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Amount: $1000
A List of Oncology Nursing Scholarships

Professional nurses worldwide can turn to the Oncology Nursing Society , the ONS Foundation and the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation to apply for scholarships, awards and research grants. Nurses dedicated to the specialty of oncology nursing may qualify for one or of 70 opportunities to be granted $500,000 in scholarships, awards and research grants. Individuals who are interested in and committed to oncology nursing may qualify for the Bachelor in Nursing Degree Scholarship. Three awards of $2,000 are giving annually to students who qualify for the Ethnic Minority Bachelor Scholarships in Oncology Nursing and are presented by the Oncology Nursing Society Foundation. Small research grants of $10,000 each, with a funding period of 2 years, are designed to support oncology nursing research conduced by experienced and beginning researchers.

Write a Winning Nursing Scholarship Essay

There are many opportunities to apply for a nursing scholarship online from commercial sources, from educational institutions and nursing organizations. An essay contest is most often looking to know what inspires applicant to follow a nursing career and help others realize why they might benefit from the scholarship being offered too. The New Careers in nursing scholarship sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation asks for just 500 words. Some scholarships will require applicant to be an American or Canadian citizen enrolled in an accredited nursing course. Nursing scholarship programs are looking for essays that present a clear thought pattern. Do as much research as applicant can the scholarship program and the organization that is offering the scholarship.

Amount: $1000
A List of Neuroscience Nursing Scholarships

Neuroscience nursing scholarships help pay for the costs of higher education in this constantly changing field. Through ongoing research, the Research Grant Programs of the Neuroscience Nursing Foundation advances neuroscience nursing. Products that evaluate new modes of therapy and contribute to scientific knowledge and patient care may qualify for these research grants. Students preparing for a career in neuroscience nursing may qualify for the Haley Scholarship to the William F. Only highly evolved research proposals are considered for these scholarships.


List of funding opportunities, eligibility requirements, and deadlines for various nursing grants and scholarships. Graduate Fellowships Michigan State University and College of Nursing Graduate Fellowships provide awards toward the payment of tuition and fees for selected students. College of Nursing Graduate Assistantships The College of Nursing will periodically have a need for graduate assistantships for new and returning students.

Geraldene Felton Scholarship

The NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing is pleased to announce the Geraldene Felton Scholarship. Ms. Felton served as a staff nurse in the US Army Corps from 1949-56 and held a variety of teaching and clinical positions, including nursing supervisor, nurse anesthetist, and deputy director of the Nursing at Walter Reed Institute of Research. This scholarship is designed to support top academic achievers in the College of Nursing’s Baccalaureate Program. Applicant must be a member of an underrepresented group in the profession of nursing and from a financially disadvantaged background.

Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine

He’s described by Vera Tolkacevic, RN, BSN, MBA and Nurse Mentor in charge of the RN Fellowship Program as everything that the university look for in a fellow–he’s engaged, cooperative, and eager to get everything he can out of the experience. Some who won fellowships in other hospitals found themselves lacking adequate support to deal with the stress and challenges, and considered leaving those programs as a result.

Ruth Teitler Nursing Scholarship

Rory Meyers College of Nursing is pleased to announce the Ruth Teitler Nursing Scholarship for students who are pursuing the 15-Month Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree.

F.Eugene Tubbs Critical Burn Care Nursing Scholarship

Supports scholarship for one or students pursuing a graduate degree in area of adult critical care nursing with specialization in burn care. The Tubbs Nursing Scholarship Fund was established in memory of F.

Charles W.Greenidge FRCS Scholarship Fund for Cardiovascular Nursing

Greenidge FRCS Scholarship Fund that identifies one’s interests and goals in cardiovascular nursing and provides evidence of financial need.

The Jean Louise Smith Memorial Scholarship for 15-Month Accelerated Nursing Students

The Rory Meyers College of Nursing is pleased to announce the Jean Louise Smith Memorial Scholarship for newly enrolling students in the 15-Month Accelerated Nursing program at New York University.