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Essentials for Your Business and Financial Wellbeing

Join Pat Little, DDS, FAGD, for this two-day experience, learning from the knowledge he has gained as a practicing dentist, accountant, and financial advisor to dental professionals. Dental team members are loyal and honest, but to financially ruin a practice, it only takes one desperate individual. In addition to accurate clinical records, state dental boards and other regulatory agencies require precise and secure financial records—particularly those patient accounts. The goal is for the entire dental team to be accountable to each other for the financial health of the practice. Dental students and recent graduates are often confused whether they should start working for a DSO and launch into private practice.

ITDP University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid

Complete a Dental Applicant Data Form, available on the main Dental financial aid page.

Amount: $10000
Endowed Scholarships

The recipient of the Bradford Endowed Scholarship shall be a pre-medical or pre-dental student enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University.

Amount: $5000
Funding Information for Graduate Students

Includes a stipend, tuition and registration fees, as well as health and dental benefits.

Amount: $1947
Financial Information for the School of Medicine

The Financial Aid Office acknowledges the student intent and provides instructions for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid The financial aid application materials solicit information the applicant and parents, including a detailed description of resources and liabilities.

Amount: $1289
UCLA Continuing Education

Applicant will be responsible for paying the balance not covered by their fee waiver, as well as any tangible materials fees included in their tuition.

Amount: $3000
Arab American Institute

The purpose of the award is to provide guidance and financial assistance to eligible medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy, osteopathy, optometry, chiropractor and post-doctoral students of Arab Heritage in obtaining elective training at one of Houston ‘s medical institutions.

Amount: $27000
The Center for East Asian Studies

Unanticipated expenses include but are not limited to medical, dental, or legal fees that cause financial hardship and cannot reasonably be resolved through fellowships or loans.

Amount: $5000
Other Public Interest Fellowship Opportunities

To honor Bill’s memory, this fellowship program consists of one grant awarded to eligible first and second year law students for otherwise unpaid summer legal work in LGBT and or disability rights law. Deadline: Due to insufficient funds, the Bill Smith scholarship is currently not offered. Summer interns will be granted a stipend of $5,000 for 400 hours of work. Helton Fellowships are intended to ensure that these individuals have access to modest amounts of funding that can often stand between them and their first professional opportunities to become effective practitioners, experts, and scholars of international law. Helton Fellowship micro-grants are intended to contribute to paying for logistics, housing and living expenses, and other costs related to the Fellow’s international law fieldwork and research.

Amount: $12000
U.S. Student and Permanent Resident Financial Aid

The contribution figures are derived from the financial aid application materials the student is required to submit each year they intend to for financial aid. Based on the analysis of the financial aid application materials the Federal Student Financial Aid applicant submits, the Financial Aid Office will provide a Financial Aid Award Notification Letter providing the results of the needs analysis and recommended financial aid programs for which the student has qualified up to the student’s demonstrated financial need.