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Center for World Arts

Interested international artists and scholars are invited to propose their interest to join with us at the Center for World Arts to conduct creative and or scholarly research in shared areas of interest.

Amount: $3000

This scholarship is awarded to one to two women in dance each year. One woman in physical education and or dance is awarded this scholarship annually. This scholarship is awarded to one to five women in dance each year. Two women in dance are awarded this scholarship each year. One scholarship for an or graduate student in Dance from the state of California, South Dakota or Washington Three awards are given to dance majors interested in teaching toward Dance Department-approved summer study in dance. Full-tuition scholarships are given to dance majors to study in the summer study program at the Dance Education Lab in New York.

Amount: $20000
College Department Fellowships

Walther Scholarships take a variety of forms, including renewable, multi-year awards for incoming students one-year awards for continuing students travel awards for research abroad and summer research grants. The College of Natural Sciences offers fellowships funded by the Office of the Dean for graduate students in the college. Applicants must not be employed at half-time or as a teaching assistant, an assistant instructor, a graduate research assistant, or in a similar job title during the fall semester. Michener Fellowships The Michener Center for Writers administers an interdisciplinary MFA in Writing and provides fellowship support to graduate and postgraduate writers in the departments of English, Radio-Television-Film and Theatre and Dance at the university.

Amount: $10000
Endowed Scholarships

The Bolen Scholarship is available to a student enrolled in a course of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Education in one of the disciplines in the College of Science and Technology. This scholarship is automatically renewable as long as the recipient maintains a.2.5 GPA and remains in the field of math or science. This scholarship is talent-based and shall be awarded to an outstanding new or returning student who participates in the department’s scholarship auditions and is a declared major in the Theatre Dance. Scholarship is talent-based, to be awarded to an outstanding new or returning student who participates in the Conservatory of Theatre Dance scholarship auditions and is a declared major in Theatre Dance with a.2.5 GPA.

Amount: $5000
Scholarships Financial Aid

R.E.A.C.H. is designed to provide financial assistance for both current and recently graduated UNH Theatre Dance students who participate in internships with highly-regarded theatre or dance organizations. These awards recognize outstanding achievement in research conducted by graduate students in the Education Department and encourage the submission of original research for publication in professional journals and presentation at professional conferences. The fund may be used for, but is not limited to, such purposes as providing stipends and covering research costs and associated travel expenses for graduate students who are conducting research necessary to complete their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. The History supports research expenses of graduate students with income from the Gunst-Wilcox Fund, a small endowment.

Financial Aid

Most MFA in Dance students are awarded financial aid. Applicants are encouraged to for assistantships in areas such as dance technique, dance history and theory, Laban movement analysis, music, video, critical issues, kinesiology, and injury prevention.

Amount: $10000
Undergraduate Admission

Two scholarships in the amount of tuition are awarded to students who have shown exceptional achievement in hands-on engineering or science through a successful project. This scholarship is open to first-year applicants in engineering, the physical sciences and mathematics. A small number of $10,000 scholarships are available to students who exhibit excellence in dance, music, studio art or theater, but who may not major in those subject areas.

Chancellors Club Past Fellows

Bridgette is a recipient of the Program in Public Health Excellence in Research Award, DITA Power of Sight Fellowship Award, and the UC President’s Dissertation Year Honorable Mention Award. Learning from Limón is an article that touches on the historical aspect of Mexican-American heritage and modern dance. As a member of the UCI’s Social Sciences’ Diverse Educational Community and Doctoral Experience committee, Monique has co-organized various workshops on navigating micro-aggressions in academia for graduate students.

Travel Grants Recipients 2014-2015

Emily Chapin, Thomas Benns, Lauren Smith, Kerry Anderson, Joseph Wieland, Brian Schwenk, and Megan Thurston received a grant to present Assembling Inquiry-Based Lesson Plans with Resources at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers Professional Development Institute in Roanoke, VA.

Amount: $1850
Short-Term Visiting Academic Research Fellowships

The fellowship supports research at the American Antiquarian Society for scholars at all levels engaged in scholarly research and writing on American music or dance, which must be appropriate to research collections at the AAS. Packer Fellowship is awarded to individuals engaged in scholarly research and writing related to the Transcendentalists in general, and most especially to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Henry David Thoreau. Peterson Fellowships are for research on any topic supported by the collections. This fellowship is awarded to individuals engaged in scholarly research and writing including doctoral dissertations in any field of American history and culture through 1876. The Reese Fellowship supports research in American bibliography and projects in the history of the book in America.