience in higher education while they pursue their master’s degree. While the details of each assistantship appointment vary, these positions typically provide a monthly stipend. Students on Graduate Assistantship must pursue their M.Ed. on a full-time basis and are not permitted to hold employment outside of the assistantship. Procurement of a Graduate Assistantship occurs through an interview process. The pool of available Graduate Assistantships varies from year-to-year as new positions become available and current assistantship students graduate. But prospective students can review the anticipated positions offered by reviewing this list of UH Graduate Assistantship Opportunities. The finalized listing of graduate assistantship opportunities are shared with admitted students.

Graduate Assistantships

USC Rossier’s Master of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs program offers paid graduate assistantships that provide hands-on experience in higher education settings, while preparing applicant for their desired career in student affairs. The majority of PASA students participate in graduate assistantships on the USC campus and or at a number of colleges and universities within the Los Angeles area. Applicant will have the chance to apply for assistantships throughout their time in the program. Graduate assistantship positions are typically compensated by an hourly wage while some may offer tuition remission, or, in the case of residential education, room and board.

Institute of Higher Education

IHE offers assistantships for all full-time Ph.D. students and assigns placements based on students' interests and experience. These 16-20 hour-per-week assistantships offer competitive stipends, full tuition benefits , travel support, and additional benefits.

Higher Education Administration

Many HIED students gain valuable work experience and receive help to finance their education through graduate assistantships at colleges and universities throughout northeast Ohio. Assistantships include assignments in various areas of student affairs, such as residence life, Greek affairs, and academic advising. Please note that a number of assistantship sites in the past have wished to conduct second interviews. To be eligible for a graduate assistantship , applicant will be required to complete the GA Application the link to this application will be provided to applicant upon their admission to the program.

Graduate Assistantship Positions

There are several types of assistantships available to Wheelock graduate students. The Wheelock College of Education Human Development and Division of Student Academic Affairs provide graduate internships for Master’s students specializing in higher education administration. Preference for the following positions will be given to Higher Education Administration students however, some positions will accept applications from allWheelock College of Education Human Development graduate students. An internship in Employer Engagement and Career Design provides an educational opportunity for graduate students, as well as those with prior graduate level education, to have a professional experience that will be helpful for a career in the area of career development and or student affairs.