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Amount: $1400
Frate Fellowship in Bioethics and Medical Humanities

All in all the Bioethics Fellowship, through many eye opening philosophical debates and awe-inspiring experiences, gave me a new perspective on life and the healthcare organization. Any answers applicant might have to these questions, the bioethics fellowship will show applicant that there is so much than what applicant know.

Fellowship in Clinical Bioethics

The fellowship is currently focused on future physician leaders in clinical ethics but is open to non-physicians as well.


The Division of Medical Ethics at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City offers a full-time 2-year fellowship in clinical ethics. The fellowship is part of the New York-Houston Medical Ethics Consortium, which brings together Weill Cornell Medical College, the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System, Houston Methodist Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. Upon completion of this fellowship, fellows will have the skills, training, and experience to make them competitive for positions in clinical ethics and academic bioethics. Participation in the educational activities of the Division, including teaching and mentoring medical students. Preparation for an active career as a clinical ethics consultant and scholar in clinical ethics and bioethics.

Bioethics Fellowship

The fellowship is currently focused on future physician leaders in clinical ethics but is open to non-physicians as well.

Our Fellowship

The AMBI clinical ethics fellowship aims at expanding the clinical experience of those with prior training in bioethics interested in enhancing skills in delivering clinical ethics consultation services.

Amount: $6000
Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship Program

Besides the required Psychosomatic Medicine Inpatient and Outpatient rotations, the Fellowship offers a menu of elective rotations, including Neurocritical Care, Palliative Care, Research, Positive Care Clinic , Psycho-Oncology, Ethics, Neuropsychiatry, Transplant Psychiatry, and Pain.

Penn Office of the President

Dr. Amy Gutmann is an internationally renowned scholar whose research addresses some of the most salient issues in contemporary society, including democratic deliberation, religious freedom, equal opportunity, race and multiculturalism, education, and ethics and public affairs.

Amount: $38000
External Fellowships

In addition to topics in religious studies or in ethics (philosophical or religious), dissertations might consider the ethical implications of foreign policy, the values influencing political decisions, the moral codes of other cultures, and religious or ethical issues reflected in history or literature. Students who are pursuing medical or dental degrees (M.D., D.O., V.V.M., D.D.S.) may also be eligible to apply. Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Training Fellowships for Medical Students Applicants must be enrolled in a U.S. medical school, and the fellowship research must be conducted at a U.S. institution.

Amount: $1000
External Scholarship Listing

The AvaCare Medical Scholarship recognizes those who are working to better the lives of our customers, students who are pursuing a degree in the medical field, with a prize of $1000 toward college tuition. To show our appreciation for these outstanding individuals, Murse World has launched a Pay it Forward annual scholarship opportunity for all college students who are studying in any field within the realm of the medical or health world. The Prosper Shaked Scholarship for Future Medical ProfessionalsAllied Health, Nursing, Pre-Med. Sprak design is a graphic design company which specializes in providing services to the medical and healthcare sectors.

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Kayal, a University Scholar from Houston, studies political science and medical humanities at Baylor.