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Amount: $10000
Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce

Strengthening Public Health Systems and Services through National Partnerships to Improve and Protect the Nation Health This supplemental funding opportunity enables the recipients of funding under CDC-RFA-OT18-1802: Strengthening Public Health Systems and Services through National Partnerships to Improve and Protect the Nation Health to strengthen the nation public health infrastructure, ensure a competent, current, and connected public health system, and improve the delivery of essential services through capacity-building assistance Strengthening Tribal Public Health Systems Funding and technical assistance to strengthen Tribal public health systems through performance improvement and public health accreditation projects. Funding is focused on addressing some of the most pressing and fundamental problems that confront human and animal health.

Amount: $48000
Funding Opportunities

Purpose: This Funding Opportunity Announcement seeks to encourage applications that employ innovative research to identify mechanisms of influence and or promote positive sustainable health behavior in children and youth Topics to be addressed in this announcement include: effective, sustainable processes for influencing young people to make healthy behavior choices identification of the appropriate stage of influence for learning sustainable lifelong health behaviors the role of technology and new media in promoting healthy behavior identification of factors that support healthy behavior development in vulnerable populations, identification of barriers to healthy behaviors and, identification of mechanisms and mediators that are common to the development of a range of habitual health behaviors.

Amount: $2500
Proposal Development

This grant program also is to help ensure the availability of adequate numbers of highly trained scientists and educators to address critical issues in occupational safety and health. At the conclusion of the career development period the candidates are expected to demonstrate they can successfully compete for research funding in the environmental health sciences. The purpose of this funding opportunity is to encourage applications proposing the analysis of this public use dataset to increase knowledge of adolescent health and development.

Amount: $25000

Awards are made under authorization of the Public Health Service Act, Title IV, Part A and administered under PHS grants policies and Federal Regulations 42 CFR 52 and 45 CFR Part 74.

Amount: $10000
School of Public Health Fellowships Scholarships

Roselyn Lindheim Scholarship in Environmental Design and Public Health Graduates students are encouraged to for the Roselyn Lindheim Award in Environmental Design and Public Health. This opportunity supports graduate students of the Health Social Behavior program. This opportunity supports graduate students of the Health Policy PhD program. This opportunity supports graduate students of the Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health program. This opportunity supports graduate students of the Public Health Nutrition program. This opportunity supports graduate students who wish to enter the field of Public Health Dentistry. This opportunity supports graduate students of the Health Policy Management program. This opportunity supports graduate students of the Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Health Social Behavior, Health Policy Management, Infectious Diseases, and Public Health Nutrition programs.

Amount: $100000
Funding Opportunities The Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science

Similarly, proposals that explore new experimental techniques to capture deformation and failure information for extreme ranges of loading or material behavior are also encouraged. This funding opportunity announcement encourages applications that propose to conduct secondary data analysis and integration of existing datasets and database resources, with the ultimate aim to elucidate the genetic architecture of cancer risk and related outcomes. The rapid increase of technologies to acquire unprecedented amounts of neurobiological and behavioral data, and an expanding capacity to store those data, results in great opportunity to bring to bear the power of the computational methods of Big Data analytics on drug abuse and addiction.

Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

The applied behavior analysis (ABA) certification program does not lead to teacher licensing in Massachusetts but does prepare students to work with children with disabilities who participate in integrated or self-contained classrooms. The program also includes courses that meet the educational requirements to sit for the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. This is a unique, advanced-level component that focuses on the application of behavioral principles in addressing the needs of exceptional learners. The program leads to eligibility for the Behavior Analysis Certification as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Statement of purpose of no less than three pages outlining your intentions for graduate study, your background in the field of applied behavior analysis, and the contributions that you intend to make to the field. ABA 565 Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis.

Amount: $25000
Predoctoral Training in Advanced Data Analytics for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research

It is critical that applicants follow the Training Instructions in the SF424 Application Guide, except where instructed to do otherwise There are several options available to application through to NIH and Health and Human Services partners. The grant offsets the cost of stipends, tuition and fees, and training related expenses, including health insurance, for the appointed trainees in accordance with the approved NIH support levels. The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement is to solicit applications for new behavioral and social sciences research predoctoral training programs that focus on innovative computational and or data science analytic approaches and their incorporation into training for the future BSSR health research workforce.

Behavioral Finance Certificate

Put simply, it’s the study of beliefs money that influence the university financial spending and behaviors. The Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance Certificate program is housed within Creighton’s prestigious and accredited Heider College of Business. The credits applicant earn in the Financial Psychology certificate program can be applied toward a MBA with a specialization in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance. The program blends technical knowledge around financial planning with what the university know influence and effect human behavior—those things come together in a powerful and unique way. The Graduate Certificate in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance program is ideal for financial planners, advisors and other professionals seeking to enhance their skills in the emerging field of financial psychology.

Amount: $60000
Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships, Career Training

PHAP is a competitive, two-year, paid fellowship within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows program provides the nation most comprehensive fellowship experience at the nexus of health science, policy and politics in Washington, D.C. It is an outstanding opportunity for exceptional midcareer health professionals and behavioral and social scientists with an interest in health and health care policy promoting the health of the nation. The fellowship is designed to recognize, assist and train students working on research or practice-based projects in either unintentional injury prevention or violence prevention from the perspective of health education or the behavioral sciences.