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Tuition and Financial Aid

The following information provides details of program costs and financial aid resources. Tuition costs are subject to increase by each academic year. A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is applied to tuition. There are a variety of options for funding a graduate education, such as employer tuition assistance, private scholarships, and student loans. In addition, funding from grants and scholarships is applied directly to a student’s educational costs. Students should start the conversation with their employer tuition assistance for earning their master’s degree. Students can explore private scholarship opportunities through organizations and community programs to find the best fit for them. Students must submit all requested documents before financial aid can be awarded.

Amount: $3500
TCNJ School of Engineering Scholarships

American Council of Engineering Companies of New JerseyThe American Council of Engineering Companies of New Jersey will award up to five scholarships to students intending to become consulting engineers. To promote this objective, AACE awards academic scholarships to full-time students pursuing a related degree in engineering, construction management, building construction, computer sciences, business, quantity surveying, information technology, etc. Association of State Dam Safety Officials Senior Scholarships ASDSO awards annual senior scholarships of up to $10,000 to the students.S. citizens enrolled in accredited programs in engineering or related fields and planning careers related to the design, construction, or operation of dams. They offer scholarship opportunities every year to NJ engineering students, $1000.00 each.

Amount: $2000

ACM SIGHPC and Intel have partnered to create Computational and Data Science Fellowships, a 5-year program to increase the diversity of students pursuing graduate degrees in data science and computational science. The MML Grant Program provides financial assistance to support the conduct of research or a recipient’s portion of collaborative research in the following fields: materials science and engineering, materials measurement science, biosystems and biomaterials, biomolecular measurements, chemical sciences, and applied chemicals and materials. The John von Neumann Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Computational Science offers an exceptional opportunity to conduct innovative research in computational mathematics and scientific computing on advanced computing architectures.

I-STEM—Upcoming September Funding Deadlines

Project Description: The NSF Research Traineeship program is designed to encourage the development and implementation of bold, new, and potentially transformative models for science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduate education training. Strategic collaborations with the private sector, non-governmental organizations , government agencies, national laboratories, field stations, teaching and learning centers, informal science centers, and academic partners are encouraged. Project Description: This funding partnership between the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities supports projects to develop and advance knowledge concerning endangered human languages.

Amount: $10000
Pathways to Graduate Study in Israel and Innovation Nation STEM Scholarship

Yeshiva College and Stern College Students interested in pursuing graduate study in Computer Science or Biology in Israel are eligible to during their senior year to pathway programs for masters' degrees in Computer Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University , a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at BIU or a master’s degree in Biology at The Technion.

Amount: $1000
Scholarships for US Citizens and Eligible Non-citizens

Approximately 90 awards will be in the Women in Engineering and Women in Computer and Information Science components.

Amount: $7500
Juniata College

The goal of this scholarship program is to promote diversity in the chemical sciences by aiding in building an awareness of college students in these minority groups of the value and rewards associated with careers in science and to assist these students in acquiring skills and credentials needed for success in these areas. NOVUS BIOLOGICALS will award one declared science major $1500 every spring and fall semester.

Amount: $1000
Non-Institutional Scholarship Sources

Qualifying curriculum for scholarship applicants shall include courses related to civil or environmental engineering or environmental science with emphasis on career fields associated with the Waterworks Industry. Education is very important to Shear Comfort, so they are giving away a $1500 scholarship to a student of the university choosing enrolled either in an engineering program related to the development of vehicles, Automotive Technology, or a similar program related to the automotive industry at an accredited college or university in Canada or in the United States. The Heavy Constructors Association Industry Advancement Fund Scholarship is directed toward individuals pursuing degrees in civil engineering, construction management, business administration, computer science, management information systems, mathematics or any other technical field.

Amount: $19000
Queer Peer Services

Scholarships for science, engineering, business or finance The Jeff Iorilla and Roel Hinojosa Scholarship for liberal arts. The Box Engineering Diversity Scholarship is available to minority, female, and LGBT students. Applicant must be pursuing a degree in computer science or a closely related field to be eligible for this award. The Ramapo College of New Jersey is offering the Box Engineering Diversity Scholarship to support applicant as applicant pursue a career in computer science. Bill Bendiner and Doug Morgenson Scholarship for students pursuing a career in human services, health sciences, or visual arts. Political Leadership Scholarship for students studying law, political science, public policy, or public administration with the goal of improving rights for LGBTQ people. Robert Browning Scholarship for studies in the health sciences.


The Department has a scholarship available for 1 or 2 qualified incoming Freshman planning to major in Computer Information Sciences. This Scholarship Fund was established through a gift from Kaw Valley Data Processing Management Association This Scholarship Fund was established through a gift from the American Legion Auxiliary Capitol Unit 1.