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Amount: $25000
Investigator-Initiated Genomic Medicine Research

November 26, 2.18 NIH AHRQ Announce Upcoming Updates to Application Instructions and Review Criteria for Research Grant Applications. All types of non-AIDS applications allowed for this funding opportunity announcement are due on these dates. All types of AIDS and AIDS-related applications allowed for this funding opportunity announcement are due on these dates. It is critical that applicants follow the Research Instructions in the SF424 Application Guide, except where instructed to do otherwise There are several options available to application through to NIH and Health and Human Services partners. Use an institutional system-to-system solution to prepare and application to and eRA Commons to track their application. Use Workspace to prepare and application and eRA Commons to track their application.

Amount: $10000
Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce

Opportunities for fellowships, grants and other awards, including awards from members of the Partners project. The ELC Program provides annual funding, strategic direction and technical assistance to domestic jurisdictions for core capacities in epidemiology, laboratory, and health information technology activities. ACF Funding Opportunity Announcements Funding opportunities for federal programs that promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities. AHRQ Funding Opportunities AHRQ supports a broad base of scientific research to promote improvements in clinical and health system practices, including the prevention of diseases and other health conditions. AHRQ Grants On-Line Database Searchable database of grants funded by AHRQ. AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects Funding opportunities for outreach efforts to community-based AIDS organizations and patient advocacy groups.

Amount: $2500
Proposal Development

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support the development of rapid, sensitive, specific, simple, and cost-effective fungal diagnostics for primary health-care settings It will also encourage inter and multidisciplinary collaborations among scientists in a wide range of disciplines including nutritional science, immunology, microbiomics, genomics, other '-omic' sciences, biotechnology, and bioinformatics.

Amount: $48000
Funding Opportunities

Exploratory Grants in Cancer Epidemiology and Genomics Research Purpose: This funding opportunity announcement invites applications for research on cancer epidemiology, genomics, and risk assessment.

Amount: $60000
Fellowship Opportunities Smithsonian Fellowships and Internships

The Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biodiversity Genomics promotes collaborative research in these fields involving comparative genomic approaches such as phylogenomics, population genomics, metagenomics or transcriptomics, and have a component that involves significant bioinformatics analysis. Global Genome Initiative Buck Fellowship Program are two-year fellowships that contribute to the goals of the NMNH Global Genome Initiative This fellowship includes a 60% time commitment to biodiversity genomic research and 40% commitment to other GGI related activities. The fellowships are aimed at increasing the capacity for biodiversity genomics at NMNH.

NIH T-32 Research Fellowships

Funded by an NIH Postdoctoral T-32 Training Grant Supported by the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute. Supported by an NIH Postdoctoral T-32 Training Grant, this program is open to academically oriented applicants with an MD, PhD, DDS, or equivalent degree. Must have future plans of submitting extra-mural grant applications. Mentors are at UCLA, Cedars-Sinai, Harbor-UCLA and Children’s Hospital Orange County , if not already members of the program, must be principal investigators on a non-mentored NIH grant or equivalent. Those funded the previous year are eligible to for an additional year of funding. An annual progress report on funding, grant submissions and publication track record is required.

P S Pre-award Core

Professional and other private organizations grants and contracts. Review sponsor funding opportunity announcements to confirm eligibility and proposal requirements. Assist with writing administrative sections of grants including letters of support, biographical sketches, facilities and resources, and . In addition, Cristina has held a number of academic service leadership positions, including Chair of the Postdoctoral Career Development Program, Elected Member of the Postdoctoral Liaison Committee, and Co-Chair of the Graduate Student Recruitment Committee.

Amount: $25000
Research Supplements to Promote Data Sharing in Cancer Epidemiology Studies

R.1 Research Project Grant the students.1 Research Project Cooperative Agreements. It is critical that applicants follow the instructions in the Application Guide Application Guide, eRA Commons Administrative Supplement User Guide or PHS 398 Application Guide, as appropriate) except where instructed to do otherwise Through this funding opportunity announcement , the National Cancer Institute seeks to enhance cancer epidemiologic data sharing. Specifically, NCI invites requests for supplemental funding to eligible NCI awards so that involved personnel can prepare and deposit individual-level data from cancer epidemiology studies into NIH NCI-supported, controlled-access databases including the Cancer Epidemiology Data Repository and the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes Notably, data-sharing activities that are required and or receive support in the parent grant are NOT appropriate for this FOA.

COBRE Grant Genomics, Biostatistics, and Bioinformatics Core

In response, various scientific journals and funding agencies are enforcing strict usage of well-identified cell lines for research purposes and that cell line authentication must be performed prior to grant approval and or publication. The QuantStudio 7 Flex System has been optimized to enable the broadest range of quantitative PCR applications, with additional d formats, and automation options. This cytometer is used for immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, cell proliferation, apoptosis, GFP RFP detection, microbiological projects, and a broad range of other cell biology applications.

301 Moved Permanently

Smithsonian Next Generation Sequencing Small Grants Program. Steve Stice, Dept of animal and dairy science, DoD BAA grant on Neural stem cells as biosensors.