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Amount: $10000
Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce

Strengthening Public Health Systems and Services through National Partnerships to Improve and Protect the Nation Health This supplemental funding opportunity enables the recipients of funding under CDC-RFA-OT18-1802: Strengthening Public Health Systems and Services through National Partnerships to Improve and Protect the Nation Health to strengthen the nation public health infrastructure, ensure a competent, current, and connected public health system, and improve the delivery of essential services through capacity-building assistance Strengthening Tribal Public Health Systems Funding and technical assistance to strengthen Tribal public health systems through performance improvement and public health accreditation projects.

Amount: $1947
Financial Information for the School of Medicine

Following the foundation generous gift in 1980 for medical student scholarships, the Medical Century Club accepted the challenge to raise new scholarship funds to match an additional gift from the foundation. Annual contributions from alumni and friends support this perpetual and growing resource upon which current and future medical students will draw. Provides emergency loans to medical students. The following policy applies to students pursing graduate professional training in Applied Health Behavior Research, Audiology and Communication Sciences, Biology and Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Biostatistics, Clinical Investigation, Doctor of Philosophy, Genetic Epidemiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Population Health Sciences, and Public Health.

Amount: $4000
Financial Aid

To qualify, a student must be a junior or senior majoring in Business Administration or Accounting, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, be of good character, and have demonstrated financial need. To qualify, students must be in good standing, have demonstrated financial need, and a record of leadership in community development or public policy improvement activity. The scholarship is available to students majoring in Business Administration. The recipient will be a student who is a Florida resident in the Public Administration program with demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to a student with financial need who is majoring in Business Administration.

Office of Research

There are than a dozen units within the UMMS Office of Research that offer support for the research community, ranging from the Biomedical Research Core Facilities to proposal review by the Grant Services Analysis Office to clinical study development by the Michigan Institute for Clinical Health Research The UMMS Research Administration Fellowship is designed to provide graduating doctoral students and postdoctoral trainees with an opportunity to launch a career in university-based administration. The UMMS Research Administration Fellowship connects science and business competencies to diversify a talent pool and prepare fellows for a career in biomedical research administration.

The Ohio State University College of Medicine Grants Management Office

Amanda Gibbs is a grants and contracts administrator and pre-award team lead for the Grants Management Office. Alicia Griffin is a grants and contracts administrator and post-award team lead in the Grants Management Office. He has been working in Grants Administration for almost a year.

Amount: $60000
Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships, Career Training

PHAP is a competitive, two-year, paid fellowship within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows program provides the nation most comprehensive fellowship experience at the nexus of health science, policy and politics in Washington, D.C. It is an outstanding opportunity for exceptional midcareer health professionals and behavioral and social scientists with an interest in health and health care policy promoting the health of the nation. The fellowship is designed to recognize, assist and train students working on research or practice-based projects in either unintentional injury prevention or violence prevention from the perspective of health education or the behavioral sciences.

Amount: $1000
Nursing Financial Aid

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Liberty Leadership ScholarshipAmount: $1,500 Description:This scholarship is for a licensed occupational health and environmental nurse to participate in a leadership education activity or program, which must be approved by the review panel. American Association of Occupational Health Nurses’ Annette Haag Leadership ScholarshipAmount: $1,500 Description:This scholarship is for a licensed occupational health and environmental nurse to attend the AAOHN National Conference. American Association of Occupational Health Nurses’ Professional Development Scholarship Amount: $1,500 Description:This scholarship is for occupational and environmental health professionals to participate in a continuing education activity or program relating to the AAOHN Annual Conference only. American Association of Occupational Health Nurses’ Academic Education ScholarshipAmount: $2.500 Description:This scholarship is for occupational and environmental health professionals looking to further their professional education.

Amount: $60000
Scholarships, Grants, Financial Aid, Loans

The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program accepts applications once a year from students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment at an accredited health professions training program in an eligible primary care discipline: medicine , dentistry, family nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife or physician assistant. The National Institutes of Health Medical Research Scholars Program is a comprehensive, year-long research enrichment program designed to attract the most creative, research-oriented medical, dental, and veterinary students to the intramural campus of the NIH in Bethesda, MD. Public Health Fellows, students or recent graduates with significant public health training and or experience, work with the Hospital Community Health Outreach Program.

Amount: $48000
Funding Opportunities

Purpose: This Funding Opportunity Announcement seeks to encourage applications that employ innovative research to identify mechanisms of influence and or promote positive sustainable health behavior in children and youth Topics to be addressed in this announcement include: effective, sustainable processes for influencing young people to make healthy behavior choices identification of the appropriate stage of influence for learning sustainable lifelong health behaviors the role of technology and new media in promoting healthy behavior identification of factors that support healthy behavior development in vulnerable populations, identification of barriers to healthy behaviors and, identification of mechanisms and mediators that are common to the development of a range of habitual health behaviors.

Amount: $1000
Nevada Nurses Foundation Legacy Scholarships

Valentine Scholarship, $1,000 donated by Carson Tahoe Health. Two Southwest Medical On-Demand Scholarships, $500 each donated by Eugene Somphone. Erika Ceballos is the recipient of the NNF Southwest Medical On-Demand Scholarship for $500.00 sponsored by Dr. Eugene Somphone.