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Amount: $164970
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Award Repositioning Florida’s Judaica Library: Increasing Access to Humanities Resources from Florida, Latin America, and the Caribbean Communities The project team plans to raise .1.5 million in the next four years to endow acquisitions, public and scholarly outreach activities, and collaborative digitization projects related to the Jewish experience in Florida, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The expanded and enhanced Judaica collections and services will be the foundation for the American portal of Florida, Latin American and Caribbean Jewry, and will emphasize the importance of scholarship, preservation, and access to these exceptional resources.

International Center

Their hope is to use these findings to: help ISE design future courses and activities for SAS show study abroad professionals what can be done to cultivate compassion in their students improve their own teaching by better understanding how compassion was cultivated on SAS. Additionally, networking with local scholars can potentially establish pedagogical relations to offer study abroad courses in this up-and-coming region. Dr. Fu plans to attend and present at the triennial Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, the most prestigious and respected international conference for scholars in the US that is dedicated to the study of women across all disciplinary and academic fields.

Amount: $7350
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Applicant can also do a keyword search A huge database of funding opportunities for all disciplines The Duke Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies awards Summer FLAS Fellowships for the intensive study of Yucatec Maya, Brazilian Portuguese or other less commonly taught languages of the Americas. With funding provided by the the students.S. Education, the Duke Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies will award non-service fellowships for the academic year for the intensive study of Haitian Creole, K’iché Maya, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Amount: $2500
FLAS Fellowships

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies serves as the focal point on campus for research, teaching, learning, and outreach related to Latin America and the Caribbean, with a special emphasis on four less commonly taught languages: Haitian Creole, Maya, Portuguese, and Quechua. CLACS FLAS applicants should explain how their study of one of these languages will help them develop research, teaching, or outreach related to Latin America and the Caribbean and how their career plans relate to areas of national need.

Amount: $15000
Graduate Professional Student Grants

The Latin American and Iberian Studies Travel Grant is open to Junior s and graduate students who plan to conduct research or study abroad in Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal or Spain.

Amount: $38000
International Student Funding Options The Office of International Affairs

Helps citizens from Latin America and Caribbean OAS Member States finance their studies in universities across the United States by awarding interest free loans.

Past Dissertation Descriptions

Despite excellent work on themes such as labor and remittance sending, scholars examining immigration narratives neglect the importance of this early period of history, as well as social and cultural organizations as vital to the development of Caribbean American identity and a wider black identity. Despite the prominence of recent scholarship on the nineteenth-century British Atlantic world focuses on the constitutive role of empire in national self-fashioning, the study of black political thought in this period remains framed by national boundaries and discrete periodization centered on emancipation.

Amount: $10000
Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce

Clinical and Epidemiological Research on Chronic Disease in the Caribbean Funding to support US-Caribbean collaborative research to develop or extend cohort or surveillance studies on chronic disease in the Caribbean region that are aligned with existing publicly available US datasets.


The Lemann Fellowship program aims to contribute accelerating positive social change in Brazil through providing financial assistance to master’s students with commitment to addressing crucial development challenges facing Brazil such as public health and education. The Fellowships are made possible through the generosity of Brazilian entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann and the Fundação Lemann In addition to receiving full tuition, Lemann Fellows benefit from being part of a network of current and past Lemann Fellows at Columbia, as well as other Lemann Fellows from institutions that partner with the Lemann Fellows program—Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Yale. Fellowships are awarded through a competitive process after admission to the University.


Loans and finanicial aid, including federal work study MARSLAC students may also for additional grant funds to present papers at conferences or other research related activities through GSAS Conference Matching Travel Fund.