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Amount: $1922
Awards Funding

HALL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP IN ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGYGarth Hall, Arch 1994 M.Arch 1996 in Architecture and Engineering, was a respected architect and a recognized expert in building technology.

Amount: $2500
Scholarships for US Citizens and Eligible Non-citizens

The following is a listing of outside scholarship opportunities for the students.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens, which are sorted by area of interest or eligibility. Applicants should submit in letter form a brief proposal , which succinctly describes the objectives of the grant request and how it will assist the applicant intellectual and creative development. Fellowships of up to $23.000 are intended to support an academic year-long stay, and priority is given to students at the graduate level who need to spend time at foreign academic or research institutions. Funding is available to candidates in all fields.

Amount: $10000
Scholarships Financial Awards

All students 17 years of age or older currently enrolled or plan to enroll in interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, or architectural engineering programs in the the students.S. may for one of the three scholarships.

Amount: $5013
Graham Foundation Grant Programs Awards

The Carter Manny Award supports dissertation research and writing by promising scholars whose projects have architecture as their primary focus and the potential to shape architectural discourse. This commitment is evident in Richard generous bequest of $50,000, in the form of a challenge grant, to the Graham Foundation in support of architectural journalism.

Garth D.Hall Memorial Scholarship in Architectural Technology

Hall Memorial Scholarship in Architectural Technology to support graduate students in architecture and engineering, he is honored with a legacy tribute that will benefit the aspirations of future graduate students at the School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Louis Berger Fellowship Program

In order to better understand cities in a global context, Leonardo attained two competitive scholarships to undertake academic and professional activities abroad. After graduation, Channing returned to Beijing where he earned a CELTA language teaching certification and a Level 4 HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Certification. After graduating from Brown University with dual concentrations in economics and international relations, Patrick Salemme worked for Merrill Lynch, where he supported a top team of institutional financial advisors and worked to improve internal business processes.

Amount: $1000

If applicant applied and were accepted and received a merit scholarship as an student into the Master of Architectural Engineering, Masters of Architecture or a Dual Degree in Civil Engineering Architecture programs and have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 through their eighth semester, applicant may be eligible for a scholarship their 5th year to complete the graduate portion of these programs.

Amount: $10000

Applicants must be currently enrolled as an or graduate student at a university for the academic year pursuing a computer science or computer engineering degree, or a degree in a closely related technical field and be a student from an underrepresented group in computer science (African American, Hispanic, American Indian, or female. MS Engineering, Ph.D. Engineering, and Ph.D. Science Graduate Fellowships for Minorities — $16,000. Graduate Fellowships in the Physical Sciences and Related Engineering Fields — $20,000. Fossil Energy Mickey Leland Energy Summer Fellowships in Math, Science and Engineering for Women and Minorities — $6,000 to $8,500. The Ph.D. component offers substantial scholarship support to underrepresented minority students who are beginning their doctoral work in engineering, natural science and mathematics.

Amount: $10000
Scholarships for International Students

The following is a listing of outside scholarship opportunities international students. Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant: 50% loan basis through a competitive application process once a year in June or July. Scholarships are awarded to students in all fields of study. Alberta Scholarships Program Sir James Lougheed Awards of Distinctionalis.alberta.caApplicants must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada, be Alberta residents, and be enrolled or planning to enroll full-time in a graduate program at an institution outside of Alberta. At the doctoral level, students must have completed at least one full year of graduate study or a master degree. Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada juaucc.caThe Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada administers many scholarships and internships for Canadian Students.

Amount: $50000
Diversity Inclusion

Lily Zhang wins Steedman Fellowship $50K travel grant among largest the students.S. architecture awards. It is one of the largest such fellowships in the United States.