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Amount: $2500
Scholarships for US Citizens and Eligible Non-citizens

Good Graduate Student Fellowship offers eight $5,000 scholarships awarded to graduate students who intend to pursue real estate-related studies at a major North American university, including urban planning, architecture, business or business administration, geography with a real estate concentration, and real estate law or major. The Bergmeyer Scholarship recognizes and supports leadership potential in the field of Interior Design and Architecture through a $2,500 award.

Amount: $1922
Awards Funding

WOMEN'S ARCHITECTURAL LEAGUE FOUNDATION OF CHICAGO SCHOLARSHIPThe WOMEN'S ARCHITECTURAL LEAGUE FOUNDATION OF CHICAGO SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded to architecture students selected on the basis of both scholastic achievement and financial need. The scholarships are awarded to architecture students and used for summer travel and the study of architecture in the United States and who have demonstrated superior achievement and ability in architecture history. The purpose of the Fellowship is to promote excellence in landscape architecture and architecture through travel and study. Scholarships support an architecture student who has demonstrated exceptional academic merit and talent in the interrelationship between architectural design and art.

Amount: $10000
Scholarships Financial Awards

All students 17 years of age or older currently enrolled or plan to enroll in interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, or architectural engineering programs in the the students.S. may for one of the three scholarships. Students who are present or former residents of one of the following Pennsylvania counties: Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Perry, Franklin, Lebanon, Adams, Fulton, Juniata, Lancaster, Montour, Snyder, Bedford, Blair, Centre, Clinton, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Union, or Northumberland, and studying in the final three years of a Bachelor of Architecture program OR in a graduate program leading to a Master of Architecture degree. MOA ARCHITECTURE offers an annual merit based private scholarship award paid summer internship to students in accredited architectural programs.

Landscape Architecture

The Fellowship will be awarded annually to deserving student through the department head, or through the department head’s agent, such as the director of graduate studies or a departmental scholarship committee. Hewitt Fellowship—an award given to students with exceptional potential in the field of landscape architecture. The Fund aids student in the pursuit of graduate education in landscape architecture. The purpose of the fellowship is to assist Master of Landscape Architecture professional degree students who demonstrate academic achievement and design accomplishments or potential in the spirit of imagination is important than knowledge.


Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan offers three fellowships in the areas of architectural research and instruction, as well as one fellowship in the area of urban and regional planning. Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan offers three fellowships in the areas of architectural research and instruction. The fellowship is open to scholars and practitioners who have completed a PhD or other terminal degree in planning, architecture, urban history, urban design, or a related field, and who aspire to shape urban thinking and practice. Projects may range from the exploration of emergent building, fabrication, and environmental technologies to the realization of architectural works and endeavors typically unsupported within conventional models of practice.

Amount: $10000
Scholarships for International Students

Its Graduate Fellowships support outstanding Harvard graduate and professional students who are writing dissertations or are engaged in major research on topics in practical ethics, especially ethical issues in areas such as architecture, business, education, government, law, medicine, public health, public policy, and religion. Frank Boas Scholarshipscholarship.harvard.eduThe Boas Scholarship is awarded each year to a citizen of Belgium or Luxembourg who has been admitted for graduate study at Harvard University. The ideal candidates for the Scholarship are Australians whose primary objective, after completing their studies at Harvard, is to make a significant contribution to this country’s development.

Amount: $5013
Graham Foundation Grant Programs Awards

Since the Carter Manny Award’s establishment in 1996, over $815,000 has been awarded in recognition of outstanding doctoral students whose work represents some of the most innovative and advanced scholarship on architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society. The Carter Manny Award supports dissertation research and writing by promising scholars whose projects have architecture as their primary focus and the potential to shape architectural discourse. This commitment is evident in Richard generous bequest of $50,000, in the form of a challenge grant, to the Graham Foundation in support of architectural journalism.


Rippeteau Scholarship for Architecture and Business Management. Scholarship for candidates in 3rd year who have interest in landscape architecture. Awarded annually to students enrolled in the Master of Architecture program in cooperation with the American Institute of Architects’ national scholarship program. Awarded to students entering the graduate program in architecture who have demonstrated strong interest and a record of scholastic achievement in the study of humanities. Awarded to the top two graduating students from the professional program who have the best scholarship record in the study of architecture.

Independent Research Travel Scholarships

Independent Research Travel Scholarships are competitively awarded to SOA students for independent study or advanced research travel. And graduate students Funds shall be used to provide international travel support to students in the Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture programs. Support should be based on the following criteria : 1) Demonstrated financial need and 2) Demonstrated excellence in architectural design. And graduate students Student support for study abroad programs and academic or research travel. Students are also encouraged to pursue other scholarship opportunities to fund their travel, including the Study Abroad Office scholarship database, Global Assist.

Amount: $6000
Yale Architecture

Financial aid does not extend longer than the normal equivalent length of time required to complete the program of study to which the student was admitted. The SmithGroup also provides an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship to support and mentor students from historically underrepresented demographics in architecture, interior design, planning, landscape architecture, and engineering.