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Amount: $1000
Financial Aid

The Ann Street Baptist Memorial Scholarship Fund is awarded to selected students enrolled in courses of study in preparation for pastoral or other full-time Christian ministry. The fund provides scholarship assistance to deserving students of outstanding Christian character who are enrolled in courses of study leading to degrees in the teaching profession. And Janie Joiner Boutwell Scholarship provides scholarships for full-time students enrolled in art, business, Christian Ministries, education, engineering, health science, law, music, or natural science as a course of study. The Brookwood Baptist Church Christian Service Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to students preparing for full-time Christian service.

Amount: $22500
Center for Jewish History • Fellowship Opportunities at the Center

The Center for Jewish History offers ten-month fellowships to doctoral candidates to support original research using the collections of the Center’s partners—American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. The ambition, scope, and intellectual significance of the proposed project, including its value for scholars of Jewish history, humanities scholars, and/or general audiences. The CJH-Fordham Research Fellowship in Jewish-Christian Relations is made possible by funds from the Center for Jewish History, the Eugene Shvidler Gift Fund at Fordham University, and additional gift funds to Jewish Studies at Fordham University.

Amount: $1000
Financial Aid Scholarships

Hebrew College’s financial aid program is designed to ensure that, to the extent possible, financial need is not a barrier to study here. Approximately one-third of all financial aid applicants are selected by either the the students.S. Education or Hebrew College for verification of the accuracy of information provided on the FAFSA. The standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress to all financial assistance programs including Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Loans and Grad PLUS Loans, as well as any assistance received from the state and from Hebrew College. Students must notify the financial aid office any change in enrollment, whether due to withdrawal from a class, a leave of absence or withdrawal from Hebrew College.

Amount: $5000
Scholarships by Name

This scholarship is awarded to Nazarene students who maintain a 2.5 GPA, and are dependent children of active missionaries, or Intercultural Studies majors who feel called to full-time Christian ministry. This scholarship is awarded to students from the West Virginia South District who demonstrate financial need, and are majoring in Christian Education or preparing for the ministry. And then dedicated to the memory of Clara and Walton Webb, this scholarship is awarded to Nazarene students who have financial need, and a 2.5 GPA in any area of study, with preference given to student athletes.

Amount: $47500
Funding Scholarships Duke Center for Jewish Studies

The Center for Jewish Studies encourages post-doctoral students to apply for a fellowship – focused on research, teaching, and a public lecture. In addition to funding opportunities through the Department of Religious Studies and Graduate Studies, the Center for Jewish Studies is pleased to several offer opportunities for the advancement of Graduate Education. The Perilman Summer Stipend provides funding for doctoral students in Jewish Studies for summer research The specific amount awarded will depend upon previous grants received from the Center for Jewish Studies as well as other fellowships received for the period this award covers. Graduate students in all disciplines that relate to Jewish Studies may apply yearly for a Perilman Research Award of up to $1000.00 per year.

Amount: $5000
Scholarships and Special Funds Yale University

The scholarship is to benefit students who wish to integrate the study of environmental issues and faith in their professional lives and those who wish to study the cultural and ethical dimensions of environmental problems. Rodger, B.D. 1939, is an endowed fund to award scholarship aid to a student or students preparing for the Christian parish ministry. The scholarship recipient is to be a student who shows promise of future effective Christian service, with preference given to a United Methodist. Its purpose is to support deserving students who show both financial need and clear intention of entering Christian ministry. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student or students preparing for the Christian ministry.

Beyond the Bars Fellows 2017-2018

The Columbia University in the City of New York is honored to be working with such a powerful group of people and look forward to seeing the work of the Fellowship continue to grow. Defining himself as a digital global citizen he travels extensively in North America, Europe and Asia teaching Relational Mindfulness Active Love, and Social Meditation. Defining himself as a digital global citizen he travels extensively in North America, Europe and Asia teaching active love, and social meditation. He is a recipient of the Education Pioneers Fellowship, which helps promising professionals launch careers as leaders in education. Through this fellowship, Robert served as a Data Science Consultant for the NYC Education this past summer.

Amount: $4000
Scholarships, Fellowships Funding Opportunities

Cole Fellowship supporting doctoral or postdoctoral research in Jewish studies, and the Benaroya Postdoctoral Fellowship supporting research in Israel studies. Cole Fellowship provides financial assistance to a deserving doctoral or postdoctoral fellow in Jewish studies. The two-year in-residence fellowship is open to doctoral or postdoctoral students affiliated with any institution, and may be used as a dissertation completion fellowship or for post-doctoral work in any field of Jewish studies. If applicant are interested in funding for language study be sure to check out the Foreign Language Area Studies fellowships , which are contingent on funding from the the students.S. Education and administered by the eight National Resource Centers of the University of Washington.

Amount: $1000
External Scholarships

Hebrew Free Loan Society Jean and Albert Nerkin Scholarship Fund: The Jean and Albert Nerken Scholarship Fund has been established at the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York to provide financial assistance to needy Jewish individuals for secular studies only, in colleges, universities, graduate or professional schools. Talentia recommends certain universities depending on the field of study desired, but will consider additional options based on demonstrated prestige of the proposed university. Turkish Education Foundation (TEV): Provides up to $100,000 for two years of master’s level studies covers tuition and living expenses, and in some circumstances, travel. Every autumn, TEV determines the fields of study and the number of open positions for the scholarships.

Amount: $1000
Center for Jewish Studies

David Sorkin Graduate Student Support Fund The David Sorkin Scholarship provides a $1000 grant to support graduate student research in Modern Jewish history, with a preference for Modern European Jewish history. Robert and Beverly Natelson Family Scholarship in Jewish Studies The Robert and Beverly Natelson Family Award is a $3000 scholarship given to the best or graduate student in the area of Jewish Studies. Ida and Isaac Lipton Major Certificate Scholarship This award goes to the best senior with a major or certificate in Jewish Studies. Marjorie and Harry Tobias Major Certificate Scholarship This need-based scholarship is awarded to an outstanding major or certificate student to support their continued pursuit of Jewish Studies at UW–Madison.