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Amount: $1000

This fund seeks to reduce financial barriers for this targeted population and increase their representation in positions such as designers, developers, technology managers, teachers, and organizational leaders. Awarded to students in the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program with financial need. Transfers from a .00% online program to the on-ground Psychology programs are considered new students for Pepperdine scholarship purposes. APF Scholarships and Grants American Psychological Foundation supports multiple programs to help graduate students further their education in psychology.

Psychology Graduate Scholarships

Fellowship applicant must be a current student in good standing in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Houston. Scholarship applicant exhibits leadership qualities as determined by the Psychology Department Graduate Education Committee. Scholarship recipient must maintain a GPA in accordance with the standards set by the Psychology Department Graduate Education Committee. Factors that may be considered in the nomination process for the Psychology Graduate Scholarship. Fellowship prospect exhibits leadership qualities as determined by the selection committee in the Psychology . Fellowship applicant should demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in Psychology . Fellowship recipient must maintain a GPA in accordance with the standards set by the selection committee in the Psychology .

List of Scholarships

Established in honor of Dr. Charles and Martha Neidt to provide support for graduate students in the Industrial Organizational Psychology Program this award will be presented to psychology graduate students. This fund was established by the psychology department to support industrial organizational psychology graduate students.


Psychology Program Research Assistant 2 of 4 Psychology Counseling Reports to Dr. Ed Crawley The Research Assistant will be involved in all aspects of the research process from conducting library searches, to experimental design, data collection and analysis, public presentation of results, and grant writing. The Research Assistant is required to complete the Collaborative Institution Training Initiative Psychology Program Research Assistant 3 of 4 Psychology and Counseling Department Reports to Lindsay Morton This half-time graduate assistantship provides the opportunity to collaborate on psychological research. Psychology and Counseling Department Reports to Lindsay Phillips The graduate assistantship under the supervision of Dr. Lindsay Phillips engages the student in work to support diversity initiatives, research, and interdisciplinarity.

Amount: $5000
Institute for the Social Sciences

The project will transcribe data from new sources on corporate debt, corporate financials, employment, and industrial production for a random sample of ~500 firms from 1925-1931, in addition to mortgage and construction data covering 94 the students.S. cities. Talks will showcase research that can advance scholarship on climate change as both an individual and collective decision-making problem, and its applications, and will result in an edited volume, to be published as part of the highly-cited Claremont Symposium on Applied Social Psychology book series, under contract with Routledge.

Amount: $20500
Financial Aid and Scholarships

Elmhurst College recommends prospective students plan early for financing their graduate education as there is limited scholarship and grant aid available based on prior academic achievement and financial need. Graduate students may also for federal student loans to cover the cost of their graduate study. Additionally, because many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs, students should consult their human resources department regarding their company’s tuition benefits. The Elmhurst Graduate Award is a need-based award. These awards are limited and granted to students demonstrating high financial need. This scholarship is offered to one graduate student enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Market Research and one graduate student enrolled in the Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Market Research. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for Elmhurst College scholarships.

Amount: $1500

The Psychology typically pays ASU tuition for full-time doctoral students with 20 hour-per-week graduate teaching or research assistantships. In addition to government and external organizational fellowships, the Psychology currently offers graduate scholar awards of $1,500 each to two students in any psychology doctoral program area in any year of study. Doctoral students in the developmental psychology and social psychology may similarly for endowed fellowships within their program areas.

Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Morris Award for Outstanding Contributions to Multicultural Counseling and Psychology. Award recognizes interest and achievement related to race and psychology in the United States. Supports doctoral research activities such as travel expenses to conferences for presentations on topics related to race and psychology, travel expenses to research sites, journal publication expenses, purchase of research materials such as tests, transcription services, software programs, access to specialized data sets and or incentives for participation in dissertation research. Recipients have made significant contributions to human services through organizational or professional association leadership, scholarship, research, teaching or direct service to client populations. Award recognizes and honors outstanding doctoral students in counseling psychology.

Amount: $1500
Scholarships Student Services

The application for scholarships is open. The College of Education awards scholarships to graduate and students through an annual scholarship selection process. One scholarship application will qualify students to be considered for all College of Education Scholarships. Resume or Curriculum Vitae: include educational qualifications, work experience, teaching experience, leadership positions, professional activities, community service, scholarships and awards. Several scholarships require demonstration of financial need. If applicant are an international applicant and unable to submit FAFSA, please submit this form. Must demonstrate financial need to qualify for this scholarship. Available to: and graduate students seeking a degree in the College of Education. Available to: and graduate students in the ProTeach program. Available to: and graduate students in the College of Education.

Amount: $25000
Predoctoral Training in Advanced Data Analytics for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research

Applications must include mentors from relevant behavioral and social sciences research (BSSR) disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, communication studies, or public health as well as experts in computational or data science analysis approaches from relevant disciplines such as engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, or physics departments. Integration with training in subdisciplines relevant to NIH institutes (e.g., health psychology, medical anthropology, medical sociology, health economics) is strongly encouraged. As another example, programs can describe experiences in academic, industrial, and other relevant settings that may be provided for trainees to introduce them to a variety of creative approaches to conducting complex data research.