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Amount: $10000
Innovate Carolina UNC Innovation Entrepreneurship

Bryan Fellowship is designed for aspiring social change-makers who are interested in providing a significant contribution locally, nationally or internationally by creating an entrepreneurial project that addresses a community issue or need. The Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship offers innovation fellowships that are given to several students enrolled in the entrepreneurship minor within the UNC College of Arts Sciences. There are opportunities for applicant to the Fulbright Fellowship to an entrepreneurship initiative. ThinkImpact connects college students and recent graduates in the US with partners in Rwanda, Panama, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana to work on social entrepreneurship through ThinkImpact’s Global Development Internships and Fellowships.

Amount: $5000
MBA Tuition, Loans and Scholarships

White, MBA 1998, established the Chad White Scholarship in Entrepreneurship. This scholarship is to support students who have an interest in entrepreneurship and are exhibiting leadership by creating collaborative solutions. The purpose of this scholarship shall be to attract those talented students who display a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Amount: $1000
FWT Entrepreneurial Option Fellowship

Selected students with demonstrated need who wish to Entrepreneurial Option may also Entrepreneurial Fellowship. Through this fellowship, students will receive funding and mentorship to spend their FWT pursuing an unpaid entrepreneurial project. Students completing paid FWT positions are not eligible to receive the Entrepreneurial Fellowship.

Amount: $1000
McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship

The McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship sponsors a $5,000 per year scholarship through The Frank J. Two recipients will be selected each year and this scholarship is renewable for a second year pending satisfactory review by the granting foundation Sharon and Fred Hudspeth ’61 Scholarship in Entrepreneurship. These experiences may include attending entrepreneurial workshops, seminars, pitch competitions, related conferences or symposia, for which the McFerrin Center may provide funding to any Texas A M student year-round.

Amount: $40000
Funding Resources

Nancy Pfund ’82 MPPM Scholarship Established by Ms. Nancy Pfund , this scholarship is awarded to students at Yale SOM with a primary preference for students with an interest in social entrepreneurship and or impact investing, and a secondary preference for students interested in entrepreneurship. Scholarship recipients must be current African passport holders and have exhibited entrepreneurial leadership in their field of interest.

Professional MBA Scholarships

Entrepreneurship Career Scholarship Applicants to the Professional MBA program may for the Entrepreneurship Career Scholarship, a partial tuition scholarship awarded to students interested in pursuing or are currently in a career in entrepreneurship, either as a company founder or a member of management, or in a related field such as venture capital or private equity. Each Entrepreneurship Career Scholarship recipient will engage in a customized program of work through Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship activities and programs based on their level of experience and professional goals. Activities may include participation in a formal mentorship program with a successful entrepreneur or investor, completion of the Entrepreneurial Scholar of Distinction Program or other immersive experiences.

Amount: $5000
Additional Scholarship Programs

The Teresa Mae Arnold Scholarship is awarded based on ability and need. The Hubbard Lucy Ball Scholarship is awarded based on ability and need. The Donald Alan Baur Memorial Scholarship is awarded based on leadership, dedication, competitiveness, and citizenship, with preference to members of Sigma Chi Fraternity. Beam Sr. Scholarship is awarded based on ability and need, with preference to residents of Franklin County, NC. Irvin Biggs Scholarship is awarded based on ability and need, with preference to students from Lumberton or Robeson counties, NC. Boatwright Scholarship is based on leadership. Broach Scholarship gives preference to students from St. John’s Baptist Church of Charlotte, NC. The Dean D.B. Bryan Memorial Scholarship is awarded based on ability and need to students planning a career in education.

Buerk Center Fellowships and Internships

The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the UW Global Health and the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, is calling for applications for its Global Innovation Fellows, a small group of MBAs and TECs who will research business problems technologies of significance in global health alongside graduate students in Global Health and Development. This is an excellent opportunity for graduate-level students interested in business development, product management, legal, or investment career paths to work directly with experts from ITHS, WRF Capital, CoMotion, and the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship and dig in to a technology by working with inventors, technology managers, and experts to perform business analysis and write a feasibility report.

Amount: $3500
Scholarships List

The Haile Scholarship program was created from a $15 million gift by The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Their gift has created opportunities to provide scholarships to outstanding students from the freshman to senior levels. Recipients of the prestigious Haile US Bank Foundation Full Tuition Scholarship are known as Haile Scholars and exemplify a combination of excellence in academics and excellence in community service. In-state, full-time tuition for Fall and Spring semesters. Scholarship value follows any increase in tuition rate. Applicant do not need to submit a new application, but doing so is strongly encouraged, as this will allow applicant to be considered for other, additional scholarship awards. Preference given to applicants who show financial need a FAFSA must be completed.

Financial Aid

The following criteria may be considered: GPA financial need major, minor, and or emphasis courses taken in entrepreneurship businesses applicant have created or are creating involvement in entrepreneurial clubs or associations and participation in programs and activities sponsored by the CET.