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Amount: $1972
S t r a t e g y E n t r e p

The Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at Vanderbilt currently has five active scholarships as well as a range of external funding from government training grants. These scholarships are awarded to graduate students in speech-language pathology and audiology. The Thomas and Vickie Flood Scholarship in Childhood Hearing Loss was established by the Floods to support graduate students pursuing careers in pediatric hearing loss. Gravel Scholarship supports an international graduate student in pediatric audiology at Vanderbilt each year. The Mama Lere Scholarship is named for Valere Blair Potter, a Nashville philanthropist who helped fund the first early intervention program for children with hearing loss at the Bill Wilkerson Hearing and Speech Center in 1972.

Scholarships and Awards Communicative Disorders

The scholarship is a way to give to back for the outstanding, life changing support brought by dedicated professionals at the University of Alabama who help people with hearing, speech and language disorders.

Travel Grants Recipients 2018-2019

Melissa Encinias received a grant to present Divergence of Male Mating Preferences in Sympatric Calopteryx aequabilis and C.

Travel Grants Recipients 2014-2015

Yulhea Kim received a grant to present Postural modulation of the nociceptive withdrawal response of the tail in intact, unanaesthetized rats. Mary Irelandreceived a grant to present Be A Team Player! Alec McKenzie and Paul Robertson received a grant to present Effects of Protein Supplementation During Intensified Cycling Training on Cardiorespiratory Adaptations and Body Weight Effects of Protein Supplementation During 10 Days of Intensified Cycling Training on Indices of Muscle Disruption and Performance at the American College of Sports Medicine in Miami, FL. Emily Chapin, Thomas Benns, Lauren Smith, Kerry Anderson, Joseph Wieland, Brian Schwenk, and Megan Thurston received a grant to present Assembling Inquiry-Based Lesson Plans with Resources at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers Professional Development Institute in Roanoke, VA.

Travel Grants Recipients 2017-2018

Victoria Andre received a grant to present Music and speech perception in children using sung speech: Effects of neurocognitive factors at the American Academy of Audiology in Nashville, Tennessee, April 17-20, 2018. Lakshmi Magudilu Srishyla received a grant to present 1) A text mining analysis of consumer perception of Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) and 2) Effectiveness of noise reduction algorithm in speech perception: A meta-analysis study at the 50th Annual Conference of Indian Speech and Hearing Association in Mysuru Bangalore, India, January 3-7, 2018. Amy Vinyard received a grant to present Pupillometry as a Test of Infant Word Recognition at the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia in Williamsburg, Virginia, March 21-24, 2018.

Tuition Scholarships

Hugh Knowles Doctor of Audiology Scholarship The Knowles Hearing Center and the Doctor of Audiology Program are pleased to offer a full tuition scholarship to an outstanding student each admission cycle. The Knowles Hearing Center mission is to support excellence in hearing research, teaching and clinical training. A separate application is not required for the Hugh Knowles Doctor of Audiology Scholarship.

Amount: $1979

NATIONAL STUDENT SPEECH LANGUAGE HEARING ASSOCIATION GRADUATE AWARD: Recognizes a full time graduate student in the Speech-Language Pathology program with a GPA of 3.5 or higher who demonstrates outstanding involvement in professional or related activities. GRADUATE CLINICIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD IN SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY: The recipient must be a full-time student for one of the four semesters of the academic year in which the award is given with an overall graduate GPA of 3.3 or higher, have completed one semester of graduate level clinic, and exemplify involvement in professional and related activities. GRADUATE RESEARCH AWARD IN SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY: Presented to a full-time student enrolled for one of the two semesters of the academic year in which the award is given.

Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship and Outreach

The Scottish Rite Foundation also offers scholarships to speech-language pathology graduate students in the Monroe Valley each semester to encourage the pursuit of higher learning.

Amount: $1000

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Scholarship Award: $1,000.00 Disbursement Period: Fall and SpringScholarship Intent: To provide assistance to students in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. Funds to be awarded as scholarships to assist students with educational expenses or to fund attendance at annual Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Conferences to present student research.Criteri 1) Graduate students must be attending and presenting at a conference, or writing a thesis.

Scholarship Programs, Awards, Research, Knowledge

Callie, a University Scholar from Canyon, Texas, is concentrating in neuroscience and communication sciences and disorders. As a University Scholar, Carolyn studies biochemistry, sociology, and political science on the pre-medicine track. A University Scholar, Kailey studies international relations and French and is completing the pre-medicine program. Jana, a University Scholar from Wichita, Kansas, studies biology and Spanish at Baylor. Cara studies political science and history as a University Scholar and is also a pre-law student. Kayal, a University Scholar from Houston, studies political science and medical humanities at Baylor. Michaela is completing the interdisciplinary core curriculum of the BIC and concentrating in international studies and Spanish as a University Scholar. A University Scholar, Connor studies anthropology, biology, and public health at Baylor and is also completing the pre-medicine track.