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Amount: $5000
Additional Scholarship Programs

TheRobert Lee Middleton Scholarship is awarded based on character, purpose, intelligence, and need, with preference to a student planning to enter the field of literature, accountancy, teaching, or the gospel ministry or other full-time religious work. The Peter Stathis Endowed Accountancy Scholarship is offered to juniors studying accountancy.

Accounting Financial Management Bucknell University

Whether a student chooses to major in accounting or finance, Accounting Financial Management graduates should embrace the values of responsible citizenship and possess the technical proficiencies necessary to account for financial resources and to allocate them efficiently. Graduates of the Accounting Financial Management program will complete a curriculum designed to develop the critical thinking, technical, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary to achieve the highest level of success in accounting and financial management careers. This course develops students' understanding of the accounting and financial reporting environment. Offered Either Fall or Spring Lecture hours:Varies,Other:3Special and independent studies for Accounting and Financial Management majors selected under guidelines of the College and the University Honors Council.

Amount: $1000

Chance III, who earned a master’s degree in accounting from Georgia State University, this scholarship is awarded to a student demonstrating high academic achievement and entering the Master of Professional Accountancy program.

Amount: $10000
MAS Scholarships

The Accountancy offers both Non-Classroom Teaching Assistant and Teaching Assistant positions. Assistantship decisions are based on academic performance in accounting and other university courses, as well as an evaluation of leadership and time management skills. Applicants will be required to provide a personal statement describing how they believe their diversity will help contribute to the diversity of the Accountancy graduate student body. To for a Accountancy Scholarship, select ‘Yes’ under the program tab in their Graduate College application. Scholarship decisions are based on academic performance in accounting and other university courses, as well as an evaluation of leadership skills demonstrated within an applicant’s resume. The Accountancy has also allocated funds to provide scholarships to 1st Stage MAS students.

Victor L.Bernard Memorial Award

The selected student is designated as the Victor Bernard Memorial Scholar for the following academic year. Vic began teaching at Illinois Wesleyan University as an instructor from 1976-1977. He also testified for the US House of Representatives Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs on the resolution of savings and loan cases in 1988. Some of the Public Services Vic has contributed to are: the AICPA Breakthrough Model Task force AICPA Subcommittee on New Models for Financial Reporting Congressional Testimony: House Committee on Banking and Urban Affairs, September 14, 1990 and the Senate Staff Briefing: Senate Banking committee, March 7, 1989. The Vic Bernard Memorial Scholars will be expected to join the organizing committee during the first three year period following graduation from the University of Illinois.

Master of Accountancy in Financial Accounting

From the moment applicant begin the financial accounting program the students will have a dedicated career specialist available to help applicant with the many stages of career prep.

College, Department Program Specific Scholarships

Hogan Taylor, LLP Scholarship For junior or senior students majoring in accounting who plan to become a CPA. Lavon Morton Brenda Yelvington Scholarship For students majoring in accounting that are in good academic standing. Fred and Louise Malpica Scholarship For full-time junior or senior students majoring in accounting who plan to become a CPA. Stephens Accounting Scholarship For full-time students in the College of Business who are majoring in accounting and showing progress towards a degree. Stephens Bell Endowed Scholarship For full-time students pursuing a Master of Accountancy and showing progress towards a degree in the College of Business.


The scholarship supports students in good standing who will have achieved senior standing or has received a BS in Accounting from Case Western Reserve University and has officially declared an accountancy major and has been admitted to the Integrated Study Program in Accountancy.


The Scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior accounting major with CPA potential with preference given to students from Sunflower, Bolivar, Washington, Leflore and Humphreys counties in Mississippi. Endowed by John Holloway, Sr. and Glenn Holloway, Jr. A Scholarship awarded to a graduate or accounting major. This scholarship was endowed by friends of the late Mr. John Quon, prior chair of Accountancy, Computer Information Systems and Finance. The State Bank and Trust Company Endowed scholarship was established in memory of the bank’s late CFO, for those majoring in Accounting and Finance. A Scholarship awarded to a rising junior, senior or graduate accounting student majoring in accounting on the basis of scholarship and character.

Amount: $1964
MBA Graduate Scholarships

MBA in Professional Accounting scholarships are only offered in the third semester to students with a high GPA at RBS and service to the Professional Accounting class. Abramson and provides financial aid in support of students in the MBA in Professional Accounting program. This scholarship was established by members of the Professional Accounting Class of 1959 to provide support to students enrolled in the MBA Professional Accounting program. Established by family and friends of Samuel Klein, senior partner of Samuel Klein Company, this scholarship supports students in the Professional Accounting program based on financial need and academic potential. This scholarship provides need-based scholarship assistance to students in the MBA in Professional Accounting program.