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Gladys Roddenberry Winners

Watson has had the opportunity to mentor, develop and present small group and classroom lessons, facilitate financial aid and parent night workshops, and participate in student achievement activities such as test taking strategies, career education, and study skills. Taylor sees herself entering K-6th grade next fall, with the possibility of teaching solely reading or working specifically with children who have reading disabilities. Amy Smith has been teaching for six years, five of which have been at Loretto Elementary as a self-contained, communications and social skills teacher. Kristin first paid teaching job was a part-time music and English position, which later evolved into a full-time position teaching English. He has earned the respect of students, parents, staff and administration for consistently modeling teaching excellence.

Amount: $1000
Education Scholarships

If given to a Junior at the option of the Scholarship Committee, this student can be followed with scholarship into the senior year.3. Christina Jean Brooks Stokes Scholarship Endowment • Provide scholarships for needy Freshman students majoring in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education, and for Senior students during their Student Teaching. Stella Newman Memorial Scholarship Endowment • Provide scholarships for students preparing to pursue a profession in teaching education, and shall be restricted t students who are from the State of Oklahoma majoring in elementary education.

Gladys Prior Award Winners

As a teacher with 13 years of experience, Tim has garnered impressive awards that include the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching, UNF Outstanding Alumnus Award, and he has been the recipient of several teaching fellowships. Tracy has been teaching for 30 years. Pierce sees teaching as collaboration, not a solitary pursuit. He has been teaching for 20 years. He has been teaching for 14 years. He decided that he enjoyed teaching and felt that he could reach just as many people as a teacher as he could in the priesthood. There no better life than teaching. Marie Girardeau is a gift to the teaching profession, Mann wrote. The magnitude of McQueen teaching is noticed through a story told by LaVilla Principal Jane Condon.

Amount: $10000
Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship

Fellowship sites: NYC Education District 75, Hearing Education Services sites: PS in the Bronx, and Chelsea Prep in Manhattan. Potentially preparing presenting a conference proposal based on the teaching and research experience for the New York State Association of Bilingual Education Fellowship criteri The Fellows will not be expected to enter this project with particular reading intervention skills: the Columbia University in the City of New York is accustomed to teaching TC students support readers. Fellowship criteri Fellow will need a background in special education. Teacher educators, literacy scholars, and classroom teachers are beginning to develop curricula that leverage digital literacy practices and make visible what elementary students are learning across modalities.

Amount: $10000
Endowed Scholarships

The recipient of this scholarship will be an English Major and Student Athlete with the highest academic standing This scholarship is to be awarded to a student seeking a degree in teaching, whether it is Early Childhood, Elementary, Exceptional, Secondary, or Post-Secondary Education.

Amount: $1000

Crumpton, Baxter, Bonham Memorial Scholarship Award: $1,000.00 Disbursement Period: Fall and SpringScholarship Intent: To provide assistance to students in Education programs at SFSU which lead to a teaching, specialist, or service credential.Criteri Degree concentrations eligible to : Elementary Education, Language Literacy, Math Education, Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, Secondary Education, Equity and Social Justice, Special Interest, Ed Admin, Instructional Technologies, Jt. Doc in SPED, Special Education, Communicative Disorders, EDD in Educational Leadership. George Moscone Scholarship Award: $1,500.00 Disbursement Period: Fall and SpringScholarship Intent: To support teaching credential candidates in Elementary, Secondary, and or Special education.Criteri Must identify teaching goals.

UM-Flint Scholarship Summaries

Sevillian, Clarence and Arteka Scholarship for Elementary Education Students: Scholarship is intended for full and part-time students fully admitted in the Elementary Education Program with preference given to students who are currently enrolled or have completed the elementary internship course elementary educators enrolled in the Masters in Literacy Education Program. Scholarship for Elementary Education: Applicants should have a declared major in Elementary Education and also must be in good academic standing. Pemberton, Charles and Larue Health Care Program Scholarship: To assist students pursuing a degree in the Health Care Program at UM-Flint who have returned to college after their education has been postponed or interrupted by a period of at least 30 months.

2017-2018 Scholarship Recipients

and James L. and Herbert E. and Robert W.

Elementary Liberal Studies

By profession, Viktor spent over 40 years in various aspects of education— in teaching and in preparing others to teach. This scholarship is for students who are committed to careers in Adventist education, established in memory of noted educators Thomas Sinclair Geraty and Hazel McVicker Geraty by their family and many friends. This endowment is designed for promising young students entering the Adventist teaching field and as a tangible memorial to the dedicated and loving Christian examples of this pioneer couple who themselves made such an important contribution to Adventist education worldwide. The scholarship will be awarded to or graduate students with financial need, enrolled full time who are training to become a primary elementary level teacher.

Amount: $1000
Master of Education Degree

The university Education Matters Scholarship is giving applicant the chance to state why education matters. The principal activities and purpose of the trust are to award scholarship grants to worthy students for the pursuit of higher education to conduct community educational programs which will aid in the educational and vocational improvement in individual and community living standards to engage in activities which will aid in the educational development of all women and to engage in any appropriate research related to the purposes of the foundation scholarships. The purpose of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Elementary Mathematics Specialist Scholarship program is to provide support to teachers in their development as elementary mathematics specialists.