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Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship

The University of Michigan Center for Forensic Psychiatry fellowship in forensic psychiatry is one of the oldest most established fellowships of its kind in the country. Serving as the fellowship’s main rotation site, in 1974 Michigan established the Center for Forensic Psychiatry to provide diagnostic outpatient and inpatient evaluation and inpatient treatment of individuals committed to the Michigan Health and Human Services by the criminal courts. The fellowship program in forensic psychiatry is a one-year, post-residency training program for psychiatrists planning careers in forensic or correctional psychiatry. The fellowship program consists of rotations and experiences involving criminal evaluations, civil evaluations, risk assessments pertaining to release decisions for insanity acquitees, violence risk assessments, restoration of competency to stand trial, courtroom testimony and forensic consultation to general psychiatrists.

Amount: $2500
Scholars Programs

While other s will need to graduate program, qualifying criminal justice or psychology majors who are Forensic Scholars are exempt from this process.

Amount: $60000
Postdoctoral Fellowships in Adult Clinical Psychology

In addition, the seminar explores competence, confidentiality, record keeping, multiple relationships, barter, advertising, assessment, publication, forensic work, media presentations, using the internet, making or dealing with ethics complaints, and as they bear on clinical services, teaching, supervision, and research, or any professional work done by psychologists.

Financial Aid

RWU offers graduate assistantship and scholarship opportunities to students enrolled in the programs inArchitecture, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Forensic Legal Psychology, Forensic Mental Health Counseling, and Historic Preservation.

Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility

Embracing instead a broadly compatibilist approach one according to which responsibility hinges on psychological features of agents not on metaphysical features of the universe this volume’s authors demonstrate that the behavioural and mind sciences may impact on legal responsibility practices in a range of different ways. This chapter argues that cognitive enhancement affects the university responsibility in a range of different ways, and it also suggests some ways in which cognitive enhancement is likely to impact on legal responsibility.

Beyond the Bars Fellows 2017-2018

The Columbia University in the City of New York is honored to be working with such a powerful group of people and look forward to seeing the work of the Fellowship continue to grow.