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Amount: $6000
Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship Program

Long-term Psychotherapy for the Medically-Ill: PM-Fellows are assigned a challenging or complex, long-term psychotherapy case which will be followed longitudinally for the rest of their fellowship Trainees who successfully complete the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship Program are eligible to take the subspecialty certification examination in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry offered by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology The main educational objective of the university program is to develop fellow’s clinical expertise through a combination of didactic, clinical, experiential, and research experiences and exposure to a wide range of patients in a tertiary, state of the art, academic medical center.

Travel Grants Recipients 2018-2019

Melissa Encinias received a grant to present Divergence of Male Mating Preferences in Sympatric Calopteryx aequabilis and C.

Travel Grants Recipients 2017-2018

Julia Dobner-Pereira received a grant to present Measuring Affect and Cognition in an Interpersonal Context at the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy INtergration in New York, New York, May 30 -June 2, 2018. Mariafe Panizo received a grant to present Interperonsal Reconstructive Therapy in an Inpatient Group Setting at the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration in New York, NY, May 31 June 2, 2018.

Amount: $1889
Endowment Builders Scholarships

Mount St. Mary’s University’s endowment is a source of permanent funding that can be counted on every year, in good times and in bad. Growing this source of funding for the Mount is one of the most important things the university can do for the university long-term and short-term well being. The following endowed scholarships, programs and awards have been made possible through the generous contributions from many alumni and friends of the Mount. Most of these awards, unless designated otherwise, are made during a student’s freshman year and help to offset some of the costs of the university’s academic scholarship program. Awarded to deserving accounting majors based on academic merit and financial need. Awarded based on financial need and academic merit.

Financial Markets in 2020

At Bankers Trust the university spend a lot of time anticipating trends in the financial markets, not only those affecting short-term price movements but also those that are responsible for the long-term evolution of the system itself. Anticipating the longer term is especially compelling today considering the speed at which the financial system is changing. Thus this paper will focus on the period between now and the year 2020, contemplating how the financial functions will evolve over that period and how quickly change will come. Anyone who deals in the financial markets knows that anticipating trends is difficult at best. A very basic element of that nature is a hunger for security — law and order, job security, retirement security, decent and affordable health care and financial security.


The Lemann Fellowship program aims to contribute accelerating positive social change in Brazil through providing financial assistance to master’s students with commitment to addressing crucial development challenges facing Brazil such as public health and education. The Fellowships are made possible through the generosity of Brazilian entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann and the Fundação Lemann In addition to receiving full tuition, Lemann Fellows benefit from being part of a network of current and past Lemann Fellows at Columbia, as well as other Lemann Fellows from institutions that partner with the Lemann Fellows program—Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Yale. Fellowships are awarded through a competitive process after admission to the University.


ILAS also offers an information session every January for students wishing to for ILAS funding. Loans and finanicial aid, including federal work study MARSLAC students may also for additional grant funds to present papers at conferences or other research related activities through GSAS Conference Matching Travel Fund.

Amount: $1978
Scholarships and Endowments Steve Hicks School of Social Work University of Texas

Recipients are selected by an internal scholarship committee. The fellowship is awarded to students with an interest in the field of addiction and recovery with a preference for students in the master’s degree program. The scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a social work education. This scholarship is awarded to students to support their social work education. ANDREW AND STACEY CERNICKY ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP IN SOCIAL WORK Established by Advisory Council members Andrew and Stacey Cernicky to support master’s students who are passionate helping others and making the world a better place. Daley Endowed Presidential Scholarship for Doctoral Students was established in 1971 to honor Dr. Michael R. It is awarded to deserving and graduate students. DeMoll Endowed Presidential Scholarship was established in 1991 to honor Louis E.

Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship

The New York-Presbyterian Hospital offers postdoctoral fellowships in clinical psychology at the university Westchester Division in White Plains, New York. The primary aim of the fellowship is to provide advanced science-based training that assures the development of proficiency in specific areas of clinical psychology. Fellows receive the clinical supervision necessary for licensure as well as exposure to research and scholarship opportunities with mentors, who are leaders in their fields. The postdoctoral fellowship is comprised of a) supervised clinical experience, b) didactic seminars and c) professional development. In the letter of intent, applicants should specify the track to which they are applying, their career goals, a potential research mentor , and their clinical training goals for the fellowship.

Amount: $1500
Graduate Scholarship

The purpose of the Graduate Scholarship is to enhance the educational and professional development of those seeking graduate education in the health and human service field. A future aspiration of mine is to seek a PhD in Psychology, which will allow me to share knowledge with others in a professional teaching environment. MSSA will award a $1500 scholarship for the academic year to a graduate student enrolled in a health and human service related program. The Board of Directors, through the Membership and Diversity Committee is the administering body for the MSSA Scholarship Program. The review and selection of applicants is managed by the Awards and Scholarship Chair.